Oyaide HPC-35 3.5 mm mini plug for headphones ? ULTRASONE... etc..) ULTRASONE to 3.5 mm mini plug...

OYAIDE (oyaide) HPC-35/1.3m?3.5 stereo ? stereo mini 3.5 HP) for headphone cable HPC35

  • Oyaide HPC-35 3.5 mm mini plug for headphones ? ULTRASONE... etc..)
    ULTRASONE to 3.5 mm mini plug for headphones prestige cable! is made to connect a headphone amp or portable player and stereo cable.
    Length adopts the most feedback from the monitor, 1.3 m and 2.5 m.

    Portable player or amp 3.5 mm mini plug, and 1 / 4 TRS phon plug types available.
    High-quality PCOCC-A conductor employed per 80 microns extra fine line structure of conductor and insulator HPC-22 W.
    20 Strands of 1 unit and geometrically stable rather than plying their entire strands, and three units of one of the grouping.
    This eliminates random gaps in between the strands and line between uzzah to minimize distortion.
    Conductor diameter is 0.3 sq (AWG22 equivalent) and regular cable 3 x the amount we spend. Also adopted the PFA (Teflon) with exceptionally good in the insulation insulator in electrical characteristics. In addition, insulation thickness achieved an astounding thinness of 0.18 mm.

    Transmission loss by insulation, stoic until a is reduced.
    The headphone cord available thank you Grecia require mechanical strength due to tension.

    Signal line parallel layout is ????????? by keeping a uniform pitch, transmitted electrically stable air, suppression increases the permittivity by packed column, including improved electrical characteristics. While creating flexibility and outstanding performance, combined with a modest extension of suppleness and 22 W HPC-.
    Minimum bending radius of the cable is reduced, and give stranded at more than twice of normal pitch to strand conductor to increase the flexibility of the cable.
    Headphone cable both indoors and outdoors and is used where always bend and move with. Adopt a TPE based on this, rich, heavy duty, flexible sheath 22 W HPC-(olefin type elastomer ?. Is the material strength as well as rubber also has excellent electrical characteristics.

    Prevents cable tangling and tangles have a moderate tension and suppleness.

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  1. wszawulec
    Oyaide HPC-35
    Written by wszawulec
    Published Feb 7, 2013
    Pros - sound quality
    Cons - connectors, stiffness
    Cable is too stiff and it shouldn't be used for headphone cable - especially with lightweight. Almost every contact us immediately transferred to the headphones. It is like kicking in a plastic bottle.
    Sound quality is a brighter side of this cable - it's (probably) better than any factory cable and should be - with it's price. Headphones plays much better in any aspect: bass, mids, treble; speed of the sound, "air". HPC-35 is expensive toy but can push headphones into a whole new level.
    But completely unacceptable are connectors: Oyaide says: "brass: Contact plating Silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium(0.3μ)". Maybe. But after a few weeks it looks like bigger part of the silver and rhodium gone with the wind. I've got lots of headphones and connectors but problems only with Oyaide HPC-35. Oyaide - shame on you!
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