OPPO BDP-95 Universal Blu-ray Player


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Pros: Everything!
Cons: Donn't download latest firmware
What a wonderful unit that can do it all!

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Overall I am very happy with my Oppo 95.  We are not reviewing this stuff here on this site for the video performance so I will skip that.  My only complaint is that its audio output is bass shy.  I bought this to replace a Denon DVD-3930CI which I finally had to give up on.  After listening to the Oppo for awhile through Creek amp and HD600 cans I just couldn't accept it as a suitable substitute for the Denon, so I was lucky enough to find a brand new Denon on Ebay for $400.  I may occasionally listen to the Oppo through speakers, or as a 5 channel SACD source, but my heart is with my Denon. 
Easily competes with units much more costly and the video performance is without fault.


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Pros: Must have good headphones&amp and source material to experience the audio bliss
Cons: Expensive but you get what you pay for. No MOG net radio,
I just hooked up the BDP-95 with my Matrix M-Stage headphone amp and my Yamaha RX-A2000 A/V receiver. Got good quality interconnects from Monoprice.com. I have purchased some high-resolution audio files from hdtracks.com namely The Carpenters, Singles 1969-1981 Audiophile version 48KHz/24bit and Beethoven Symphonie No 9. Cladio Abbado Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Deutsche Grammophone 96KHz/24bit. Along with all this I purchased some Sennheiser HD650 headphones to round everything out. I also decided to get a cable upgrade for the HD650's and the Burr Brown OPA627AP with Class A Biasing Mod Op-Amp upgrade for the M-Stage headphone amp and then the magic began. Some say that the SABRE32  ESS9018 DAC's in the  BDP-95 is "Analytical" We'll I have to agree, it is analytical and very unforgiving of bad source material. If your going to get this universal player to play compressed  music files then your wasting your money but if you have the right gear and source material to compliment this fine component then you are going to have some "Emotional" experiences that I can't begin to explain. The Carpenters Singles HD 48KHz/24bit track was an emotional experience for me.  I've heard all the songs before on the radio but listening to it like this, Hearing Karen Carpenter's Lovely and Exquisite voice started the tears welling up my eye sockets. the depth and presence of the music finally done right. is moving beyond words. It was as if I were listening to it for the first time in a  whole new way. Although this is a digital remastering of the original analog master they did a magnificent job
P.S. I'm thinking that a good tube headphone amp might be the icing on the cake for the BDP-95
In fact I'll post it in the Master 5 thread.
Bump .... Just ordered an OPPO 95 2 days ago to replace a 93. Looking forward to hooking up my Beyer A1 amp directly to the stereo analog outs. I'm hoping to hear a vast improvement in sound.
This is a great player. Sound quality is excellent. My only complaint is that the player is extremely sensitive to dust/dirt/hair on discs played. More so with DVD Audios than Blu Rays. Something about that particular laser. Overall I am happy with the performance.