In line with the growing convergence in entertainment formats, Onkyo has developed a sophisticated...

ONKYO nd s1

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  • In line with the growing convergence in entertainment formats, Onkyo has developed a sophisticated interface device for incorporating an iPod into your home entertainment system. The ND-S1 digital media transport not only provides a seamless link between your portable media player and your home theatre, it also lets you sync an iPod with iTunes at the press of a button. A single USB cable connects the ND-S1 to your PC, while a single digital audio output connects it to your compatible A/V receiver, amplifier, or mini system. Accurate, high-definition digital sound is ensured, thanks to a high-precision circuit clock.

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  1. Ruzhyo
    Pros - Looks great, works well
    Cons - Cannot insert ipad
    Works great, too bad cannot use with iPad 
  2. TEH725
    "Works well with A9555 or other Onkyo Amps"
    Pros - Convenient, good digital transport
    Cons - Docking on some iPods a little tricky
    This is a solid digital transport for the money.  If you are iPod based, I think its the best low cost transport out there.  Interfaces well with many Onkyo amps.  One remote controls everything which is very convenient.
  3. Fatmangolf
    "Onkyo ND-S1"
    Pros - Turns iPod into very good quality digital source
    Cons - It is not a DAC - also need iPod and a DAC (or amp with one)
    It does what it says in the advert, you can put an iPod on it and get direct digital output into a DAC of your choosing. But there is no analogue output so you must have a DAC or an amp with a digital input, e.g. an AV amp like Onkyo (and most of these can be connected to give an onscreen display showing track info, etc.).
    Okay an iPod isn't the ultimate hifi source but it is very convenient. This unit and a good DAC will sound close to a CD player, subject to the other gear in your system. Your high bitrate and lossless files will sound pretty good and almost certainly better than they do with an analogue dock or cable that uses the iPod's internal DAC.
    The remote control is basic but effective with play, pause, skip/FW buttons and other buttons.
    I like it because my iPod is my main media player. I have a portable device with my music and playlists that also gives very good sound on the hifi. It's a fine niche product if you have a use for it.
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