Null Audio Symphonym Tiburon UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

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Pros: - Amazing Build and Heft
- Artistic Braids
- Solid Construction
- Zero Microphonics
- A+ Presentation
Cons: A little pricey if you get the Herringbone 8 braid upgrade
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[This was NOT a review sample. I just bought it like the regular folk]

I bought the Tiburon couple of weeks ago and was extremely impressed. I got the Herringbone 8 braid upgrade so that upped the cost quite a bit. But it was worth it. I am pairing it with my Andromeda now. It's copper in its all goodness.

Sound: I don't believe a cable can drastically change the sound of an IEM but it does clear out imperfections, noises, micro-phonics etc. And believe me, this cable is a winner in all those areas. Andros being a super sensitive IEM in its own right is susceptible to hiss a lot. The cable minimizes a lot of that. This of course will vary on your source but I feel the Andros are now more balanced and the upper end (strange that someone would praise the high frequencies when talking about a copper cable) are very detailed even over the fact that it is already super detailed in the Andromeda.

Build and Craftsmanship: Most importantly, the build and craftsmanship. These are the best braids I have ever encountered (rivaling the Effect Audio Thor). It is a pure work of art. Hand made, strands that follow the Litz philosophy but goes beyond in the top end. No memory wire, no heatshrink. You can wear it straight down or over ear (which I do) and being super comfortable at it. The weaves and cores are visible (see the pictures) and I can just look at them and praise them without my IEM on. :) Also, you will never feel that it may break or fray cause the build is that strong. I confidently lug it around my jacket pocket crashing with chains etc. but I am never scared of the cable being broken, rather my jacket's chain might - so strong is the Herringbone 8 braid upgrade.

Presentation: Another very important thing is, Null Audio's Symphonym series is like a 5-star experience with valet, caviar etc. when it comes to presentation. I would justify the price even if the box came in empty really. There is a beautify leatherlike hard box which houses a rounded metallic case holding the cable. Below that there is a certification of the people who handmade it. Finally, you get a card that says, "This high quality hand crafted premium cable was customized and built for ... <your name>" That's like the red carpet treatment. Null Audio really has a way of feeling the customers special and I truly respect that.

It's a 10/10 for me. When someone like me dish out $273 on an IEM cable and still says "it was worth it," I think it's the biggest compliment I can give.

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The real question is did it add to the bass in your andros? I had the original version of this cable for some over ear headphones and I loved the bass it added vs the stock cable. It wasn't called the tiburon back then but I'm told its the same cable sound wise.
Adnan Firoze
Adnan Firoze
Well, I'm not sure if it was the cable or not but my Andros were never bass light and it might have been the case that these are the cables I had on them most of the times. I feel quite validated that the changes in sound I hear after some cable rolling isn't just placebo. Thanks!
I just bought a set and they indeed have a nice bass rumble on my lighter bass hybrid iems. Just as good as their old all copper cables!


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