NuForce DDA-100, High-End Audiophile-Grade Sound Quality Digital Integrated Amplifier for Computer and Home Audio (Black)

General Information

A design innovation you have to hear to believe. The NuForce DDA-100 is a Direct-Digital Integrated Amplifier that marks a new juncture in digital sound. The innovative new design converts the digital audio signal into analog form at the last possible stage-the PWM amplifier output-giving listeners the same level of performance as far much more expensive audio gear. The DDA-100's inherently low distortion and noise floor remain in the digital domain from beginning to end, resulting in a remarkably wide dynamic range, crystalline clarity and amazing detail-all for an affordable price. The DDA-100 doesn't require the typical DAC stage found in most of today's digital audio products. Rather, its PWM power amplifier stage is modulated directly by the incoming signal, and the digital-to-analog conversion takes place at the speaker outputs. In effect, the PWM power amplifier stage operates as a power DAC. This effectively eliminates the DAC-related problems that have plagued serious listeners in the past. Fewer parts result in a more direct signal path, resulting in benefits passed along to you: exquisite sound at an affordable price. More digital audio "bang" for your buck. We've designed the DDA-100 as a digital-only product for today, and tomorrow's digital playback components. The DDA-100 accepts four digital sources via one USB, one coaxial and two optical inputs that provide exceptional flexibility for your home audio and A/V needs. And with the included remote control, you can control inputs and volume from the comfort of your listening chair. Along with its convenience and an innovative design, the DDA-100 will drive your loudspeakers via a robust 50-Watt RMS and 250-watt peak capability per channel for superb dynamics and transparency. If you're seeking a moderately priced integrated amplifier that offers true high-end quality, features, convenience, and performance, the DDA-100 is the ideal choice.


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