NuForce Icon (Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier, Silver Color).

General Information

The NuForce Icon is an audiophile-grade Integrated Desktop Audio Amplifier featuring two 12-watt outputs, a 3.5-mm stereo input for connection to an iPod or other portable device, a USB cable for operation with a PC or Mac, and standard RCA inputs for employing the Icon as the heart of a conventional audio system. For the headphone enthusiast, the Icon also offers a high-performance headphone output. Of particular interest to the computer user, the Icon's line-out functions as a PC or Mac USB-to-analog audio converter or can also be used as a connection to a subwoofer. With the same patented technology that has won a string of prestigious awards, the tiny Icon brings NuForce's celebrated sound quality to the music lover's desktop. Applications: 1) As the core of a desktop audio system, the Icon connects to an Ipod, CD player, PC or Mac. 2) Via the best, jitter-free USB technology, the Icon operates as a USB DAC for converting a PC or Mac's audio signal to high-quality analog sound. 3) For optimal headphone performance, the Icon includes a discrete, high-performance headphone amplifier. 4) For operation as an audiophile-grade preamplifier, the Icon's linestage can be connected to a power amp or active speakers. 5) As a high-quality auxiliary power amp in a surround-sound setup, the Icon can be used to drive tweeters or rear-channel speakers.

Latest reviews

Pros: Does practically everything for very little money
Cons: none at it's price, but it is a budget component
Nice "do everything" pre-amp, USB DAC, amplifier, headphone amp, in a tiny package. Excellent for a small desktop system running computer/iTunes out via USB, powering a set a desktop monitors and headphones.
It's also a nice little component to have around for backup to your he-man rig for times when you need to test other components or have something in the shop. It can work as a pre-amp or USB DAC or amplifier or headphone amp or all of the above.
Best $200 spent in Audio EVER!


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