Opera Factory OM1 - Reviews
Pros: Very bass-heavy, but not too dark overall
Bassists/drummer-IEMs in a chic design
Cons: voices don't sound natural, mids taken far back, average stage and details
The OperaFactory OM1 self-confidently poses as a monitor for the stage and promises a "super bass". But it doesn't promise too much. The OM1 is a classic V-signature in-ear, with a rocky design and great wearing comfort.

When ordering, we receive a round, high carton box with the slogan "On The Road" in graffiti lettering. The box contains a red 4-core cable without remote/microphone and the in-ears. These have an individual design and stand out from the crowd, which I find positive. One notices that the OM1 is really aimed at musicians and therefore also for stage use.

Whether this is also suitable for it in terms of sound is still to be clarified.
But the workmanship and haptics speak for the OM1. In addition the flexible cable, which introduces a new adapter, as we have already seen with the new KZ ZSN (2-pin with protruding plugs on the in-ear and a cover on the cable), which makes it almost impossible to break the pins. The OM1 is very comfortable to wear and the robust reinforcement of the earbuds makes it extremely secure. The isolation is excellent, which is equally important for stage use.

If you like it a bit more fancy/obtrusive, you'll quickly get used to the design of the OM1.

The OM1 delights us with a warm V-signature, which is nothing special in itself, because it has been heard a thousand times, or something similar, but that doesn't mean that this in-ear is no fun. Even a good V-signature has to be done first.

The bass, however, is a bit too emphasized for my taste. It dominates the whole sound too much. In the mid-bass it tends to become exhausting and attacks the mid-range. Nevertheless it can give a drum kit or bass riffs a real impact and thus give any kind of rock music, or metal draught, liveliness and simply bumps. I would dam the higher bass range a bit to give the midrange more space.

These are taken back signature-typically and are honestly not exactly the hobbyhorse of the OM1, at least with the bass. Guitars sound wonderfully full and dynamic, but unfortunately the voices don't reach the listener when it gets more complex. I would have liked a bit more momentum in the higher mids to get the voices back to the front and to make the guitars crunchier. But this can be easily adjusted with an equalizer. You also have to mention that the OM1 tries to cover the whole frequency spectrum with a dynamic driver. But this can be done better.

The highs are very relaxed and without any significant peaks. They try to oppose the bass in the same way as the mids, which makes them a bit more successful and allows them to shine more.
Details can be seen and the separation also works, but is mediocre at best. The stage is also rather intimate.
Basically the signature can also be called L-shaped.

Are the OM1 really suitable for the stage?
I would say conditionally and also dependent on what possibilities you have. If you have the possibility to create your own monitor mix and chase it through an equalizer, then that's for sure. Otherwise I would recommend the IEMs bassists and especially drummers, because in this area the OM1s play really well and many embroidery transducers will enjoy playing the bass drum with the OM1. The design is suitable for the stage as well as the feel of the earphones.

Otherwise these in-ears are recommended to all others who like to listen to rock and love bass. In the long run it is too much for me personally, because even bass can be tiring at some point.

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Pros: No one is gonna mistake these for real jewelry. Actually great for movie watching and gaming. Has some mids and some highs. Sometimes. Bass heads unite
Cons: So much bass it might give you a head ache. Might cause some ear wax to get loose due to extreme amount of bass. Extreme V signature.
Whizzer Opera Factory OM1.


The CRUNK IEM. I would like to give a shout out to my fellow headfiers and earphone addicts around the world. This earphone here was provided to me for a review. Can be purchased here. This here is my take on these phones. As an enthusiast and someone that enjoys music of all types and earphones of all types. I will judge these phones based on the type of phone and what audience it is reaching for.


Upon receiving the OM1s in the round jewelry box. Once opened you get to see the shells in translucent red and green. These will not get mistaken for any other iem in the market that is for sure. They stand out as being distinct. Mimicking a fake gem like quality to the shells these are made for over the ear applications much like the many conch shell type earphones we see in the market today. What makes them stand out is that translucent red left and green right for the housing. Finished off by a red braided cord.


You want to stand out. You got it. Looks aside what really matters is the sonics. The look at me shells has a certain toyish look and charm about them that I am sure younger brash pre teens might actually like. But for most mature enthusiasts these might be a bit too bold looking. I am not too proud to say I wore these outdoors to try out their isolation and yes I did get the look from some of the teens around town more odd that a middle aged man would have what looks like fake jewelry in his ears. Hey gotta test out the fit and how they do in real life applications right?

The build is actually pretty good. With a comfy fit and good amount of isolation too. Sorry to break the news to you but the shells are made of plastic. How can that be? Who doesn't want to walk around with jewel encrusted ear pieces in your ears. Nothing says your serious about your audio like jems stuffed in your ears for earphones. Until we get the actual thing. Hey we have the OM1s.

I give credit where credit is due. At least it isn’t yet another copy of the same looking shell design by numerous others.


10mm dynamic

Sensitivity 110 db

Impedance 16 Ohms

Frequency 20hz-40Khz

2 Pin 1.2Meter cable

Let's get down to business so what makes these stand out?

It is all about you guessed it. BASS. And I mean copious amounts of it. Like you haven't heard in a long time type of BASS. It clearly says on the advertisement. “Splendid bass tuning in ear monitor.” Bass tuning is right. Splendid. Don’t know if I would use that word but BASS in big lettering is how they should market these.

The sound tuning is best described as CRUNK. Bigness where it counts. An abnormally big bold strong bottom end boosted to at least a good 16dbs of mid bass. You know your in for a good time when them bass notes dominate the entire spectrum. Who needs mids or highs. I certainly don’t. Mids are so overrated cus all you need is that boom boom. Highs actually have some presence. That is when there is no low notes that are present. Sound signature is a deep V shape signature. It is Bass first always all the time then what is left of the treble then the mids.

Looking at the shells. These are actually designed really well for one thing and one thing only. The earphones use a reverse firing technique as the larger dynamic driver faces outward on the shell to give the BASS some serious space and a lot of air which includes the entire back chamber for that BASS to gain momentum. You got that right the entire shell is used as a BASS chamber.

Sound makes good use of space as the recessed mids which are dominated by the mid bass actually has decent imaging but that is if there isn't much bass in the tune.. Mids lack depth or any real presence but who cares as long as that bass gives your ear lobes a message every time. Have you ever been in a club too long? No?. You should try holding your head in front of them speakers for an hour. Good times.


These are trunk of funk simulators. Have you ever been in your best friends ride who threw on all subs and no midrange speakers in his truck? Uncanny. OM1 is what you need for that type of bass drowning simulation. Excellent for those moments when you want to simulate that time in your life when you experimented with so much bass it didn’t matter if you couldn’t figure out what tune your hearing as long as you got that bass line. Clearly heard from the next 10 cars around you. For you these will bring out that grin all the time every time.

One note bass is called upon. Bass so big there is no sense of finesse or tightness. Who needs tight bass when you have more bass for that. You want textured bass? Again who cares about that when you have even more bass for that. I ain’t playin homey. We are talking big time Xtra BASS.

Treble actually has some presence when called for but not even close to the bass end when that is called for. So you get where this is going. It is all about that stupid mind numbing, club going, low rider 64 Chevy impala vato cruisin, smoking a spliff while sandwich eating, thinking them girls are lookin at you, thinking them folks next to your low rider is thinking you're all that cuz you got dat! BASS!


Now that is cool. No need for any of that cus you get all that packed in this power house of an earphone in the OM1. OM1 stands for OH MYGAWD 1 mo time!!.. Which is what people say when they hear this. You can’t escape the presence of this. You can’t throw them in your ears quick enough. Are you man enough to handle all this? Ya you. Are you good enough to handle all this?

If you find yourselves worthy. They are the bassiest earphones I have heard in a long time if not the bassiest I have heard period. It is more mid bass than sub bass so bass bleed is gonna be dominant. And we all know Bass domination is definitely CRUNK! You need more bass in your life?. These are what the Dr. ordered.

Hey It ain't all about just that bass line. These are the closest to a THX theatre set in your ears so movies and games have that POW POW. Which makes for some entertaining cinematic explosions and gunfire in both mediums. Bonus OH MYGAWD 1 mo time!!

In the end these earphones are fun. They will remind you of the days when Panasonic and Sony used to have Xtreme BASS boost on everything they used to make for cassettes and CD players. Cuz we all love some Xtra Bass. Who don’t. They get a hearty 3 stars which stands for 3X more bass than you will ever need for 3X the fun. As always happy listening and try not to crank up the bass too much you might disturb the neighbors.