NuForce NE-650M High Efficiency Earphones with Excellent Bass, Layered Sound Stage and Microphone (Black)

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  1. shotgunshane
    "NuForce NE-650M"
    Pros - Bass! Fatigue free listening; iPhone microphone/controls
    Cons - Bass! De-emphasized treble

    Disclaimer: The following is a review from a sample provided by NuForce

    First I’d like to thank NuForce, for reaching out and allowing me the opportunity to review their new IEM, the NE-650M.
    The 650 is described by the manufacturer as “a uniquely enhanced version of the original NE-600 series earphone. Their high-efficiency design offers an even greater level of performance that delivers exceptional bass via aerodynamic acoustic porting, harmonically correct tonality, a deeply layered soundstage and superb acoustic isolation.”
    Retailing at $44.99, the 650 features an 11mm dynamic driver, rated with an impedance of 16 ohms and 100db sensitivity.  It comes with a small rounded rectangular carrying case and 5 pairs of tips.  The 650 also has an iPhone compatible connector and built in microphone with one button control.  The button will answer and disconnect calls, as well as pause or resume music on the iPhone.  The remote is located on the left side above the Y split on a fairly manageable flat cable.  I usually dislike flat cables but this one was OK; probably because it isn’t as wide as some of the more annoying flat cables I’ve experienced. The dynamic driver appears to be vented in both the back of the housing (in a stylish triangle shape) and a pin hole side vent.  Some driver flex was experienced and seems to be normal.
    Bass first and warm are the descriptors that most quickly come to mind.  The low end extends fairly deep, with 30hz test tones easily heard and rolling off from there, and produces nice rumble.  Mid bass has plenty of impact and presence.  Bass seems to have longer decay times, helping to give the impression of even greater bass presence.
    Mids and vocals are somewhat forward.  I say somewhat because they are clearly behind the bass but in front of the treble.  While vocals are clear, there is definitely warmth injected from the generous and plentiful bottom end.
    Treble clearly takes the back seat in the presentation.  It is very laid back and subdued.  Obviously resolution and micro-detailing is clearly sacrificed with this kind of presentation but then there is zero fatigue.  Greatest treble emphasis is at 5k and 9k with a dip in between and roll off up top.
    While being too colored and dark for my preferences, I can certainly see bassheads on a budget and others looking for a workout, yard work or noisy commute phones on a budget being interested in this new offering from NuForce.