Panasonic RP-HTX7-K1 Monitor Headphones (black)

General Information

NEW DESIGN! Panasonic Old School Monitor Stereo Headphones with single-sided cord and 40mm large-diameter drive headphones have clear sound reproduction and powerful bass in a retro style. The cord length of 1.2 meters is suitable for remote and non-remote portable players.

Latest reviews

Pros: Cheap, you can put them on your neck and use them as small speakers
Cons: Below average audio quality, might as well be open cans since they leak A LOT of outside noise
I don't remember much about these other than I used to put them on my neck and put the audio volume to 100 on my iPod to use them as speakers on my neck. The audio wasn't very detailed and the bass was harsh. Also, even though these were closed headphones they leaked A LOT of outside noise, which is why I ended up purchasing Shure's for the noise cancellation (The SRH115)
i disagree, they sound OK for the price, and they do not leak hardly any sound. They are actually quite good for the price.


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