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NiceHCK EB2S (4.4) Review!
Pros: - One of the best Chi-Fi mass-produced earbuds I have heard under 20 USD as of now.
- Fatigue-free, easy-to-listen-with sound signature.
- Bodied sound for an earbud.
- Slightly forward, intimate mids (subjective)
- Excellent technical performance under 20USD.
- Very good fit and comfort.
- Sturdy lightweight build.
- Easy to be driven to its full potential despite sporting an LCP driver.
- Very good amount of accessories for this price. A pouch and cable winder will always be a sweet treat!
Cons: - Those people who like a fun, energetic sound signature might want to stay away from this.
- Long-time IEM users may find the sound of these “lacking weight” as this is an earbud.
- Actually, for this asking price, there is practically none. Any negatives will be said here will just be a nitpick for this price.

NiceHCK EB2S (4.4) Review!

Good day! After 5 days of casual and critical listening, here’s my written review for the NiceHCK EB2S. NiceHCK ME80’s thicker cousin!

  • I bought this unit with my own money at Shopee. Rest assured that this review will be free from any bias/es as much as possible.
  • The following remarks and observations shall be made and owned only by me.
  • No monetary compensation is/was involved before, during, and after the period of creation of this review.
  • Your mileage may (and always, will) vary.
Another Disclaimer: What I will be reviewing is the EB2S Pink Version with the 4.4mm plug. My experience with my unit may or may not differ from the other reviews (particularly those reviews that has the 3.5mm plug version) you may have seen online due to the balanced output’s additional juice of power, but there should be a common ground for the most part. With that being said, I will only be testing this EB2S with my VE MEGATRON USB DAC since I do not have an adapter yet to test it with my other sources.

Burn-in time: 5-10 hours per day, 5 days.

Source/s used:
  • Hidizs AP80 (connected via MEGATRON DAC)
  • Local Files via Foobar and Roon, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Qobuz.

IEM/Earbud/Setup configuration: Stock foams, stock cable, any form of EQ or MSEB off, 40-60% volume, both high and low gain, with and without extra amplification.

Sound signature:
  • The NiceHCK EB2S shares the same quality to its slightly look-alike cousin, the ME80, in terms of resolution and immersiveness. However, their sound signatures are different. The EB2S sports a balanced with a tinge of warmth sound signature. As a result, the sound is fatigue free while keeping the details clean. Do take note, this is not a “killer” or any mind-blowing type of earbud in terms of sound quality. It’s just that it sounds really good for its price.
  • The lows here are present but not as elevated when compared to the Faaeal Iris Ancestor or the Yincrow X6. Despite being present, it only contributes to the overall sound’s thickness. Midbass is dominant over the subbass and packs a thick but not too deep type of punch. Decay leans to the average, more of a natural type of decay. Therefore, basshead-level tracks here such as Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” or Katy Perry’s “Harleys in Hawaii” may sound lacking in sub bass rumble for bassheads, but will definitely never make the overall sound dry for most tracks such as pop, rock, or even some metal.
  • The EB2S’ mids are what I would call “perfect” in this price point, or even up to 40 USD range. It is slightly forward and never got recessed even on busy tracks during my tests. While being slightly forward in mids, it kept the body and depth thick to give it body and musicality. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith’s voices here sounded thick and well-detailed. Upper mids here are also slightly forward and are the same level as the lower mids in terms of presence. It may sound intimate at times but never lacked any air or depth. There are no instances of peaks or sibilance here in the EB2S, making it very suitable for long listening sessions while keeping it detailed at the same time.
  • The highs here are almost “linear” with decent extension, clarity and air. People who are looking for sparkly, elevated treble may want to look for somewhere else as this earbud does not have it. Despite being not too extended, the EB2S still managed to deliver an above-average detail retrieval for its asking price as I can hear nuances in Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and NIKI’s “Indigo” easily.
Soundstage, Imaging, and separation:
  • The soundstage here is wide for an earbud, has an above-average of expansion, and shares the same amount of immersiveness as what the ME80 had before it got discontinued. Separation here is also above average and handled my complex test tracks such as ONE OK ROCK’s “Mikansei Koukyoukyoku” and Aimer’s “Zankyosanka” fairly easily. Imaging and layering here is also precise and can render vocal and instrument positioning clearly.

  • One of the best Chi-Fi mass-produced earbuds I have heard under 20 USD as of now.
  • Fatigue-free, easy-to-listen-with sound signature.
  • Bodied sound for an earbud.
  • Slightly forward, intimate mids (subjective)
  • Excellent technical performance under 20USD.
  • Very good fit and comfort.
  • Sturdy lightweight build.
  • Easy to be driven to its full potential despite sporting an LCP driver.
  • Very good amount of accessories for this price. A pouch and cable winder will always be a sweet treat!
  • Those people who like a fun, energetic sound signature might want to stay away from this.
  • Long-time IEM users may find the sound of these “lacking weight” as this is an earbud.
  • Actually, for this asking price, there is practically none. Any negatives will be said here will just be a nitpick for this price.

I have regretted that I sold my NiceHCK ME80 a long time ago just because it did not fit me well without foams. From that time I have looked everywhere for it despite it being discontinued for quite some time now. But after hearing the sound of this NiceHCK EB2S, I stopped looking for it because the sound of this is overall better for me and it is more suited to be an all rounder compared to its older discontinued cousin. I fully recommend this earbud for people who do not like the fit of an IEM but still want to experience an all-rounder, balanced, smooth, fatigue-free, thick sound quality. As for my unit, I may purchase an adapter next time for me to use it with my other sources, but that is a problem for another time.

Pairing recommendation/s:
  • Source: The NiceHCK EB2S is fairly easy to be driven to its full potential. A neutral or a warmer source will do.
  • Earbud Foams: Donut foams will make it sound more open and less warm, offering a balanced sound profile.
Thank you for reading!

Additional Photos:




Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: -laid back balanced signature
-smooth yet dynamic enough
-musical and versatile
-natural timbre
-full sounding male and female vocals
-good layering and resolution
-good sound value
Cons: -bass lack definition and impact
-soundstage is average for an earbuds (especially deepness)
-sound a bit blurry overall smoothed in edge
-attack lack snap, sparkle, decay, weight

TONALITY: 8.2/10

NiceHCK is a touch-everything Chi-Fi seller that begin to create it’s own IEM and earbuds some years ago, he’s mostly know for it’s NX7 serie which were hybrid IEM, but as well for it’s great sounding earbuds like EB2 and EBX. Today I will review it’s latest earbuds release, the EB2S, which is the first earbuds to use a LCP (liquid crystal polymer) dynamic driver, the new DD fashion in chifi lately due to Moondrop Aria appraisal. Is it just exotic tech gimmick? Let’s see in this short review.



While the cable feel cheap and at risk to dry and break, the shell have a great elegant design and good metal built. The ”horn shape” of the shell permit a rather good fit for earbuds, at least in my case. It have a back hole, but I don’t think it’s truely half open back earbuds. In term of package, it’s strict minimum, a random carrying pouch and minimal earbuds tips.



Tonality is smooth balanced neutral, with hint of bass warmth and extra focus on mid range presence. It sound open, relaxed yet near mid centric if it wasn’t for this slight treble airyness.

Technicalities are quite impressive for an earbud of this price range, especially sens of layering, which is free and open. Transient speed isn’t bad too, so it can deal with busy jazz and doesn’t get muddy messy, but still lack a bit of sharp definition to make it truely exciting. Attack weight is the issue here, we don,t feel the note fall, so let say sloppy yet clean dynamic?

Bass isn’t what i would call well rounded even if natural enough in texture and with minimal slam, the mid bass punch is shallow in definition and impact so kick drum feel too soft and warm blurry, separation with mids is more about smooth transition with hint of extra warmth that benefit mids body in a organic way.

Mids are the best part for me, vocal are natural, lush and free of sibilance, tone is right, though snap isn’t there as well as excitment. Their an analog feel to overall sound, and as said above, the sounds layers have good extraction so instrument add up on each other in layers in an appealing fluidity. Laid back, yet greatly present, i find mid range very appealing and immersive. Both male and female vocal sound full enough and this is a big plus and great sign of well balanced tuning.

Treble too is good, but a bit unique, it’s light yet not thin or half done, just smoothed in edge and with a small extra boost in 8khz region (?) for extra air. Brilliance and sparkle are there but cut short, clavichord will lack a bit of energy, but will still sound right. I would not call the treble very extended, but it can still deliver interesting texture nuance and micro details, just not in a fowarded way. So, this make the EB2S even more immersive, in the sens, when you wanna dig for new sound info, you will at least find some.

Soundstage is average wide and tall for an earbuds, deepness is more problematic here, since its very minimal, more like your in front of two big deskop speaker near to each other and that will benefit from a sub-woofer.

Imaging is above average for the price, thanks to decent transparency and good layering, you can easily spot stereo placement, but it will not be very precise in central instrument separation, since space isn’t crisp nor ultra clean or wide.

Extra subjective appreciation:

Firstly, i wasn’t expecting this type of signature…don’t know why i was thinking it would be a warm bassy earbuds since it ISN’T at all. It’s a lively well balanced W shape with mids and treble emphasis, which sound open and airy with good but not forced bright resolution. It doesn’t sound like a cheap earbuds and attack speed and control and overall technicalities are very impressive for the price, especially imaging.

To note that with earbuds, choice of foam type will greatly inflict on sound, in a different way than IEM since full foam will darken and warm the sound and some time thicken the bass too. I always use DONUT FOAM because its the compromise between no foam and full foam, you got the fit and you keep clarity clean and soundstage openess.

So, these remind me of something in between Mrz Tomahawk and NiceHCK EBX, bot earbuds with very open soundstage and hint bright tonality. The EB2S is very impressive when it come to dealing with wtv music type you throw at them, right now I test ”Abraxical Solapse” track from THE PHYSIC HOUSE BAND, which we could put into Metal category (or hardcore math rock), with lotta IEM and buds, this is just unlistenable due to cymbals splash that got too hot, here it excellent, no splashyness, treble is well balanced without harsh spike, sens of transparency permit a cohesive yet well resolve instruments presence, we have just enough texture so electric guitar doesn’t sound dull or too scooped in energy. Kick drum lack a bit of weight and roundness but have well define and resolve punch. What I mean here, is that EB2S can deal with fast busy track without going too messy, in less complex passage we enter eargasm territory.

In term of timbre, its a bit brightish and for violin and female vocal i would love a bit more warmth and density, but this would affect resolution.

I do think the hype is justify around the EB2S, for the price, it’s among the best earbuds in term of technicalities and tonal balance is excellent, near neutral yet not boring.


The NiceHCK EB2S are a big step up over it’s EB2 little brother, especially in naturalness, balance and resolution. I’ts an extremely versatile earbuds that work with any style of music, yet, doesn’t boost the fun factor due to lack of bass authority. For a laid back, fatigue free long listen pleasure, the EB2S have a smooth immersity that can become addictive in the long run, it’s a ”jack of all trade master of none” earbuds that doesn’t sound boring even if it’s balance is mature.
Those and the EBX are my favorite NiceHCK earbuds. NICE!


PS: I wanna thanks NiceHCK for sending me these earbuds after I manifest them my curiosity due the exotic LCP drivers they use. I’m not affiliated nor have any compensation for this review.

You can buy the EB2S for 27-28$ directly from official NiceHCK store here:

For more honnest reviews, please give a look to my NO BORDERS AUDIOPHILE audio review blog:
hello friend, it's been so long... i was wondering if you still hold your opinion on the nicehck eb2s? Do you have another recommendation on budget ear buds?


500+ Head-Fier
A Successful Revision
Pros: Great mids, remarkable bass.
- Relatively warm sound, very pleasant.
- Wide, open and expansive soundstage.
- Excellent design and construction.
- Outstanding price/performance ratio.
Cons: Treble too shaded.
- Lack of brilliance and sparkle.
- Slightly hazy feeling which limits the level of transparency.
- Few accessories.

It is clear that the surprises from NiceHCK do not come alone. If previously the DB1s were a successful entry into the affordable IEMS range, now it's the EB2Ss that are doing the same. It is true that they are not as economical, but with a current price of around 30€, they are still at a very attractive level. It is worth remembering that their previous model, the EB2, was already reviewed by me a little over two years ago. I remember when it was very common back then for a zipped case to come as an accessory. Times are different and now, in its place comes a waifu and less foam. Times have changed, but the sound has improved, and so has the quality control. That initial version had a metal design and a small conical capsule. The current model retains the elongated metal spigot, but has a more contemporary and refined capsule. It is noticeable that there has been an evolution towards a model that is more elaborate in its creation, with better design details. It is true that they are a little bigger, but, without a doubt, the new EB2S are a step above in beauty and elegance, as well as in design. We will go into detail on the rest of the issues, as well as their sound, in this review.

NiceHCK EB2S 01_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 02_r.jpg


  • Driver Type: 15.4mm dynamic driver with LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm, with N50 magnetic circuit.
  • Frequency Response: 20-25kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/mw
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Capsule material: Aluminium alloy.
  • Cable material: High purity OFC.
  • Jack connector: 3.5mm SE.
  • Cable length: approx. 1.2m.

NiceHCK EB2S 03_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 04_r.jpg


The NiceHCK EB2S come in a medium-sized box with dimensions 129x98x30mm. As usual, unfortunately, an anime girl covers almost the entire front side. The brand logo is in the top left corner, while the product description and product name is in the top right corner. The ink used for the logo is holographic, while the model is written in clear green ink. On the back side, only the logo is visible in the centre. Below is the same model description, along with the specifications and the manufacturer's contact details. After removing the outer cellophane, you can see that the outer cover is a sliding cardboard at the narrowest part. After doing so, a card appears, just like the main side. Underneath are the EB2S, embedded in a white foam mould. At the bottom is a flap with the brand logo in the centre. Underneath are the rest of the accessories. They are as follows:

  • The EB2S.
  • Three pairs of complete foams.
  • A user's guide.
  • A certificate of guarantee.
  • A cloth pouch.

It is clear that the current trend is waifus, cloth bags and few foams. I miss the old days.

NiceHCK EB2S 05_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 06_r.jpg

Construction and Design

The NiceHCK EB2S have an attractive and eye-catching design. They are available in two colours, green and black, with and without microphone. The model chosen for this review is the green model without microphone. I must say that I really like the shade of green, as well as the sandblasted microphone surface. The earbuds are made of aluminium alloy and are lightweight. A straight metal spike runs through the capsule. On the upper edge there is a red or blue groove to indicate the side. The capsule has a fairly cylindrical rear part, with large openings near the outer edge. Inside is a piece of gilded brass with a conical hole in its centre. Its outer part is ringed with micro-grooves. The cone of the capsule flares out to the emitting face. Its rim is black and the grille is micro-perforated metal. Near this rim and the lower spike, there is another groove. The model name can be read horizontally along this spike in white letters near the cone. On the lower edge is the lettering indicating the channel, vertically.
In terms of dimensions, the rear cone has a diameter of 8.5mm. The spike has a diameter of 4mm and a length of almost 27mm. The maximum diameter of the capsule is close to 17mm and the thickness at its edge is less than 5mm. The length of the capsule from the grille to the rear cone is slightly more than 17mm.
The cable comes free from each spigot. There is a small, cylindrical, black plastic pin, depressed in the centre. The splitter piece is metallic. It is a kind of cylinder that widens abruptly at its upper edge, which is gold-coloured. The jack connector sleeve is angled and black, a small dark cylinder attached to a rubber elbow which serves to protect the cable connection. The cable has a transparent, slightly rigid plastic sleeve, which has a subtle memory effect. From the splitter to the plug, the cable is double-stranded and both strands are joined together. The copper inside looks dark and is high purity OFC. It has a velcro strap with the brand name on it, for pick up.
Good construction, good design, in my opinion, superior to the small EB2. It has a more robust feel, with a very attractive surface finish.

NiceHCK EB2S 07_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 08_r.jpg

Adjustment and Ergonomics

It seems that earbuds have no development in this respect, but this is not true. Small variations can make a substantial change in both fit and sound. The cone of the EB2S has a curve that makes it easy to fit in the earcup, and despite the diameter of the driver, it fits easily and firmly inside the earcup. At least in my case. They also allow a slight rotation inside, an adjustment I often make to experience sound changes. Another great advantage is their light weight, even though they are metallic, they are not noticeable and this increases comfort, allowing a long lasting fit. Well designed.

NiceHCK EB2S 09_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 10_r.jpg



The NiceHCK EB2S have a warm, two-thirds profile, something like a ¬. The treble is comparatively muted. Thus, both the bass and the midrange stand out more.

NiceHCK EB2S 11_r.jpgNiceHCK EB2S 12_r.jpg


The warmth of the EB2S is expressed in its mid-bass emphasis. Here, their sonority is not affected by the subtle sub-bass colouring. As usual, the low end is heard rather than felt. But I must applaud its fast and precise execution, with a tight and rather dry punch. This helps the LFO playback to have a fairly realistic vibe, considering they are earbuds and at this price point. I've heard worse IEMS in testing pure low-frequency tones, even more expensive. This remarkable level of reproduction is felt in several aspects: the capsule plays a big role in conveying naturalness throughout the development of bass notes. For example, the old EB2 suffered from its small size, which did not allow the bass to develop properly. This is not the case with this model. The capsule is very well dimensioned and internally generates no unwanted effects. Of course, the driver is also crucial in this respect, as are the properties of its diaphragm. But I think it is the combination of these elements that elevates the final result. And this is a low end that enjoys good technicality, speed and precision, a decay that is also fast and with very little aftertaste. The bass gumminess is just enough for enjoyment and also to develop a roughness that allows texture beyond smoothness. It's not a sound for bass-heads, but it does enter the realm of bass-lovers, at least in terms of its audiophile grade and good presence, as well as its realistic and suitably natural tone. Add to this the driver's ability to render complex bass without smearing it, expertly defining it, a high level of resolution, layering and cleanliness, and it scores a B-plus. It is not easy to find bass in earbuds as well articulated as these EB2S.

NiceHCK EB2S 13_r.jpg


The great competence of the bass allows for a good transition into the mid-range, where only warmth escapes to accompany the mid-range. Skill in the representation of this range persists, and there is a good amount of fullness in the first half, which adds body and density, but without overhanging projection. There is a point of restraint that matches the vocal range with the instrumentation, avoiding presential over-exposure and bold proximity. This fact means that the EB2S cannot be considered mid-centric, as its balance between bass and midrange gives it a more balanced, complete and complex profile. And in between, it exudes a good deal of clarity and a good deal of transparency value. These are not brilliant earbuds, nor are they emphasised in the mid-high range, but they are far from muddy. In this sense, they are hardly dark at all, beyond their warmth, avoiding a sound that is softer or muddier than it should be. This aptitude avoids losing too many technicalities and details. This is how the EB2S reach a remarkable level of dynamics, achieving a background of adequate darkness, a good capacity of expressiveness, exposing a quite competent degree of definition and resolution, standing out from the average, but without entering into analytical terrain. Just enough to avoid falling into a monotonous musicality, a cohesive sound with a low descriptive range. Undoubtedly, this is a good compendium of qualities, which raises the level of these earbuds beyond their price range.

NiceHCK EB2S 14_r.jpg


The upper zone is the least represented range and the lack of better development is what prevents the EB2S from being considered excellent. The first half is nuanced and rounded. I miss a bolder flare that cleans up the background, offers more of a sense of separation and, of course, a more prominent sparkle. Sparkle is limited, something that limits the perception of detail or higher definition/resolution. But there is an ability not to drop a blunt sound, which penalises the rest of the band. It is, without doubt, a support band, rather than a show-off band. There is a hint of a more exalted point, which adds more delicate notes and nuances in the harmonics. But, in general, the performance is restrained and the fringe does not have the thrust, nor the prominent presence of mids or lows. Something more than testimonial.

NiceHCK EB2S 15_r.jpg

Soundstage, Separation

The open feel of the EB2S is based on the good design of the capsule, which gives it an almost excellent ability in this respect. The rear apertures support a semi-open approach, which allows for showcasing, enlargement and the perception of a large, expansive scene. The projection is not outstanding, because the roundness of the notes prevents it from reaching further. Nevertheless, the height is striking, as is the level of depth. The relative lack of air prevents a more transparent perception and superior separation. But this is never a congested sound, not at all, but well articulated, spacious, fluid and free. In this sense, the stage is a strength of the EB2S, generating a considerable degree of dimensionality and structure, but without becoming unnatural. The result is a smoothly immersive and pleasing sound, suitable for very long listening, whether for music, film or series, just to take advantage of these qualities.

NiceHCK EB2S 16_r.jpg


Smabat M0

Without a doubt, the Smabat M0 are one of my favourite earbuds and a reference in this range. I consider myself a bass lover, and yet the M0s are not characterised by prominent bass. But they do have something that is available to very few: a great clarity and level of transparency. You could say that the EB2S are the warm brother of the M0. For those who don't like the brightest sound, the new NiceHCKs may be just what you're looking for. For everything else, I still prefer the M0s. It is true that in terms of construction and design, the EB2S are clearly superior. The M0s are detachable and that makes them not as robust as the NiceHCKs. But the big advantage of the M0s is that they have an MMCX connection.
As far as sound is concerned, the only area where the EB2S beat the M0s is in the bass. I gave the M0s a fairly low score in that range, but it was for quantity rather than quality. Tastes may vary over time and I see that the EB2S bass is not bad at all for earbuds of this price range. Now, I don't see that there is such a big gap between the two models in terms of bass. The EB2S have a slightly faster, more concise, better textured, juicier and slightly more present bass.
In the mid-range, the M0 sweeps away all the dirt that the EB2S can present. It is true that the M0s have more emphasis in the mid-highs and the EB2Ss, on the other hand, have more body and presence in the first half of the mid-range. That's the big difference, which is the superior clarity and transparency of the M0s, although the body is leaner. The background is more discernible and darker in the Smabat, they have better separation, definition and resolution. The EB2S have that haze that is typical of warm earbuds and there is no trace of that characteristic in the M0. Thus, details are better rendered, more visible. Smabats are richer in nuances and the high end has a lot to do with this. The treble is better represented in the M0s, while the EB2S is softer. The brightness of the Smabat is not fatiguing, but offers a liveliness that the NiceHCK lacks, as well as a superior descriptive ability.
The M0 scene is very good, supported by the superior separation compared to the EB2S. The NiceHCKs, on the other hand, have a more open feel. It is a different stage presentation, but both are good in this respect.
Not everything is black and white, nor is the superiority of M0 over EB2S clear. There are songs or genres of music that benefit from EB2S. A quick switch to M0s reveals these situations. It is clear that in music where more bass and upper midrange body is needed, the M0s will not be up to the competition of the EB2S.

NiceHCK EB2S 17_r.jpg


I think NiceHCK have got it absolutely right with the revision of the EB2 earbuds. They have improved in all aspects, including quality control and sound. The EB2S are better designed and built, very comfortable and have a warm sound, with great mids and remarkable bass. They have a large, open and expansive soundstage. Their weaknesses are the treble, which is too shaded for my personal taste and does not completely eliminate the haze in the sound. With more transparency and better treble, these would be excellent earbuds. But they are undoubtedly a great value for their price, a sure hit and one of the most attractive and comfortable earbuds.

NiceHCK EB2S 18_r.jpg

Sources Used During the Analysis

  • ACMEE Magic Sound 4 ES9018K2M 192K/24Bit.
  • ACMEE MF02s.
  • xDuoo Link2 Bal.
  • Hidizs S9 Pro.
  • Earmen Sparrow.
  • E1DA #9038D.
  • HiBy R3 Pro.
  • Burson Audio Playmate.
  • S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MKII + iFi ZEN CAN.

NiceHCK EB2S 19_r.jpg


  • Construction and Design: 90
  • Adjustment/Ergonomics: 90
  • Accessories: 60
  • Bass: 80
  • Mids: 84
  • Treble: 70
  • Separation: 80
  • Soundstage: 89
  • Quality/Price: 95

NiceHCK EB2S 20_r.jpg


NiceHCK Audio Store, offered me this model, in exchange for writing an honest review. I want to make it clear that all my opinions written in this review have not been conditioned by this fact, nor will I ever write anything that I do not really think or feel here. I will only write about my personal opinion in relation to the revised product.

NiceHCK EB2S 21_r.jpg

Purchase Link

NiceHCK EB2S 22_r.jpg

You can read the full review in Spanish here:

NiceHCK EB2S 23_r.jpg
hello friend, it's been so long... i was wondering if you still hold your opinion on the nicehck eb2s? Do you have another recommendation on budget ear buds
I just checked it, the problem is that it seems difficult to get it and send it to my country

Otto Motor

Headphoneus Supremus
Metal Guru
Pros: Mature sound, good imaging and staging, organic timbre, good technicalities; sturdy metal build.
Cons: The usual earbud disease: lack of slam and depth; fixed cable.

I don't want to double up on packaging and physical features and focus on sound.

You find the rest here:

The EBS2’s is a very pleasant sonic surprise. Typically, cheap earbuds sound thin and tinny, the EBS2 does not. It has some nice tone colour with a natural timbre. Sure, it does not have the depth and slam of expensive buds but it is by itself competent enough to be enjoyed by me.

Star is vocals rendering: voices are intimate, well resolving, they have decent weight (for an earbud), and are rather natural. Notes are well rounded – transients are as they should be. Midrange is overall very clean and clear.

Bass extension is the problem child, as in most earbuds. The EB2S digs somewhat down, much better than any other sub-$30 I have tested, but not as deep as any given iem. Nevertheless is there some sub-bass. Bass itself has good quality slam which lacks in quantity. In summary, the low end is rather light (hence the intimate vocals) but well layered and well composed.

Treble is well extended and surprisingly well resolving. Nothing strident up there. Interestingly, high notes are pretty forward.

This lightness of the low end results in a relatively shallow stage that has a good width nevertheless. Spatial cues is very good and so are instrument separation and layering.

All ok but I still miss the hard punch of an iem. For me, such signature is more for mellow moods.

The EB2S is superior over the original NiceHCK EB2 in essentially all aspects: soundstage, imaging, resolution, clarity…at a similar tonal temperature. It is more refined and mature at a similar price.

It also beats my previous budget earbud reference, a DIY by the late Head-Fier HungryPanda, in terms of staging and it smokes the VE Monk Go and similar $5-10 cruelties in a pipe.

The EB2S’ microphone works well for phone calls. You find a sound sample behind this spoiler.


The EB2S was provided by NiceHCK and I thank them for that.

Get it from NiceHCK Audio Store
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Headphoneus Supremus
EB2S- Greatness in a bud
Pros: Budget level bud does not mean the sound is budget.
Solid build but no detachable cable. Single ended only, comes with mic or no mic.
Very good balancing of the sound frequencies.
Cons: Sound balancing will vary dependent on how they fit for you.
Fixed cable. Open sound meaning there is practically no isolation.

NiceHCK is no stranger to good sounding buds. One thing consistent about NiceHCK is that they have made some excellent bang for buck earbuds they sell regularly on their site. The EB2S is the follow up to one of their budget bud offerings that sold well for the group the EB2. Now in the EB2S. We get an entirely new design and a new large and in-charge LCP 15.4mm driver handling the sound of the EB2S.

I am mostly an IEM guy, but I do dab in the earbud game on occasion, and it is surprising just how good a bud can sound vs the IEM. I can actually make an argument it is the buds that bring even more of a bang for buck sound quality wise than just about anything you throw into your ears. Of course, not everyone can use buds, so I suppose you have to have a large enough ear to use them correctly. The EB2S has a standard bud shape with a horn-like protrusion for venting out the back. Simple in their design made with a CNC machined aluminum alloy housing that is about as strong and light a bud could be. I have already accidentally dropped them on my hardwood floor once. Not suggested to actually test the durability of a housing like so but just know the buds worked flawlessly since the accidental drop of roughly 4 ft in height. So, no issues there.

Looks wise I do like how they look for a design vs their former EB2. Less bulky and cleaner, more modern looking at the same time. Buds all share a common look and are designed so the driver portion of the housing sits inside the concha of the ear. Unlike earphones the only thing you gotta put on buds are foam coverings in which you get 3 pairs. So how a bud will fit and sound will be determined by your ear shape. Earbuds will not be for everyone as some folks are not able to fit the housing in the ear correctly. If you have an average ear shape and size, you should have no issues with their comfortable shape. On the opposite end if you have a large sized ear your average bud will fit a bit loose in the ear which can make them sound anemic with a thinner sound. If that is how buds fit your ears you can try putting on a second foam covering to make the buds fit a bit more bulkier which helps them sound correct.

The cable is a standard brown colored relatively thin OFC copper variety that comes to you with or without a mic in single ended when ordering a set. Since the cable is attached to the housing it is not replaceable as you do not get an option for using the EB2S in balanced. The cable is inconsequential to the sound design as it is way too thin to throw any type of influence on the EB2S. I suppose you gotta cut corners somewhere and it was the cable that got the functionable with zero substance treatment. Otherwise, the EB2S has a strong build, and I can tell will last the test of time for daily use. My friendly advice is always treat your audio goods with kid gloves but hey maybe these cheaper buds and IEMs serve the purpose of, if it breaks you can always get another.

With that I would like to thank Jim of NiceHCK who provided the EB2S for review purposes and you can buy a set for you here. They have been burned in for a week's time and are now ready for review using my sources. IBasso DX300Max, Fiio M15, Shanling M6 pro, M5s, M3s, Ibasso DX160, Sony ZX300, Fiio K3 2021, and IFI Black Label for amping.

First impressions
Is always important and so NiceHCK now incorporates a new anime infused waifu design on their box packaging. Somehow it seems IEMs without the waifu is waifuless hence not hip and happening? In any case throwing them in my ears for the first time I was greeted with a big full dynamic sound signature. EB2S is using a large dynamic driver and I can tell just by how big the sound is. When I say big, I mean tall and deep with a nicely wide imaged sound field. It has a punchy surprisingly deep bass end too which is something I am accustomed to coming from NiceHCK. But the imaging here is a clear stand out.

Hmm, I had to explore more. Tried them on my DX300Max with mid gain, the sound was even more expansive with more dynamism than when I played them on the M15. I knew right away the sound was an upgrade on the old EB2. The price here is identical to the old EB2 yet these are clearly a substantial upgrade on them in several ways. The EB2 was using a good but nothing special 14.8mm dynamic drivers and the EB2S here is using the new darling of the IEM world the LCP which stands for liquid crystal polymer in a large sized 15.4mm dynamic. My recent exposure to LCP diaphragm sound includes the recent Dunu Titan S and NiceHCKs former flagship buds the EBX21, hence this is the reason why I immediately knew the EB2S was a leap forward in sound. LCP seems to have a knack for excelling at technicalities and hence the EB2S shows the strengths of this driver. This and the fact that I am digging on how they look vs the older EB2. Better looking with a better sound and for me an easy fitting even easier to use form factor.

Of course, newer drivers in and of itself does not propel a sound to be more advanced than their prior iterations but the tuning on the new EB2S here is something that a lot of enthusiasts will gravitate to. Marketed as a vocal music earphone. I have to agree that is exactly what the EBS2 excels at.

But the surprising aspect of the EB2S is that it is not just a one trick pony. Sure, like most buds I have heard in the past the mids are the star of the show on the EB2, but it is more than that. It has a very dynamic sound signature with all parts of the sound well represented. Its staging properties are something to behold and now we can add a technical element to the EB2 sound that clearly separates the new EB2S to be much better than your average bud in all aspects.

This is where the EB2S was a surprise. I noticed the LCP drivers evident in the Dunu Titan S also has the ability to separate, image and detail better than your average dynamic driver. Well mastered music tracks throw out images that hover in front and outside your head, I was certainly not expecting this from a $27 earbud. Much like most buds, the EB2S clearly have some coloration, slightly warm yet very natural in tonality but that is due to the forward mids and bass on them. It presents with a warmer yet technical timbrally accurate sound signature that gives a headphone like presentation. This type of musical presentation is usually reserved for much higher end and higher priced units in general but the EB2S technical chops presents with an excellent dimensional imaging that floats in the air at times which had me thinking this budget bud might be budget, but the sound however is nowhere near budget anything. The resolving ability of the EB2S is clearly evident in how it presents sound to your ears.

There is nothing that sounds thin or does not have authority to it. If the dynamic presentation don't get you. It will be the outstanding forward vocal presentation that will wow you.

Trebles here are represented well and here is where I feel the sound has a slight reservation to it. I suppose it is more the nature of the open design of buds that makes them have different sound characteristics. One being that at the outer extremes of the treble end seems to have some roll off. On a macro level the trebles are well represented but lacks a touch of extension and shimmer I am used to hearing from IEMS. If you're not analyzing the EB2S but more enjoying your music, this aspect you will not notice being an issue if at all. However, this being a review it is my job to tell you what I feel is a bit lacking.

It is partially due to how they are tuned more so but the EB2S is clearly a mids with bass earphone first. Trebles takes a slight step back in the mix and this is more the house sound trait from NiceHCK. I know there are plenty of buds in the wild with plenty of treble emphasis and presence for the region. The positive there is that there is zero chance you will be fatigued by the treble end of the EB2S. Yes, even for pronounced treble emphasized rock, EDM tracks the EB2S actually sounds more balanced as the treble is reigned in just a touch vs being completely balanced.

The trebles that are presented are clean, surprisingly precise and lean more on their macro ability vs showing and abundance of micro details. As such I would have liked just a bit more overall treble emphasis to really balance out the sound presentation but for what it is. Treble I don’t feel is lacking and plays more of a supporting role to the real reason why you want to get these.

Is where the EB2S excel. Vocal forward for both male and female vocals. The EB2S clearly has one of the best mids I have heard for an ear bud. It does not have any shoutiness in any of the mid bands and clearly shows that technical ability in a juicy full thick mids presentation of the EB2S. Forward mids are lovely to hear for me as I am so used to moderate V shaped tunings from IEMs that can lack this aspect at times. If you prioritize mids in your sound presentations. It will be difficult to dislike how the EB2S sound is presented. The sound tuning here is versatile as I don’t feel the mids are so colored to the point where something like orchestral scores don’t sound right for example. Even rock and metal music sounds right at home on the EB2S as well as some RnB, Reggae and Hiphop. Showing their versatility with realive solid balancing.

When you hear full on vocal performances using the EB2S you will know why these were created. Live venues come alive with vocals that range and emotion you don’t get with other earphones. Instruments have their own space to work with as the presentation has the necessary height and depth for proper instrumental presentations.

Bass of the EB2S is more mid bass than sub bass. Hence they work great with something like 90s hiphop and RnB music. Jazz music sounds fantastic due to the roomy spacious presentation the EB2S throws out. Mid bass while having the most emphasis for the bass end has a physical presence that adds a touch of warmth to the lower registers. It will really depend on how the EB2S fits in your ears for the bass to come alive for you. I let a friend listen to the EB2S and he thought they were a bit bass light. Which I figured was how they fit for him. I pressed the buds into his ears a bit and that was when he heard the bass end come full circle.

Bass is most definitely not lacking on the EB2S. Infact much like the mids it is actually featured. The oversized LCP driver performing for the bass is tuned to be a bit brawny but ultimately sounds balanced as the buds by nature is not sealed so the extra oomph in the bass department was purposefully tuned that way to actually give a sense of complimentary bass. Which is the way I hear it. I am used to hearing much more tighter speedier bass presentations from IEMs but the EB2S has absolutely no problems replicating a full bodied bass note. I do noticed a bit of a roll off for is sub bass but not to the point where it is clearly noticeable. Bass notes on the EB2S sounds like how it should the speed is not the best but you can’t expect speedy bass performance from an open form bud. This being said something like speed metal due to how spacious the EB2S sounds, sound proper. Bass actually punches and keeps up with the speed of the music just fine. Bass here is done well and considering the bud here is clearly an open design with a large vent out back. Surprising how capable the bass end here is.

In the end.
The EB2S are fantastically good. A solid bud in build, comfort and sound. I have no qualms about recommending to my fellow bud lovers and enthusiasts that want to dabble a bit in something a bit different than IEMs. If your ear shape is not elf like. You should be fine with how the EB2S will fit. The sound quality of the EB2S is actually outstanding for the price point. I reviewed NiceHCKs flagship buds the EBX21 which seems to have been discontinued. The EB2S clearly hold their own against them and the value for sound goes to the EB2S easily for being almost 10X less in price of NiceHCKs former flagship. Its big bold sound signature is very pleasing to listen to when you're ready to relax a bit and get into your music. NiceHCK seems to be on a roll lately as they introduced their outstanding new DB1 IEMS for the cost of a cheap dinner plate and now the EB2S which easily gets nothing less than a 5 star recommend from me. Thanks for taking the time to read. Happy listening always.
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It's been a long time since any other new headphones have taken me out of reality for hours. I am positively shocked by them. Thanks again and I'm going to keep listening, because there's no other way...🤪
Ya I was a quite smitten with them myself. I mean how do you get that sound quality it is showing at the price.? Not to mention it is using a higher end LCP dynamics and shows all of its strengths. I like these better than NiceHCKs flagship buds the EBX21.
These sound good for the price. Relaxed enough sound: not too bright or too dark, not too lacking bass but maybe bass detail. Fit comfortably for me which is surprising for the materials, lighter than metal build would suggest. The chin slider was a nice surprise. I got the EB2S for the metallic green styling and because of this review. Solid construction. Better than waifu packaging would suggest.

Imaging suffers a little near the rear. But forward imaging is good enough. Soundstage is not that deep.
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