NiceHCK LitzPS-Pro

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1. Product name: NICEHCK LitzPS-Pro 8 Core 4N Litz Pure Silver Upgrade Cable
2. Brand: NICEHCK
3. Model: LitzPS-Pro
4. Conductor: 4N oxygen-free silver
5. Number of cores:0.08*10 each strand
6. Skin material: PVC
7. Internal Structure: Internal Litz structure
8. Sound Characteristics: Enhanced high frequency, low impedance
9. Length: 1.25m±3cm
10. Solder: WBT silver contain solder
11. Impedance: <0.3ohm
12. Inductance: 0.4uF/ft
13. Plug type: 3.5/2.5/4.4mm straight plug options
14. Connector: MMCX 、0.78mm 2Pin、NX7 2pin、QDC 2pin
15.Plug material:Pure copper plating
16. Splitter material : Pure copper plating
17.Item contains: NICEHCK Cable * 1 pcs (don't inclued earphone)

Latest reviews

LitzPS-Pro 8 cored pure silver cables for your IEMs
Pros: Highly resolving pure silver cable on the cheap.
No strings attached just the real Ag. Strong build, very ergonomic, soft 8 cores of the stuff in any termination you want for your earphones. Doubters can doubt but read the spec sheet fellas. It says 99.998% pure silver. Affordable higher end silver cables from the cable pros at NiceHCK. No gimmicks attached. You get the good stuff for your hard earned cash.
Cons: Ya right.
NiceHCK LitzPS Pro 8
These are the new LitzPS Pro 8 essentially an 8 cored version of their 4 core variant you can read about here. So the name says a lot about a cable firstly the cables are in Litz structure. Litz is described as a type of multi strand wire used to reduce the proximity effect. It consists of many strands individually insulated and twisted and woven together to equalize the proportion of the overall length. This has an effect of distributing transmission of signal equally among the wire strands, reducing the resistance. The PS stands for Pure Silver. Does a pure silver cable exist at this price? The answer to that is absolutely. I was provided with a chemical breakdown of the cable material by an independent materials lab. It states the purity is 99.998% pure. That my friends says it is pure.

Silver cables has become a staple for the earphone enthusiast. Nothing in cable land really portrays the transparency and clarity level of a pure silver cable. Up until recently did the pure silver cable actually has become affordable. If you look at the silver cables offered by the boutique dealer you get the price tag to match with the nice naming scheme. So what is the difference with NiceHCKs affordable pure silver cables and the much more expensive ones?

Actually there isn’t. One can argue it has to do with the type of silver. Well last time I checked. Silver Ag is silver. Is there such a thing as purer silver? Could be but charging you over $400 to get that purer silver cable makes little sense. Back to the task at hand. It was a surprise to see these cables being sold on NiceHCK web site and I got contacted soon thereafter to do a review for NiceHCK regarding these new 8 cored pure silver cables you can buy for a cool $40 spot, sometimes less depending on sales.
Which leads to my disclaimer. Ya I was flowed these cables for review purposes. You can buy you a set from here. Just so you know, I have no issues calling a spade a spade if a product I get is a bit on the gimpy side I will say so and why. Knowing this, I have to admit doing cable reviews is not as easy as you think. If the cables actually had no effect or benefit on your earphones than what is the purpose for their existence right? You might as well stick to your stock cables. Cables don’t drastically change how you hear your earphones. The sonic enhancements and changes are subtle however if you can get the right combination mix of a certain type of sound signature and the right cable, you get what we like to call synergy.

Synergistic aspects of cable rolling don’t mean just because you read a positive review it will match up perfectly with what you have. You have to have a good idea what you're aiming for in a sound enhancement using cables before you get yourself a cable. Best way to take something away from a cable review is read the sound description and what that particular cable has done for the host IEM it is attached to and the idea there is that it might do the same for your IEM especially if it is the same or similar type sound signature. Onward and upward.
Your pure silver cables and what it does for sonics are as follows. Silver provides the quickest signal path of any cable and this is a fact. What this speed does is it brings a clean window effect to your sonics. How this affects your earphones are your subtle details on your host earphones will be more cleaner clearer and you will get better detail retrieval of just about any earphone a silver cable is attached to. With that added detail level you get an expansion of stage perception as silver has a tendency to clean up more colored sounding earphones.

With the LitzPS Pro 8 we get your classic clean window effect when connected to your earphones. Cleaner, more detailed and better technicalities ensue for the host IEM. The earphone I used them on the most was my Penon Orb. It has a warm, smooth full bodied sound and some might complain that there is not enough treble emphasis on the tuning of the Orbs. With these silver cables I have no complaints at all for the treble. In fact treble comes in well balanced with the rest of the sound signature. One negative or positive depending on how you look at it is the overall tightening of the sonic signature which leads to better detail retrieval, better imaging, better stage and cleaner emphasis for the highs, tighter mid range and bass.

If your earphones have plenty of mids and bass emphasis with smooth treble as the Orbs do. Silver is the perfect match for a warmer fuller bodied sounding earphone. If your host phone already has a highly detailed resolving nature to the sound tuning. Using silver on these types of earphones makes little sense unless you prefer the brightest strident sound on the planet.
The build quality is never in question with NiceHCK cables. You might associate the shop with budget earphones but I will tell you there is nothing budget about their cables. In fact I hope to catch the eye of some of you guys that own higher end pure silver cables and give one of these cables a try for your next earphones. You just might realize your expensive pure silver cables are not the value you thought they were. The all metal accessories are solid as their plugs and connectors with a chin slider that actually works. These parts might not be “boutique.” but you aren’t paying boutique prices either. Functional clean and will last a good long while, I have no doubts about that.

The shiny tight weave of the LitzPS pro is very well done, soft, bendable, never heavy and you can tell it was a professional that made these cables. You're getting a much better build and components than what you're gonna pay to own a set. So what is the difference between the 4 core variant and the new pro 8 core version?
Going back and forth with the two cables reveal the reason why an 8 core variant exists. There is greater headroom and expansion of sonics with the 8 core version meaning sound becomes a bit larger with more fuller body of sound than the 4 core. Due to the more cores you're not exactly getting double the sound value here but it does make a difference with better depth and expansion of head stage, better sense of space overall from the host IEM vs the 4 core version. Bass and vocals does seem to have a bit more presence as a result. If that seem worth it to you to get an 8 core version for double the pay of the 4 core version. Than it will be worth it.
The 8 cored version here is clearly pushing a value statement. Where you gonna get a Litz pure silver cable that is an actual Litz pure silver cable in 8 cores for $40? Beyond the value, what silver cables do for your dull sounding earphones is like taking a power washer to your dirty car. It is always good to have a set of pure silver cables for your earphones especially if you own more than a few sets. As always thanks for taking the time to read and always happy listening.
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Have you tried their graphene cable. $100 right now.
will take a look. Thanks


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