NiceHCK EP10

General Information


1. Product Name: Original NICEHCK EP10 In-ear Earphone
2. Brand: NICEHCK
3. Model: EP10
4. Earphone type: In-ear
5. Impedance: 32Ω
6. Earphone sensitivity: 95 ±3 dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
8. Interface: 3.5mm Gilded
9. Plug Type: Line type
10.Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm
11.Color: Black, Silver
12.Whether with mic: Optional
13.Driver unit: Single 10mm Dynamic driver unit (Diaphragm material is PET and PEN mixed)



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Pros: Great and engaging low end, wide soundstage, unique signature with a pleasant warm tone, great build quality and cable
Cons: fit is tricky, nozzles are short, highs could have a higher roll off
Hello everyone,
after some time spent with my EP10 I decided to write something about them.
These were found in the Fukubukuro that I’ve bought in November from the NiceHCK store.


You can buy the EP10 from the link below:

I just wanna remember that my impressions are subjective as listening experience may vary due to ear canal’s shape, ear ability, tips used, source and so on.

You can find me on

Tests were made through:
- Samsung galaxy S7 Edge with Neutron Music Player and Neutralizer
- AGPTEK m20 (Benjie S5)
- Presonus Audiobox iONE connected to the PC with all enhancements OFF

Drivers: 1 single DD driver (PET & PEN diaphgram)
Sensitivity: 95±3dB/mW
Impedance: 32ohm
Frequency response: 20-40000Hz
Cable lenght: 1.2m
Non-detachable cable with straight gold plated 3.5mm jack

Simple carton package. We find a NiceHCK hard carry case which contains the IEMs and two packets of eartips (3 normal pair of Spinfit-like tips and 2 pairs of double flange tips). Packaging is minimal but the carry case is really appreciated and the double flange tips are as well.

photo5765020737999056664.jpg photo5765020737999056646.jpg

Cable is great and you can feel the good quality while touching it.
I have two versions of the EP10 and the silver version seems having a softer cable (black cable) compared to the copper-colored cable’s one, even if the cables are identical. There’s a very useful chin slider that allows us to adjust the length of the splitted cable after the V and this is really appreciated as most of the earphones in this price range doesn’t feature it.
Cable ends with a straight gold plated 3.5mm jack.
It is possible to choose the mic version too.
The pics taken show the non-mic version of the EP10.

photo5765020737999056647.jpg photo5765020737999056645.jpg

Shell is completely made by reflecting metal and it’s really well built.
The shell features 4 little holes on its back which help the dynamic driver taking some air and one in the beginning of the nozzle in order to prevent driver flex.
The anti-wax grill is there and it’s made of metal as well.
L and R informations are printed on the shells for the left and right channel.
The EP10 feature a 10mm dynamic driver that should give glory to the low end at first impact.

photo5765020737999056642.jpg photo5765020737999056643.jpg photo5765020737999056644.jpg

All seems excellent till now but now it’s time to say what isn’t or better saying.. it’s time to make some warnings.
Comfort is really subjective: i didn’t find a good compromise on how to wear these and I do not advice these IEMs to people who don’t want to spend their time for some tip rolling.
EP10 are really tip sensitive so you really have to find a good combination with the tips if you wanna enjoy your listening experience 100%.
The IEMs have nothing wrong but the nozzle is really short and many tips are just not made for a so short nozzle. That being said, you could even find the stock tips to be ok and it will probably be just like that, but I wasn’t so lucky.
Isolation is good as soon as you get a good fitting with the right tips.

Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum'n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they're not at a headache level.
V-shape signature with good soundstage and airy sound is my favourite one.

Lows: Excellent. It’s the star of the show in the EP10. Response is deep with good impact. Sub bass is well extended and they’re always there when needed with a top notch rumble that can be difficult to find even in more expensive IEMs.
Kicks are well bodied and fast with good resolution.
Bass sounds full and not intrusive, with good definition.

Mids: Voice presentation is really natural with a warm timbre that gives a great feeling.
Mid-bass has a little lift that. Mids are laidback and some synhts are left behind but still keeps a good level of detail. Low end keeps the stage while the rest of instruments take a place in the backseat even in complex and much layered tracks.
The warm tone really helps male voices and the upper mid helps voices coming out a little bit more, as they’re not really intimate.

Highs: Treble rolls off too early, but there’s a fair amount of detail.
Highs have a soft warm tone and can be a real deal for treble sensitive people.
Everything sounding in this frequency range is smooth but I would have preferred a higher roll-off in order to get some more sparkle.
This is obviously a tuning decision so it’s intended in the sound signature choice.

Soundstage is really wide with average depth and height.
Three-dimensionality is ok but could be even better with a bit more depth.
Instrument separation is fairly good, imaging is precise.
I do not have an amplifier in order to test if it can improve the sound on these. If you have one you can try amping these and see if they benefit from amping.

NiceHCK offers a real “new” product with a unique tuning that is well built and features a great cable offering us an appreciated carry case as well.
EP10 can be an awesome choice for those who listen to bass heavy music, moreover if you listen to dark genres like Dark downtempo, midtempo, tribal trap and other heavy edm subgenres.
They aren’t certainly made to be all-rounders but its unique signature makes them really interesting even because it’s nearly impossible to find something tuned like the EP10 in this price range.
I wouldn’t advice these to people like me instead: I like fun sounding earphones but I really need sparkling highs which these do not feature (this speaking about the earphones without an amplifier).
Pros: price to performance ratio
relaxing sound
decent build quality and accessories
Cons: fit issues
average isolation
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Vox Sonitus Audio Reviews is not affiliated with NICEHCK in any manner. I do not receive any cash incentives, rewards, or anything from them. This review is my non-biased comprehension and appreciation of the said in ear monitor.

Appreciating music does not need lots of money. Regular consumers looking for a good sounding iem need not to buy the latest from Campfire Audio or any other well known audio company that is sure to rip out every penny from one’s wallet. Thankfully, there are lots of iems in the sub-20$ price range that can bring joy to even a seasoned audiophile. Though some of them can have severe recession in the spectrum, resulting in an unsatisfactory listening experience, every once in a while there comes an iem that is worth the cheap price you pay it for.

The product we’ll be reading about today is an iem from NICEHCK, the EP10. They are very cheap, costing only around 15$. Please keep that in mind while reading this review, so as to avoid comparison with top tier gears. You can buy them here.

Personal Preferences:

  • Packaging is important. First impressions can last a long time.
  • I do not have a specific genre that I listen to. The songs I listen to differ greatly from billboard tops to old classics, pop, rock, edm, acoustics, alternatives, metal, and all of its sub-genres. I incline listening to metal music, specifically to power metal, death metal, and the likes.
  • I enjoy variety of sound signatures, ranging from bright analytical, balanced with only a slight dip in mids, neutral warm, and neutral bright. I generally lean to neutral-bright sound signature, with a certain degree of analytical sound. I dislike over powering bass, as it is the least enjoyable, for me, in my experience listening to music.
  • I prefer iems over earbuds, earbuds over headphones.

  • Shanling M3s as DAC (PC)
  • Shanling M3s as DAP
  • Zishan Z1 + OPA1692 as DAC (PC and my phone) and dap
  • Zishan Z1 + Muses02 as DAC (PC and my phone) and dap
  • Sony NW-A45
  • iBasso DX120

  1. Driver: Single 11mm PET Dynamic driver
  2. Impedance: 32Ω
  3. Earphone sensitivity: 95 ±3 dB/mW
  4. Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
  5. Jack- 3.5mm
  6. Cable length: 1.2m
  7. Color options: Black, Silver
  8. Mic: Optional

The packaging of the EP10 is very simple. It comes in a white box that has the company NICEHCK branding, the iem’s design outline, and the product name up front.

The sides of the box display contact information in Twitter and Facebook, and color and with or without mic.

The backside of the box displays product specifications written on different languages

Upon opening the box, the buyer is greeted with a black carrying case that has the NICEHCK branding on top of it.

Inside the carrying case is the iem, together with 3 sizes of silicone tips and 2 biflange tips.

In total, the buyer receives the following:

  1. NICEHCK EP10 iem with stock tips
  2. 3 sizes of silicone tips (s,m.l)
  3. 2 biflange tips
  4. Carrying case
For 15$, the EP10 has decent packaging, though there is nothing special about the unboxing experience. They went for the total budget oriented experience, but did not fail to deliver in terms of accessories, even including biflange tips and a soft carrying case.


Unlike some of the low end iems that I have tried, the EP10’s have metal housed drivers that are polished for that slick look. There are three bass ports at the backside of the shell. Left and right markings are observable in the inside part of the shell, where another bassport can be located. The stout nozzle has decent grooving that allows most of my collection of tips to stick to it. There is a small strain relief that extends about a centimeter from the stem.

The cable is a non-detachable 4 core copper cable wrapped in semi-translucent black TPU. The cable is soft and does not retain bends. It has fine braiding from the drivers towards the splitter. There is an observable chin slider.

The splitter is black aluminum with the EP10 branding on it. The braid from the splitter towards the 3.5mm plug is uniform

The 3.5mm plug is goldplated with the NICEHCK branding imprinted on it. There is also an observable strain relief.

Keeping in mind about the price of the EP10, it is safe to say that the build quality is much more than expected. It has an all metal driver that will withstand much of the everyday commute. The cable, although not detachable, does not retain much of the bends. Overall, NICEHCK did a pretty good job for the build.

Fit and Comfort:

The form factor of these iems makes it difficult to have a complete fit. The nozzle could have been longer to achieve this. Thankfully, a variety of aftermarket tips can fix this issue, though I strongly suggest trying out their stock tips first, so as to avoid spending more for such a low priced iem.

After getting a solid fit using the large eartips, they still felt uncomfortable, mainly due to the short nozzle. However, when on long term rides, one can get used to its fit without being too annoyed at most times. The faceplate does not touch the ear conch. The long stem does not touch the ear lobe and does not bother too much with the entirety of the fit.


Isolation on the EP10 is average using the stock tips. Even the biflange tips do not succeed in isolating much of the background noise.


Tips of choice: I used the large eartips as these provide the best seal of all the stock tips. I did not bother trying other aftermarket tips, staying true to being budget friendly

The EP10 has a neutral warm sound with more emphasis in the mid bass region for that added thump. For 15$, the EP10 actually sounds good and can compete with the other iems at the budget-oriented market.

Bass –

The EP10 has solid bass performance, with midbass being its core strength. Mid bass is thumpy and strong with a good amount of weight to its presentation. Sub bass has decent rumble with average extension, though it is not of basshead quality. Upper bass has fair tonality but still has audible notes to it.

Mids –

Vocals are average in performance. There is little coloration, with both male and female vocals being warmer than usual and having more weight to its presentation, mainly due to the EP10’s warm sound signature. There is no audible sibilance in this region.

The same goes with instruments in the mids. They are lush to a certain degree maintaining its warm sound. Alabama Shake’s Don’t Wanna Fight lacks crisp sounding electric guitars in this iem, but instead has a warm presentation with lush strums and vocals.

Highs –

The highs do not shine in the EP10, but I would not call them recessed. They do lack detail and much needed clarity, but that is a price one would be willing to sacrifice in this price range. NICEHCK tuned these iems so that they will not sound fatiguing for long listening sessions, and they succeeded with their endeavor.


Soundstage –

There is a little bit of soundstage to these iems, though not as wide as higher tier iems. The width is decent, with excellent distinction. There is little to no vertical clearance. It feels like being in a tight room. Audio is up front, but does not sound like the treble is being slapped onto your face, thanks to its warm nature. Also, these iems can handle busy tracks very well without congestion.

Imaging –

Imaging is average. There is nothing special in EP10’s imaging. It can point out where audio is coming from very accurately with little error.

Select comparisons –

Vs KZ ZST: The ZST has a cheap plastic build, as compared to EP10’S metal housing. The ZST does have removable cables. EP10 sounds more warm and smooth. The ZST can be quiet fatiguing for the average consumer, compared to the EP10. ZST has more clarity on the highs region than EP10

VS KZ ZS3: ZS3, again, has a cheap plastic build and detachable cable. Both iems have a warm nature, with the EP10 sounding more decent, as it does not sound too muddy compared to the ZS3. EP10 can handle busier tracks more effectively than the ZS3.

VS KZ ZSN: Though ZSN has a plastic shell, it does have an aluminum faceplate partnered with a detachable cable. ZSN has a more balanced approach while still having lush presentation in its vocals. ZSN has more soundstage.

VS Rock Zircon: The Rock Zircon has a more superior ceramic housing, though its cable is rubberized that can get sticky over time. Both have a warm sound, but the Rock Zircon can have peaks in higher mids that can be bothersome for long term use.


For 15$, the EP10 is quiet decent. The accessories that come with the iem are adequate, even coming with a soft carrying case. The build quality is great. It has a metal housing that will make it survive the abuse of commute. The cable, although not detachable, is finely braided and surprisingly well built.

Its sound is not the most detailed in its price range, but its warm presentation makes it smooth to listen to during long sessions, making this iem a decently cheap everyday carry. Though it would not outweigh much of the competition, these sound way better than stock iems that come with consumer’s phones.
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Pros: Excellent build quality, metal body with good fit and finish
Great sound for unbelievably cheap
Good soundstage and imaging
Beautiful cable
Cons: Nothing for the price
3kHz peak boost might trouble some
My background- I am a professional musician, producer and audio engineer with experience in the performing, recording and pro-audio industry. I test products on a technical and musical level and try to write reviews as simple as possible from a music fan's perspective.

Disclaimer- I would like to thank Jim from NiceHCK for sending me a review sample for an honest review. I am not affiliated with NiceHCK in any way and write this review with my best unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

Genre preferences- I majorly listen to rock, acoustic, pop and metal genres and occasionally checkout EDM music which is doing the rounds on the radio and charts.

Reference Songs list-

1. Foo Fighters- The Pretender, Best of You & Everlong
2. Imagine Dragons- Radioactive & It’s Time
3. Coldplay- Paradise, Up in Flames & Everglong
4. Ed Sheeran- Thinking out loud, Bloodstream & Galway Girl
5. Gavin James- Always & Hearts on Fire
6. John Mayer- Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Stop this Train & Say
7. Switchfoot- Meant to live & Dare You to Move
8. Linkin Park- Papercut, One Step Closer & Somewhere I belong
9. Maroon 5- She will be loved, Payphone & Lost Stars
10. Our Lady Peace- Innocent & Do you like it
11. I Am Giant- Transmission
12. Porcupine Tree- Halo, Blackest eyes & Trains
13. Karnivool- Simple Boy & Goliath
14. Dead Letter Circus- Real You
15. Lamb of God- Redneck & Laid to Rest


Driver: Single 11mm PET Dynamic driver
2 Impedance: 32Ω
3. Frequency Range: 20-20kHz
4. Earphone sensitivity: 95 ±3 dB/mW
5. Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
6. Jack- 3.5mm
7. Cable length: 1.2m
8. Color options: Black, Silver
9. Mic: Optional

You can place an order from the NiceHCK Store on Aliexpress with the link below,

Included in the box-

1. EP10
2. Zipped carry case
3. 3 pairs of silicone ear tips
4. 2 pairs of flange tips

81548765962_.pic.jpg 91548765964_.pic.jpg 111548765966_.pic.jpg 121548765967_.pic.jpg

I am writing this review keeping its price in mind. I think one should keep their expensive earphone snobbery away from earphones which cost this low.

Build Quality- The build quality of EP10 is great for the price. The earbuds and nozzles are both made of metal and are polished for a shiny appearance. They have a good weight to them and feel solid and sturdy. They are available in two colors, Silver and Black (Looks more like dark grey). The cable is a 4-strand braided one which splits into 2 strands for each side. It is stiff enough to not tangle and feels quite solid. It’s also beautiful to look at. I am just amazed at the quality to price ratio.

Fit and Comfort- The fit is like Apple earpods. It does not go into the ear canal. As a result, isolation isn’t great. I generally use medium silicone ear tips with my IEMs but had to switch to large with these. With the large tips, I got a comfortable fit and even though these have a good heft to them, they felt quite light and easy to wear. But like every earpod design, I was boosting the volume more than required to hear sound clearly over the background noise which isn’t good for the ears.

Sound- Cutting it short, I’ll say that they sound really good for the price. When I was first plugging them in, I had very little expectations because of them being an earpod shaped $15 earphone. As soon as I plugged them in, I was blown away. They sounded great and I was intrigued to test them further. As usual, I took them through the whole set list I’ve posted above.

Since they have a 32 Ohm impedance, they have to be driven a little harder, but can easily be driven by the average smartphone or DAP, whichever you choose.

Please hear Our Lady Peace’s track called ‘Do you like it’ with your earphone. I love the intro kick drum and snare sound. That’s the song I always use to check kick attack and snare slam. EP 10 makes them sound great with good attack. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Remember, EP 10 is $15! The sub-bass slam and mid bass attack is great. I would have preferred a bit more of mid bass clarity though. It bleeds a bit into the lower mids. So that crossover region is a little cluttered. I Am Giant’s ‘Transmission’ bass goes deep and you hear the notes very clearly. All in all, great for the price.

Mids- Lower mids are a bit dominated by the mid bass. I would’ve liked a little more of the lower mids and some warmth but they still sound natural and make snare’s body sound good. Upper mids are better and they push the vocals right up in the front. Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Chris Martin’s voices in their ballad songs sound soothing with good presence. Gavin James’ voice in ‘Always’ sounds clear and crisp, making you want to sing along in the chorus. Piano timbre sounds natural with good attack in songs like Coldplay’s Up in Flames and Chris’ voice sounds nice and intimate, how it’s supposed to.

Treble- We have to get one con out of the way first in the treble region. There is a peak around the presence region of 3kHz which might jump out in songs. Besides that, the treble is mostly smooth. Falsettos sound good and acoustic guitar’s tonality is well presented. John Mayer’s ‘Stop this train’ acoustic sounds natural and has good definition. Shakers and Tambourines are presented well without sounding too intrusive. Sibilant region of 7.5-10Khz is well controlled too.

Soundstage, Imaging and Separation-
Again, for the price, the soundstage and imaging are very good. My default track for this test, Switchfoot’s ‘Meant to Live’s’ intro guitars are spaced well apart in the image and the whole track sounds coherent. The depth is not very deep but reverb trails are clear and well heard. Separation for the price is very good too. Tracks did not sound congested at all.

In the end, I’d say that I was pleasantly surprised with EP10’s performance. I started with no expectations at all and was immediately blown away with the price to performance ratio. Of course, when paying $15, you cannot expect it to sound like a $200 IEM. But if you want a good set of earphones on the cheap that will deliver really good sound, tonality and also come with a microphone, you don’t have to settle for cheap earphones which sound like listening to a broken radio. And for that reason, I am giving it a 4.5/5.

Give the EP10 a shot. It’s just $15, it's a no brainer. They will amaze you! :)


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