Noontec ZORO High Fashion Steel Reinforced SCCB Sound Technology Headphones - White

  1. thekenner33
    Great looking and great sounding cans
    Written by thekenner33
    Published Nov 5, 2012
    Pros - Clear bass, bright trebles, great build, and really good looking phone, Very good for traveling. (also has removable cable)
    Cons - maybe a little muddy in the mid sections
    As a previous owner of beats (before the knowledge of head-fi and innerfidelity was bestowed upon me) I can speak to how much better these sound then Dr. Dre's less than impressive Solo HDs.  But not only did they crush them, they also surprised me how well they actually do sound...  Every thing is very clear and crisp in the highs, and the bass was well defined; not too boomy or overwhelming, just right for my taste.  I feel like there is a slight emphasis on the treble and the bass, resulting in a slightly recessed mid section, but its the type of sound I like (I listen to a lot of jazz, rock, and electronic music).  All in all I really LOVE these headphones, and would recommend if you are looking for style and sound quality!
  2. TStarGermany
    Pretty good, not super though
    Written by TStarGermany
    Published Aug 15, 2012
    Pros - Tight and neutral sounding
    Cons - Utter lack of deep bass, zero stage, aggressive treble
    See for the full "review"...

    In short:
    These headphones do a lot of things right and some things pretty wrong.

    - The sound is neutral and tight
    - Lacks deep bass and the last bit of clarity with voices and fine instruments
    - "Stage" is something you won't find in the repertoire of these phones.
    - The drivers are sensitive and should be a good companion for any mobile device.

    I think I'll sell these and keep my CALs :)
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    2. TStarGermany
      No, I can't. And that is general problem.
      Not only are there many copycats around but the danger of buying a fake copy of a headphone, which is already by itself a knockoff product, might be even higher.
      TStarGermany, Sep 21, 2012
    3. Tom22
      thanks! how about the isolation on the headphones? during public transits?
      Tom22, Sep 21, 2012
    4. TStarGermany
      Not for someone who is explicitely looking for good isolation
      TStarGermany, Sep 21, 2012