On-the-ear Studio Monitor Headphones

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  1. gregoire
    "Sennheiser HD25 SP2 - Classic DJ cans"
    Pros - tough, small, good looking
    Cons - cable sockets get tired with age
    Great cheaper version of the split headband variety. I have a few pairs of these and they have lasted very well. Slightly veiled sound, which works out perfect for DJing in clubs with large volume - bright cans at high volume for a few hours are painful on the ears and give me a headache, these with their slightly recessed highs are perfect for longer high volume sessions. 
    The headband could benefit some padding - i used the padding from a crappy pair of old brandless headphones i found on a pair of these and it makes a big difference to the comfort. (See pic 2 below)
    The cable jacks are detachable from the headphone cups and over the years (maybe 8-10) these sockets get loose. If i'm moving around with these, one ear or the other occasionally cuts off and requires the cable to be pushed in 1mm or so. Annoying, but they've had a hard life & nothing else has failed.