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An Affordable Reference Class DAC Designed For Studio Professionals With its AES and XLR outputs...

NuPrime DAC-9

  • An Affordable Reference Class DAC Designed For Studio Professionals

    With its AES and XLR outputs and decoding capability of PCM 384K & DSD256, the NuPrime DAC-9 is a reference-class DAC designed for studio professionals. With four digital and one analog stereo inputs, the DAC-9 is a full-featured DAC and preamp ideally suited for high-end systems.

    A Reference LE Class Preamp

    To meet the requirement of customers who want to eliminate extra components in their system, a high-end preamp capable of driving the power amplifier directly is an essential part of the design. The DAC-9 includes features borrowed from traditional high-end preamps:

    - Advanced, FPGA implemented switched-resistor ladder network for controlling volume, i.e., a single resistor in the signal path at any volume setting.
    - Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise source level matching.
    - Volume adjustment in 99 precise, 0.5dB increments.

    Several notable features:

    - NuPrime SRC IC chip provides FPGA processing where Input signals are up-sampled to mega hertz before down converted to the targeted sampling rate with ultra-low jitter and distortion.
    - AKM Newest Generation: High Sound Quality Premium 32-bit Stereo DAC (AK4490 EQ). State-of-the-art DAC with warmer sonic characteristics, supporting USB PCM 384 and DSD256.
    - A proprietary NuPrime implementation that is also capable of decoding DoP formats via coaxial and optical inputs (to support NuPrime Omnia portable device that are able to output DoP stream in addition to S/PDIF).
    - NuPrime vibration-free isolation feet (patent pending*)
    - Extension port for Bluetooth dongle and WiFi audio streaming (optional)
    - Full microprocessor control with memory retention
    - Five digital inputs and one stereo input for complete system flexibility
    - Supports DSD native playback by ASIO2.1 and DoP method
    - Ultra-low-noise JFETs in the input stage for the lowest possible noise floor
    - Volume adjustment in 99 precise 0.5dB increments
    - Advanced, FPGA implemented thin-film switched-resistor ladder network for controlling volume, with a single resistor in the signal path at any volume setting
    - Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise level matching of sources
    - Exclusive driver software for Windows /Standard driver software for Mac



    1 x USB PCM / DSD Digital (PCM up to 384kHz & DSD up to DSD256 )
    1 x Coaxial Digital S/PDIF (PCM up to 192KHz supporting DoP format DSD64)
    1 x Optical Digital S/PDIF (PCM up to 192KHz supporting DoP format DSD64)
    1 x Bluetooth or WiFi receiver module (optional).
    1 x AES balance XLR
    1 x Analog Stereo RCA

    1 x pair of stereo RCA out
    1 x pair of stereo XLR balanced out
    1 x Optical S/DPIF out

Recent Reviews

  1. Xyrium
    Good value, simple design, excellent for the desktop rig!
    Written by Xyrium
    Published Feb 12, 2017
    Pros - Compact, decent connectivity, remote control, great sound
    Cons - Not a con, but other manufacturers do the 4490 in dual mono, and the display is not the most informative...
    I was looking for a simple, low cost solution for my desktop that would connect to a low cost pair of Dynaudio Emit M10 speakers and the DAC9/STA9 combo is doing a great job. The filter that Nuprime chose for the DAC9 really strikes a nice balance between resolution and zero listening fatigue. The unit has a somewhat clunky/cheap remote, but it's reasonably effective. I like the use of balanced connections to avoid noise as well as taking advantage of the slightly lower noise floor that those circuits offer.
    Comparing this to my Oppo HA1, I find it more forgiving on all types of music, and compared to my Teac I find it more resolving. I'm not a huge fan of infinite volume control (volume knob doesn't have a maximum stop point), but the low volume resolution that this DAC offers supports Nuprime's claim that it's transparent at all levels. Those seeking the utmost "air" from their music but willing to risk the irritation that such ability brings to music that some recording will cause, may find this DAC somewhat boring. For music lovers seeking to listen for long periods, this setup is quite nice.
    The DAC9 would probably get 5 stars, but it seems to need a ground lift to avoid any noise (inaudible from 3ft) at idle. I'm currently in the process of actually replacing my motherboard to determine if it is the source of the problem however (yeah, the sound means that much to me :)).


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