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Norne Silvergarde S3 balanced cable for HD800

  • From the manufacturer:

    "A fully unique and unparalleled "pure textile" multi-core layered design utilizing a culmination of all we have learned in our 8+ year history specifically focused on headphone cable design. In this longer experience with dedication to only the best materials and design for Hi-Fi headphone cables, we have brought the next level in refinement. Providing the top levels of detail, micro-detail and overall transparency, there is not a true equal in our testing. If you are truly after the best that is possible for an upgraded headphone cable, look no further than large gauge pure silver occ litz in the Silvergarde S3."

    It truly is a remarkable cable, best one I tried for the HD800.
    also went with the more expensive upgrade for the connector, Teflon with rhodium plated 100% solid silver pins.

    To order this from Norne, you would pay 670$US plus shipping. I'm offering it in MINT condition for 550$US shipping included.

    Shipping to Canada and US

    IMG_2180.JPG IMG_2178.JPG IMG_2179.JPG


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