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Onkyo DV-SP205FX Super Audio CD & DVD Audio/Video Player

  1. the wizard of oz
    Neat universal player; well, nearly universal...
    Written by the wizard of oz
    Published Feb 2, 2012
    Pros - DVD Audio and SACD
    Cons - DVD Video NTSC and Zone 2 only
    When this came out in 2004 it was a neat universal player, that integrated nicely with the rest of the Onkyo Intec 205 Series components.
    Compared with nowadays solutions, it lacks some features, but it still holds up well, and for audio, satisfactory enough.
    I can play the odd MP3 CD-R's guests might bring, of course regular CD's which is its main task, CD-R backups, and higher resolution SACD and DVD-Audio's, although I don't take benefit of the multi-channel capabilities of those latter formats as yet, since not having it connected to a multi-channel A/V receiver, but I might eventually address that.
    SQ-wise, connected to my A-905FX amp itself connected to my D-152E speakers, it performs fine. Nothing much to say. Clear transparent sound, warm and punchy, transcribing well recorded music beautifully and vividly to the speakers. I'd say its DAC does its job very well.
    I will edit this review when having listened to and compared SACD's to CD's more. I haven't done that enough yet, to comment on how well it deals with higher resolution material.
    Anyhow, so far, after over half a decade of use, I would certainly recommend this player.