NuPrime uDSD Hi-resolution USB-powered Portable DAC (PCM 384, DSD 256) & Headphone Amp


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Pros: solid build quality, great sound
Cons: none at this price
See here for my full review:
TL/DR: A clear step up from the uDAC-3, and is equal in price with the trade-in program. A very neutral sound from all outputs, enough power for most headphones, all while maintaining a small form factor.


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Pros: Small footprint, great sound, quality RCA jacks, DSD
Cons: Requires powered USB hub for best performance, headphone amp not powerful enough for higher load full-size cans.
Full Review:  
Great DAC for <$200.  Really could not ask for a better sound at this price and the portability is a great plug.  Quality RCA jacks make use that much nicer.
The quality of the sound from this unit may make you think twice about spending 2x-3x on a better DAC.
Sergio Bianchi
Sergio Bianchi
Fallingreason Hello! I have installed a sound card Xonar DX Asus wanted to update and replacing it with the uDSD .Tú you think? I would appreciate your opinion.
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Pros: small size, very porable, soud great
I have had my uDSD for a month now and have used it every day with HD598s. The uDSD provides a great improvement when compared to my Dell laptops headphone output. I traded in an uDAC-2 and uDSD is great improvement. The build quality is also much better than the uDAC-2. Divers were easy to load and I was up and running within 5 minutes. Thanks Jason!