OYAIDE (oyaide) HPC-35/1.3m?3.5 stereo ? stereo mini 3.5 HP) for headphone cable HPC35

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  1. wszawulec
    "Oyaide HPC-35 "
    Pros - sound quality
    Cons - connectors, stiffness
    Cable is too stiff and it shouldn't be used for headphone cable - especially with lightweight. Almost every contact us immediately transferred to the headphones. It is like kicking in a plastic bottle.
    Sound quality is a brighter side of this cable - it's (probably) better than any factory cable and should be - with it's price. Headphones plays much better in any aspect: bass, mids, treble; speed of the sound, "air". HPC-35 is expensive toy but can push headphones into a whole new level.
    But completely unacceptable are connectors: Oyaide says: "brass: Contact plating Silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium(0.3μ)". Maybe. But after a few weeks it looks like bigger part of the silver and rhodium gone with the wind. I've got lots of headphones and connectors but problems only with Oyaide HPC-35. Oyaide - shame on you!
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