Whether youre an armchair conductor, or a bonafide audiophile, the Nixon Nomadic Headphone...

Nixon Nomadic Headphone All Black, One Size

  • Whether youre an armchair conductor, or a bonafide audiophile, the Nixon Nomadic Headphone satisfies your audio addiction. This powerful headphone features a 40mm dynamic driver, a wide range of frequency response, and a 103-decibel sensitivity. The Nomadic Headphone also features Nixons renowned sense of designa blend of old and new school sensibilitiesso youll turn heads in just about any crowd you run with.Product FeaturesMaterial: Synthetic leather, memory foam, plasticDriver: 40mmInput Connection: 3.5mm Plug, 4pinCord Length: 59in (150cm)Weight: 9oz (251g)Recommended Use: Rocking out with your stocking outManufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Recent Reviews

  1. soundlikes
    Nomadic Nixon
    Written by soundlikes
    Published Jan 26, 2012
    Pros - Stylish
    Cons - Sound quality, comfort, isolation
    These are definitely not a pair of audiophile cans. Even though they are made to be portable and to be used with your iPhone (built in mic.) they are not that great at it neither. The main problem I have is that I bought these headphones to use when not at home. The issue is that they don't stay on my head very well. Isolation is another poor. Everyone will hear you a mile away when you listen to your music on these cans. They do look good on anyone wearing them but the best in their hard shell carrying case!!!! Basically useless piece of junk. 
    1. garpt
      Thanks foe the good, honest review! I usually think most reviews are soon after one picks up a new piece of gear and they are a bit "biased" towards fluffing up the review a bit to make them feel better about their purchase- even though they may know better.
      Never heard of Nixon cans but now I do. Might have saved someone some bucks. Cheers.
      garpt, Jan 27, 2012


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