North Star Design Model 192 Digital to Analog Converter

General Information

The Model 192 MK2 DAC is one of the best money for value solution for the Digital to Analog conversion. This unit derive directly from our flagship DAC, Extremo. Input receiver, Upsampler 192/24 and DAC section descend strictly from Extremo DAC but offered at half of it's price. The M192 MK2 DAC can be connected via S/PDIF or AES/EBU to any existing digital source like CD-player, DAT, CD-transport.
The increased dynamic offers you more details and a perfect harmonics decay at low level signal and at the same time the powerfull reproduction of a big symphonic orchestra.

The Model 192 MKII works with the latest generation digital chipset which is a balanced mix from Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices and Texas (Burr-Brown):

* CS8416 - a very low jitter 192kHz digital receiver from Cirrus Logic
* AD1895 - an high dynamic 192/24 upsampler from Analog Devices
* 2 x PCM1796 - 123 dB, 192/24 DAC from Texas

Each IC DAC is set in mono configuration to increase the dynamic and drives a DC coupled double balanced analogue stage; the analogue output is available on gold plated balanced and unbalanced connectors.

This high performance chipset needs a noiseless set of regulated voltage lines to meet the better performances; onboard are present ten independent regulated voltage lines and each digital IC is decoupled from the other one to avoid any interference. Moreover a particular attention in the master clock power supply creates the conditions for a jitter free clock generation.

A I²S fully insulated digital input is present to connect the North Star Design CD-Transport with a direct link for the best audio performance.
On I²S connection the digital signal is directly transferred to the DAC without jitter; digital audio data and clocks are separetly transmitted to the DAC and no mixed in a sigle signal like S/PDIF or AES/EBU; this avoid any jitter problem in clock reconstruction.


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