RED WAVE headphones were designed with the entire DJ experience in mind. Their superior sound,...

Numark RED WAVE Clean, powerful and comfortable headphones.

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  • RED WAVE headphones were designed with the entire DJ experience in mind. Their superior sound, eye-catching looks and comfortable design make RED WAVE headphones the clear choice of professional DJs. RED WAVE headphones are designed specifically for the professional DJ. They employ a comfortable, closed–cup design for great isolation from outside noise. RED WAVE’s large, 50mm neodymium drivers produce clean, powerful output. Designed by DJs for DJs, these headphones have a convenient, swiveling design on one cup so they're easy to wear one-sided between the ear and shoulder. The ear cups also have breathable protein-leather for DJs to remain comfortable during prolonged use. RED WAVE’s sleek, modern design ensure they look as good as they sound. RED WAVE headphones also come with a gold-plated 1/” adapter to quickly plug into MP3 players, and carrying case for quick and convenient transport.

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  1. biggbenn74
    "Bass, Bass and Bass..."
    Pros - Bass, extreme portability for the size, very stylish, comfortable for hours.
    Cons - Bass holds back overall sound quality, too much bass for most people.
    One of my first pair of headphones, the Numark Red Wave. Numark has been in the headphone game for quite a while, though not many people recognize it. So, they kinda know what makes headphones go boom, and what makes people want to buy headphones, sound quality, good looks and comfort. Enter the Red Wave. Truly, what will one day be considered, "A Classic" Why? Because not only do they look good, they have the bass as well. It is very hard to find an exceptional pair of DJ headphones anywhere nowadays, and these headphones will shock you with their performance. Now, to the review.
    Value: 8 out of 10. Lately, Numark has been cutting their prices on their headphones, and the prices keep dropping. When I bought these at the beginning of this year, they were $100 US at my local guitar store. I had a gift card, I needed new headphones, I got them. Now, prices seem to be as low as $70 in some places. Definitely keep an eye out for price drops in the near future.
    Audio Quality: 8 out of 10. From the first moment you plug these in to your iThingy or Mactop, the drivers are let off of their leashes and they come punching at you with bass that will rattle your skull. However, that bass means that you don't get the mids, or highs you would expect of a 50-100 buck headphone. The bass goes everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Unfortunately, at some moments, you will need a good equalizer to tone the bass down a bit so you can actually hear all of your music.
    Design: A perfect 10 out of 10. I honestly think the design style of these headphones is what brings at least half of the potential buyers to look at the headphones. They look unlike any other DJ headphone you can buy on the market today. The red mixes perfectly with the black and silver accents. They collapse, swivel and the cups flip, so portability is high. It comes with a nifty pouch and a detachable cable with a 1/4 inch adapter. 
    Comfort: 8 out of 10. the pads on the headphones aren't the plushiest, or the most comfortable money can buy, but they provide a nice, tight seal around your ears. This means great sound isolation. Not perfect, but pretty good. The headband looks plushy, but really isn't. That all being said, these headphones are surprisingly comfortable. The longest I have gone with these on my head is 3 hours. Not bad at all.
    Overall: 8 out of 10. These headphones look sick for DJ-ing at the club, and they sound good enough for general everyday use. They bend, fold, swivel and grip any way you want, and they can go with you wherever you want to take them. If you prefer more bass in your music, this is the way to go. They aren't perfect... But that's what makes them have such amazing character. Thank you for reading.

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