OneOdio F2 TWS

Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Good for the cost
Pros: Well built, good looking and easy to use
Cons: No ANC , no aptX

The F2 come in a decent looking box, inside is the charging cable and extra tips of various sizes. opening the box, I was surprised how well these were made and they looked fantastic. trying them on for a few hours I noticed the comfort is good and there is a decent passive isolation indoors and out.

Sound is fun but far more balanced from the previous F1 and its aggressive V-shaped signature with heavy bass and sparkling highs. The F1 was super fun but could get a little fatiguing after some time. The F2 more mature signature is still fun but much better for longer listening. soundstage is as expected average and within one's headspace.
This one is under $50 and offers a simple approach to listening when on the go, I can see its usefulness and its a product of convenance.

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