OPPO DV-980H 1080p Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI and 7.1CH Audio

General Information

The OPPO DV-980H up-converting DVD player is designed to make your DVD collection look & sound its very best on HDTV. With support for 1080p displays, 7.1ch audio, USB2.0 & HD-JPEG viewing the unit is engineered to impress. The unit will play DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, SACD, HDCD, CD, DivX, XviD and much more.

Latest reviews

Pros: Price, quality
Cons: None for the price
I originally purchased this unit with the intent on it being part of my home entertainment system.  It was eventually replaced by a Sony Blu-Ray player.  After remembering it had the ability to play SACDs I decided to purchase a few and test out the sound quality of this device.  I have to say that I am very pleased. 
I may eventually upgrade my DAC to allow the 980H to send a digital optical signal to the DAC and then to my desktop amp, but I am running the 980H directly to my Schiit Audio Asgard and am very happy.
If you can pick up one of these gems in good condition for cheap I think you will be pleased with its SACD performance.
i have the same player and love it. i have it at work, with an x-can v3 tube amp and sennhieser hd 595 headphones. would the player sound remarkably better with a digital signal? i think it sounds awesome now, but i'm using rca jacks... the x-can has no optical in... (of course, it's not a dac at all, merely an amp)
The player wouldn't pass DSD via the SPDIF or toslink outputs per connection protocols. It would convert to PCM. HDMI would be a different matter but not many DACs, designed for 2ch audio would have it.


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