NoiseHush NX85 Stereo 3.5mm Headset with Mic - Retail Packaging - Black/Red

General Information

The ergonomically-designed NoiseHush NX85 stereo headset delivers superior sound for phone calls and music through mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players and laptops. It features a patented bass system and high-grade 10mm driver unit, to reproduce high definition, bass-driven sound without the need for batteries. Its in-line microphone is acoustically tuned to filter out external noise, ensuring that callers hear you clearly even in the noisiest environments; and the one-touch track/talk remote button makes it easy to switch between music and phone calls. The snug- fitting in-ear gel isolates external noise, and provides maximum comfort for hours of enjoyment.

Latest reviews

Pros: Overall sound, Price, Isolation, Overall build quality
Cons: 3.5mm Jack connector seems a little lose, bass may be too much for some
First off, I would like to thank Noisehush for sending me the NX85's! 
I'll get into the review now. 

Packaging: The NX85 come in a sturdy black card board box. It is all black, except the left side. The left side of the box is red. On the front the NX85's are pictured. On the Left side, the specs as well as compatibility are listed. On the right side, there are more pictures. On the back of the box, there is a description of the NX85's. The box opens up, and the earphones are on display. The flap has a magnet inside of it, keeping it shut when it's closed. The earphones are snug inside the casing, and there isn't any rattling around when the box is shook.
Accessories: The NX85 come with a carrying case, and extra tips. The tips come in sizes of small, medium, and large. The carrying is all black, with the Noisehush logo on it. The material is a type of synthetic cloth. On the string, there are adjusters that can be moved if one desires a tighter or loser close on the carrying case. The built in call button lets you switch between calls, and it works very well, The inline mic also works well. Calls sound nice and clear.
Build: The build quality on the Noisehush NX85 is average. The housings are plastic, and the grill appears to be some sort of metal. While the grill gives the appearance of the earphones being more open than closed, the grill is just there for looks. The plastic housing feels sturdy. When shook, there is no rattle or anything of the sort coming form the earphones. The cable is flat and feels pretty sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap or poorly made. The connector to the 3.5mm jack feels a little bit lose, but it's nothing to fret about. Microphonics is am issue when wore normally. Luckily, microphonics are almost eliminated when the cable is worn behind the ear.
Comfort: The comfort on the NX85s is nice. They are pretty light weight, and the gel tips are comfortable. After using them for around 2 hours and taking them out of my ear, they did cause a little bit of soreness, but not much. The fit is snug, and isolation is very good. While on the bus, having them in my ear without any music playing eliminated the rumble of the bus engine, and most of the other noises around me. While music was playing at a moderate volume, outside noises were almost completely eliminated.
Sound: I'm pleased to say that Noisehush has done very well on the NX85. It's definitely a bass head earphone.
Bass: The bass is definitely the main focus here. There is a lot of warmth, with good quality and quantity. Sub-bass is detailed and well defined, giving a very nice rumble on tracks that call for a lot of bass. The mid bass is also very nice, giving a nice punch when tracks call for it.
Mids: Vocals sound present, but not emphasized. Female and male vocals both have the same amount of emphasis, which isn't much. The mids are not recessed, but aren't forward sounding. I would say they are pretty neutral.
Treble: The treble is slightly dark, but it is hardly noticeable at all. Details come out a little bit and can be heard over the bass without any trouble.
Soundstage: The soundstage is tight and constricted. Average for a budget IEM.
Overall: Overall the NX85s bring a lot of warmth, with nice mids and treble. Bass heads will like the NX85, and people looking for bassy IEM's on a budget will also find them very appealing. 


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