Panasonic RP-HTX7-R1 Monitor Stereo Headphones Headphones (red)

General Information

Listen to your music in retro style with the Panasonic RP-HTX7-R Old School Monitor Stereo Headphones. The style is the perfect blend of old and new, with a perforated leather headband, painted earcups, and brushed metal furnishings. It has a large aperture 40mm drive unit for clear sound reproduction and powerful bass. The cord length of 3.6 feet is suitable for remote and non-remote portable players. Closed back design for outdoor use Headband incorporating piano wires Cord length of 5.5 feet Weight - 0.43 lbs

Latest reviews

Pros: Cheap, "fun", light and easily portable.
Cons: feels cheap and plasticy.
So I picked these up today from my local BB, thanks to the awesome discount I was able to get. I read many reviews saying that for the $30 dollar price tag,  these were pretty darn good, and with a couple of small mods, they could be even better.
They weren't lying.
Of course I can't directly compare these to $100+ headphones, but nonetheless I compared them to my K701 and K240.
Build: These things feel extremely cheap. That is the largest con. From the moment you start twisting the cups up and down, you can hear the plastic squeak. Not a good impression. After a while the plastic eventually "burns in", and the squeaking ceases, but the plastic housing still feels extremely fragile. The headband on the other hand feels rather durable and strong, and though there may not be a lot of padding, they are very comfortable due to how light the headphone is. The ear-pads are slightly stiff, but not uncomfortable in the least. the only thing that annoys me about them is that they literally shine with grease after you take them off your head.
No Mods: The sound signature is relatively close to the K240's, in that it is a generally warm headphone with lots of mid-bass. The bass is bloated and can bleed into the mid-range. The highs are certainly not rolled off, and have rather good extension. Like many others have mentioned though, the mids are greatly recessed to the point that ,in some songs, rhythm guitars cease to exist. Otherwise the mids feel a little left out. The soundstage is okay with average amount of instrument separation. The headphones don't have the greatest detail, but for a portable pair, these are good enough.
With tape mod:
Just by covering up 1/3 holes in the back of the driver, the bass bloat is nearly non-existent and the mids are a lot more noticeable. Considering all you need is a little tape to get such a improvement n sound, that's a pretty good deal.
Overall, for $36 dollars and a little tape, these are pretty darn good. Would i reccomend them if you had $100? Nah, there are better out there. but if your looking for something small, light and cheap and your on a budget of $50, I would not hesitate to let you know about them.
glad you like them, i also had some and they were very fun to listen to. For the price you cant go wrong.


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