OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player


New Head-Fier
Pros: very good audio dac, very good headphoe amp, excellent analog preamp out, very good digital input selections
Cons: wish it had one or two analog inputs
You can pay more for a dac alone and not do as well as the 105. You can buy a blue ray player for more and not do as well. Ditto for cd, sacd, and/or DVD players. Its audio preamps are as good as anyone's for the money. To be able to get all of these in one one for this price is truly awesome. With the balanced analog outputs I connect directly to my powered monitors for unrivaled clarity, rich tonal cues, superb rhythmic cues superb neutrality.


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: Superb performance of CD/SACD/DAC
Cons: Not enough manual control nobs
I connected BDP 105 to Schiit Lry with Telefunken tubes-HE 5LE, and listened to Wagner Sigfrieds funeral march, Bach Mass B minor, and some vocals of Wagners.

The first impression was fluidity and being spaciousness so that I stood in the concert room.
I felt the 3 dimensional space of musical sources.

It was not the case with Bifrost without Uber upgrade, which was once my savior of Mahler symphony 8.
The symphony requires high definition to represents 1000 men and women choirs and extended orchestra with adding pipe organs for example.
With 105, it seemed to carry me to real concert hall.

However BDP-105 seemed to transport another level with liquidity and musicality.
it forgave much lower quality recording down to 256 rate as usual itune source.

Another noticeable improvement is the SQ of wind instrument when it plays back Wagner Prelude of Tristan und Isolde, which was so sweet to my ears.

After upgrading Bifrost to Uberfrost seemed closely up to BDP-105.
However the BDP 105 shines when it plays CD or SACD. I heard the 1st time Kleiver's Beethoven sym.5 without grainy sound at the introduction.
All Mahlers are now sining now in far different level of SQ in comparison to Flac files through any other combination of machine.
It saves all my collection of CD and SACD, and hence provides far more value on them.

Another notable thing is that it saved my oppo DV980H which is now acting as another SACD transporter without degradation of SQ due to the versatility of digital connectivity through HDMI. It serves a media center for almost everything from computer and other sources.
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Please excuse if this is a dumb newbie question/  I have a BDP-103, and was thinking of upgrading to the 105 largely because the 103 lacks a headphone jack.  But if I read your review correctly, you haven't even commented on the 105's own headphone capabilities.  Instead, you go right to the Schiit Lyr.  I'd really like to hear what you have to say about the 105 without the Lyr.  Maybe I'd be better off sticking with the 103 with a dedicated headphone amp.
The BDP-105 differs from BDP-105 in 3 VERY important ways. All concerning the analogue part.
1. It has the ESS Sabre32 DACs (yes two of them, 1 for stereo/headphones/SACD/BA-Audio) and one for the 7 chan analogue output)
2. It has a headphone jack which is connected directly from the DAC and have a digital volume controller directly within the DAC.
3. It can be used as a Sabre32 USB DAC.
(All output of digital video and audio, along with processing of digital content, are exactly the same in both models.)
Conclusion: The 105 would be an awesome choice as an headphone amplifier. I'm going to order mine tomorrow for use with my Philips Fidelio X2.
You will not get all that with an extra DAC. But it depends what you are after. Hope I clarified this a bit.