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Paiaudio Pliisen 121

  • Specifications are as followed a Hybrid consisting of a Balanced armature and Dynamic driver each side, it features a MMCX connection that terminates to a right angle 3.5mm, a Frequency Response Range of 10-30-kHz, A Sensitivity of 125dB, Resistance is 8Ω


Recent Reviews

  1. Lidson Mendes Br
    Pai Audio Pliisen 121 - Beautiful and Great Sound
    Written by Lidson Mendes Br
    Published Oct 12, 2019
    Pros - Great Value
    Warm signature
    Excellent Fit
    Great Bass and vocal
    Cons - Few Ear Tips
    Pai Audio Pliisen 121

    The product was provided for free for the purpose of review in exchange for my honest opinion.

    You can buy Pai Audio Pliisen 121 at the link below in the Store Shenzhen Paiaudio Technology Co., Ltd on Aliexpress.

    Pliisen 121 on Aliexpress: https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/33036649238.html?spm=a2g03.12010615.8148356.4.16c8362cWIb2lG

    Originally posted:

    First: Sorry for the bad english.


    Shenzhen Paiaudio Electronics Co.Ltd better known as Pai Audio manufacturer of Earbuds and IEMs of the most varied prices and designs.

    I remember when I listened to the MR2 and MR3 and was really impressed with their quality. I have already reviewed Pai Audio Pliisen DR2 and have his post on the site.

    Accessories & Design

    Pai Audio Pliisen 121 is an in-ear with a hybrid design and comes equipped with a BA driver and a dynamic driver, it has the option of black and white color.

    The shells are made of translucent resin, the nozzles are brass and the cable connection is MMCX, the shell is small and universal, light and ergonomic. They are extremely well made, have no blisters or sharp edges.

    The Pai Audio Pliisen 121 comes bundled with a copper cable and some tips, the package is simple. The cable has a decent quality, has a chin slider and I didn't feel any kind of feedback. In the package also comes three silicone tips and a shirt clip.

    I found Pliisen 121 even more comfortable than Ibasso IT01 and DR2, and this is very particular. It's a little heavier than the IT01, but it fits my ears better sometimes I even forget about them. Using with silicone or Foam eartips they fit tightly in my ears, and are very comfortable.



    Pliisen 121 has been my companion for over 20 days, I have tested him with the most diverse musical styles, and listening to the Podcasts I like. I like to spend a good time with my headphones before giving a review, I think time is the best ally when it comes to getting used to the signature and style of the phone.

    This In-ear has a different signature than the DR2, has lower bass and forward vocals due to the BA driver.

    The bass of this IEM has authority and are not exaggerated or muddy, I really liked that, dynamic driver works very well in this regard.

    Mid range are not retreated as they were in DR2, the vocals will be later. With the advanced vocals calmer song styles sound great on Pliisen 121.

    The treble is soft, without wheezing or stridency, however I found it a bit artificial. However for IEM this price range is understandable.

    The sound stage is very good for a $ 69 IEM, the instrumental separation is also good. It is easy to identify where each instrument is located, they do not overlap.


    The Pai Audio Pliisen 121 has the right amount of bass and advanced vocals. Most music styles sound great. It is an IEM that is ideal for everyday life and people who listen to all kinds of music.

    The most important thing in this hobby is listening to music, and Pliisen 121 gave me that so I completely forgot about the review. In the end that's what matters, I was totally positively surprised.

    I'm sure that anyone looking for a well-built, custom-Universal IEM will find in Pai Audio Pliisen 121 a good companion for listening to their music.

    Enjoy your music and be happy.

    Pai Audio Pliisen 121 - U$ 69

    Driver Dynamic and BA

    Frequency response 10 - 30 kHz

    Sensitivity 125 dB

    Impedance 8Ohms

    Plug size 3.5 TRS gold plated

    Connection MMCX

    Cable length 1.2m


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  2. Wretched Stare
    Great looking IEM with a incredibly fun sound.
    Written by Wretched Stare
    Published Sep 17, 2019
    Pros - A very pleasant warm and detailed signature with stunning good looks
    Cons - The cable can be improved but what stock cable is perfect on a sub $100 IEM.
    Upon opening the box one is greeted with a stunning display of a black and white IEM with a almost crystal like resin shell with hints of gold in the connections.

    First thoughts were a elegant design as Paiaudio is known for it’s fashionable earphones with great sound in mind. The packaging is all black simple yet effectively draws ones eye to the product.

    Specifications are as followed a Hybrid consisting of a Balanced armature and Dynamic driver each side, it features a MMCX connection that terminates to a right angle 3.5mm, a Frequency Response Range of 10-30-kHz, A Sensitivity of 125dB, Resistance is 8Ω meaning these can be driven by a MP3 player , phone or just about anything easily.

    On to the product Build as was said before very pretty but also quite durable with its solid shell. The 121 provided a great amount of isolation using the included tips although the box came with two different types in three sises I used the default tips and found them comfortable for hours of use as well.

    The sound proves this is not just a fashion IEM but a capable one too. I must say the bass on this was a pleasant surprise as my first track was Billie Eilish :Bad Guy the Pliisen 121 when on to play various genres of music with a nice amount of clarity. The highs are great their is no harsh spike or lack of details in the treble and the Vocals are perfectly represented centered yet slightly forward, the bass is deep yet behaves well with the rest of the frequencies.

    The Pliisen 121 is a pleasantly warm detailed sounding IEM with a very attractive look and I would like to thank Alex from Paiaudio for sending out this very fun IEM to test out. 20190910_195235~2.jpg


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