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nuForce proudly introduces a series of linear power supplies that more than meet the needs of...

NuForce LPS-1

  • nuForce proudly introduces a series of linear power supplies that more than meet the needs of the most discriminating audio enthusiasts. Whether for desktop applications or main-system use, the LPS Series delivers crystal-clear low-noise power for devices requiring 15 volts DC at 4 amps or less.

    Designed for use with NuForce products such as the Icon HDP Desktop DAC/Preamp and CDP-8 Compact Disk Player, an LPS is likely to improve the performance of any audio device requiring up to 4 amps of DC current, particularly with respect to detail and transparency.

    The LPS line-up starts with the LPS-1, which features a single 15V/4A output for users requiring power for only one device. The LPS-1’s highly regulated delivery system operates by way of a large, proprietary transformer, high-energy storage capacitors and high-speed regulator circuit.

Recent Reviews

  1. Armaegis
    a multifunctional power device
    Written by Armaegis
    Published Jan 25, 2013
    Pros - good clean power, usb-spdif bridge
    Cons - cost
    Review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626851/review-nuforce-icon2-s-x-speakers-w-1-sub-lps-power-supply#post_9011780
    Summary: I have the fully upraded version, the LPS-2U-192k. This unit sports dual DC outputs and a usb to spdif bridge (outputting optical and coax simultaneously).
    The price may seem high, but keep in mind this is essentially three devices in one. The performance is very good, and improvements in sound are noticeable both with my Icon2 and HDP.
    It is also not limited strictly to Nuforce devices. The output is configurable between 12V and 15V via a jumper inside.


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