500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Very good package overall, plenty of pads and appreciated carry case
Great smooth sound with very nice low end for an earbud
Great cable
Cons: Plug could be L-type
Fit it tricky and it's really ear-dipendent
Hard to drive
Hello everyone!
After some speaking with Jim from NiceHCK he sold me a pair of EB2 for some cents (very much discount) in order to get a honest review.
I will write some stuff about the NiceHCK EB2 which were quite interesting from the Aliexpress page.

You can find the EB2 at the link below on Aliexpress
And you can find them on amazon at the link below:


I just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on source, pads and so on.

Test were made on:
- Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone
- Presonus AudioBOX iONE connected to my PC with no Enhancements actived

Technical specs:
Drivers: Single 14.8mm PEK Dynamic Driver
Sensitivity: 116dB
Impedance: 32ohm
Frequency Response: 15 Hz - 25000 Hz
THD < 0.1% @1kHz
Cable lenght: 1.2m±5cm (Non detachable)
Plug Type: Straight

Common carton package from NiceHCK.
We find the appreciated carry case with the NiceHCK logo, the earbuds, a little clothespin and a variety of pads (5 pairs mixed donut pads and full pads).

photo5805671164641652748.jpg photo5805671164641652747.jpg photo5805671164641652746.jpg photo5805671164641652742.jpg photo5805671164641652741.jpg

Cable feels great with a nice touch and feel. It seems very durable and high quality and features an appreciated chin slider. No mic.
The downside is that it isn’t detachable and that could be useful in order to replace the cable if in someway people accidentally break it.
It ends with a 3.5mm gold plated jack but you can find a 2.5mm balanced plug too.
I personally could try it as i did not have a balanced output.

photo5805671164641652744.jpg photo5805671164641652737.jpg

The shell is made of metal and it’s really well assembled. It features 2 big vents in order to advantage dynamic driver’s work and on little vent at the end of the shell.
Red stripe earbud is the right one, while the blue stripe earbud is the left one.

photo5805671164641652739.jpg photo5805671164641652738.jpg photo5805671164641652745.jpg

Personally, i usually find earbuds uncomfortable for long session. The EB2 are fairly comfortable as soon as you can wear earbuds without problems.
Fit can be tricky if you’re not up to these kind of headphones especially if they’re around this size (i personally feel sick wearing mx500 shells after half an hour for example, but i have very little ears).
In any case, the EB2 do not provide an excellent isolation due to their earbud design but with the right pads and medium volume you will be ok.

Let's get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum'n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they're not at a headache level.
V-shape signature is my favourite one.

Test were done with double pads: full pad on first, then donut pad at last. This should make the low-end a little bit more punchy and the treble a little bit more forward after the full pad wearing.

Lows: Lows on the EB2 are really good. Sub-bass has nice extension and kickdrums have a nice impact. Basses well textured and sound with the right body. The 14.8mm driver and the back vents really help keeping the low region immersive for people who like heavy genres.

Mids: really smooth. Male voices sound good thanks to the little mid-bass hump and female voices are intimate due to the upper mids lift. Synths and instruments get a little recessed place without being very recessed. Voices are forward instead.

Highs: really vivid with good detail retrieval. Treble is not super emphasized and it’s fatiguing at all. Treble roll-off is not going to ruin your treble as it’s not low and there’s enough air.

Soundstage is not particularly big, with a bit above average width and average height and depth.

The EB2 are anyway not easy to drive and i do not advice people using them with a simple smartphone. While connected to my Presonus AudioBOX iONE, they really “open” showing more potential, and I'm sure if you connect them to a very good amp they can really show you how well they sound.

NiceHCK provides an EBX little sister which should sound good at less than half the price.
I personally do not own the EBX so i cannot speak about it, but i have to say these earbuds can really nail it.
With the right pads you can put out of these just what you want and you still have in any case a great earbud that can sound good with everything, but i advice using them with a dedicated amp (i think an economic Fiio A1 should do the job well for these kind of earphones) or at least sources with enough power to drive them.
I am sure NiceHCK is doing very well with their product and i hope they keep their actual quality which is really top notch: the EB2 is another proof of their good work in the chi-fi world.
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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: comfort, build quality, dynamics/transient response
Cons: finicky fit, hard to drive, dry/thin tuning
The Nicehck EB2 is an earbud using 14.8mm dynamic drivers that retails for $32.99 at the time of this review. The EB2 is sold by the NiceHCK Audio Store on AliExpress. I purchased the EB2 at a promotional price of $0.10 in exchange for this review. My thoughts about the EB2 are my own and I will strive to review the EB2 objectively.
This review can also be read on my blog here.

I have used the Nicehck EB2 with the following sources:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global > Nicehck EB2

Windows 10 PC > JDS Labs The Element > Nicehck EB2

Windows 10 PC > Hidizs AP60II > Nicehck EB2

I have tested these headphones with Spotify Premium high-quality streaming, Google Play Music streaming at 320kbps, and local FLAC.

The Nicehck EB2 comes in a rectangular white cardboard box with the product name, manufacturer’s logo and an illustration of the earbuds on the front. Inside this box is a Nicehck-branded semi-rigid zippered carry case containing the IEMs, a shirt clip, and a selection of foam covers. The Nicehck EB2 comes with three set of solid foams and two sets of donut foams.

The EB2’s housings are squat, rounded cones with disk-shaped bases. The housings are made of metal apart from the black plastic ear-facing surface. Each housing has two semi-circular vents along each side of the back of the disk, and two small circular vents on either side of the top of the conical part of the housing. A cylinder made from the same metal as the housing extends to protect the cable and stabilize the earbud against the earlobe. The cylinders are marked with blue and red bands to indicate left and right. The ear-facing black plastic surface is covered in concentric rings of small circular holes. The cable is silver and is covered by a clear plastic sheath. The cable has a choker that comes up from the Y-split all the way up to the metal cylinder of each earbud. The EB2 has a straight 3.5mm jack with strain relief. There is no strain relief where the cable enters the metal cylinders, presumably because the earbud is designed to be worn cable-down only.

The Nicehck EB2 is difficult to seat securely in the ear. When I first received the EB2, I was concerned that I had received a faulty pair because the sound was inconsistent depending on small movements of the earbud in my ear. Based on advice from Head-Fier mbwilson111, I put donut foams over solid foams on the EB2, which helped significantly. I have small ears, so this problem may be even more pronounced for other listeners. The EB2 is extremely comfortable, but since the EB2 is an earbud, so don’t expect isolation with them.

The Nicehck EB2 has a restrained and clear audiophile-friendly tuning. Sub-bass extension is poor. Mid-bass is lean but well-articulated. Bass transients are quick but bass texture is one-note. Mid-bass bleeds slightly into the lower mids. The lower mids are gently recessed. Male vocals are clear but could use more warmth. Upper-mids are emphasized, conveying excellent presence but a little too much bite. The emphasis on the upper mids combined with the lean bass can make the EB2 sound thin. Treble is mildly veiled, extended while not prominent. Detail resolution is excellent but I had to strain my ears to pick it out. Instrument separation is not great, especially at higher volumes.

The Nicehck EB2 benefits from dedicated amplification, which improves instrument separation and makes the treble less veiled. The difference is distinct but not night and day.

Nicehck EB2 vs QianYun Qian69
The Qian69 is more V-shaped. The Qian69 has better sub-bass extension. Bass dynamics are similar, though the Qian69 has more textured bass. The EB2 has less recessed mids. The Qian69 has more prominent treble and sounds airier. The treble on the Qian69 is more fatiguing. The Qian69 has a larger soundstage and slightly better instrument separation. The Qian69 is easier to drive from a smartphone but does not noticeably scale with better amplification.

Nicehck EB2 vs Monk Espresso
The Monk Espresso is warmer, with slightly better sub-bass extension and more mid-bass. The EB2 has better bass articulation, with faster attack and decay. Mids on the Espresso are more recessed than on the EB2. Lower treble stands out more on the Espresso. The EB2 has a slightly bigger soundstage. Instrument separation is slightly better on the Monk Espresso. Both scale with dedicated amplification.


Despite a unique design and impressive build quality, the appeal of the EB2 is limited by its dry, clinical tuning.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Clear extended treble that is smooth and delicate, good details, good vocal, excellent construction, ultra comfortable.
Cons: Small soundstage, polite sound that can be boring, lack of space between instruments separation, anemic bass, overall underwhelming sound experience.



SOUND: 7/10

FIT: 9/10

VALUE: 7.5/10

There lot of OEM chinese seller on Aliexpress, but NiceHCK is more than that : he got creativity as well as lot of interesting techs to play with. Did you know that Shenzhen, the city where HCK work, is the center of the world for new technologies and electronics? You really can find anything there, just go look on youtube for more info, like this random guy that built Iphone with spare piece find there and there in big tech commercial place or people that create robots for everyday life. Its all about electronic there, far is the time where it was just a fisherman village, now you fish for revolutionary technologies that would be usefull for any electronic project, should it be a phone, a laptop, a robot….or an earbud, iem or DAP!

NiceHCK is my favorite seller, and its not a licking ass sentence, I struggle with other and with him its always smooth and happy happy, this time he offer a rebate for the EB2 earbud in exchange of a review, why? Because I buy lot of stuffs from him with my own money like the Tinaudo T2, Zhiyin Z5000 etc, and he offer this rebate because I was curious about it, not because he force me to promote it. As a owner of about 15 earbuds, from 4 to 125$, be sure I will not be a selled ass here.

So let’s begin.


First thing that hit me was how well made this earbud are, it really stand appart in the sub 30$ range for construction. The design is quite unique too, and in a good way, because the shell is quite small compared to lets say the Mrz Tomahawk and it stay in place very well. So Gorgeous looking and comfy, what more to ask?


I can say without a doubt that this is the must comfortable metal earbud I try and that the secure fit make me enjoy music better, because I do not have to struggle with positioning even if you pull the cable its stay in place. Cable look nice too, surely a SPC cable. All in all, these do not look and feel like what the price tag suggest.


SOURCE USED : Xduoo X20+Xduoo XD-05 AMP

Ibasso DX90 at high gain (best sinergy! no amp needed)

Xduoo X3ii+Walnut V2S with Burson V5i dual Opamp

Having about 15 pairs of earbuds, i’m more and more picky about sound value, wich is my supreme obsession : having the best for the less money possible. I’m I cheap? Not exactly, i’m more a collector of different soundsignature to suit the multiple music style I listen, strangely, the worst music style I listen (rarely) is rap and its the harder type to enjoy with earbud because without a silicone eartip to create artificial bass by vibrating air flow of buttom low end, earbud just can’t make that Boomy lively bass must of the time and when it does its not particularly enjoyable. Here, the EB2 is not exception and if you crave for bass, stop reading right now, its not the earbud for you, its more a neutral, delicate and pretty clear sounding one, and that in a very small form factor that unfortunately affect soundstage to make it more intimate but never congested.

ABOUT AMPING : Rightly amped the EB2 are drive to their full potential, they sound tinner and less weighty straight out of any of my DAP with the exception of the powerfull Ibasso DX90 (but still not the best). Sorry, but if you use earbud without portable or deskop amp on a phone or not very powerfull DAP its like eating an uncooked meal without salt on it. DO-NOT-TRUST-EARDBUD(and headphone)-REVIEW-WITH-WEAK-AUDIO-SOURCE.

BASS is clear, slightly textured and have enough punch to make the kick discernable , sub as well is hearable, but in a dry way, still, no distortion occur at high volume, you really need to make explode your head to achieve distortion. Tigh low end and quite fast too, and no problem with the low shadowing the mids because its to polite for that. I particularly enjoy this type of bass for jazz, less so for electronic and big beat where sub have an important presence. This is the type of bass that is suitable for acoustic music, like slap bass, because it lack body it is not particularly enjoyable for classical where cello is important.

MIDS are the star of the show, like with its big brother earbud the EBX, vocal tend to float above the rest, but the EB2 are less airy in the presentation, its overall a brighter little EBX brother and I really don’t think both use the same driver as some would suggest. Just to be clear, EBX is from another league and with a price range above 100$ its not fair to compare both. EB2 is a dryier more foward earbud, near perfectly neutral because of a linear presentation that lack air for a better 3D feel, its a fowards detailed earbud with no sibilance and a quite agile presentation. Everything is clear but without the depth and widness one would wish, its intimate presentation would be underwhelming for some but a joy for other (I guess).

HIGHS are enough impressive for its price range, it do not feel forced still have plenty of it, no splashy cymbals, realistic sounding one, percussion layers are easily discernable without feeling artificial, in fact, this is a tour de force! Here, there no sparkle whatsoever, wich make me turn the volume louder to have an apropriate sound pressure experience, but even at low volume you will hear everything you need. For exemple classical guitar lack teeth, so in the duo cello-guitar I listen the cello steal the show but without shadowing the guitar picking because of good transperency. EB2 are polite in a real audiophile way with a treble extension that pricier earbud try to achieve with clumsiness. This earbud are good for critical listening in a relax way and will not make suffer treble sensitive people even if they aren’t very warm.

SOUNDSTAGE is ultra small and insignificant without right amping. It really feel not right and I’ve been happy to hear a veyr big difference once I use any cheap portable amp or good one. Strangely, a too powerfull one like the Sansui AU-D5 will torture the driver by kicking it in the balls too much.


TONEKING PT16 sound warmer, have a bigger soundstage, feel more congested somehow and less precise than the EB2. The bass of PT16 is clumsy and can make distortion-rattle, as well, it can interfer with the mids, wich do not occur with the EB2.

TONEKING MRZ TOMAHAWK kick the ass hard of EB2 and put them to shame, for 10$ more you get a soundstage 2-3-4? time bigger, better resolution, more sparkle, as much details, way more air and a better instrument separation. In fact, it feel from another league in everything but mids sibilance that can occur with some female vocal.

isn’t a twin brother of EB2 AT ALL, don’t listen to anybody that tell you that-its just selled ass gimmick to wow you, HCK do not price them 4 time the price for fun, its because the driver is different as well as housing that affect soundstage tremendously, better layering, way better and airier instrument separation, more low extension, more musical and well, only fault I can find is comfort, where the EB2 beat them.

have more bass and punch, more recessed vocal and sound less detailed and neutral. Here, its the EB2 that feel from another league with a more delicate and musical presentation. Still, you will have more fun with the 500. Soundstage is lightly smaller with EB2. Construction is from another league and as one pair of my 2 EMX500 broke after less than 3months I think the EB2 will pass test of time better.



Perhaps my expectation was too high about the EB2, and this is surely due to a misleading comparaison that put them very near the EBX (yeah, shame on you and your 95% as good, bro!), so honnestly i’ve been underwhelmed by them and still is. But this is because I have 15 pairs of earbuds, do critical listening for real and listen to a very wide musical style that include classical, jazz, electro, rock, world music, experimental, folk etc. The EB2 are audiophile targeted with a neutral soundstignature that perhaps lack sparkle but not details and calibration, they are polite but not dark sounding and a good bet for acoustic music like jazz, classical and signers. If you plan to listen Pop, rap or electronic this isnt for you, and if your obsess about a soundstage that feel around your head it isnt too. All in all, in the sub-30$ range they stand above average, but fail to create any wow effect on the listener because they are too much of a good student and its trange to say but I prefer the rebelious students that have more personality.
glad you're back again

and yup, glad I soldiered on and still got the EBX instead of going cheap and buying EB2. I'm really enjoying the EBX for my daily usage now. Fit is still a bit fiddly, sadly.
Back on da track bro! Yep, really a matter of taste here, cause they aren't bad sounding, just too linear and constraint in overall sound presentation. Its perhaps the EBX effect, or the Tomahawk, both have immense airy soundstage, for me earbuds are meant to sound expansive.
And yeah....the famous EBX fit, I guess its the price to pay with your body to get that much sens of space and deep. My ears recostumize themself for the EBX, wear it over ear with a light flexible (no ear hooked) SPC cable. Sometime 2 donut foams can help, but I just use one.


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Comfortable easy to use, easy to drive 2nd level flagship model from NiceHCK.
A solid full bodied, warm, smooth sounding earbud with good detail. Great price for the sonics. Sounds even better amped.
Cons: Non detachable springy cable. Earbuds not for everyone.


This BUDs for you. The EB2 was forwarded to me from NiceHCK for review purposes. These buds can be purchased here.

Admittedly I am more of a earphone guy and for the most part I have been staying away from earbuds simply due to the isolation requirements I need for when I am at work. But I am game for anything thrown in the ears for sound so the EB2 caught my interest as they were touted as a 2nd flagship level earbud from NiceHCK going for roughly $32.99 from their site.

I was told these use the same 14.8mm dynamic drivers used on their much more expensive EBX earbuds going for $119.60.


I suppose if you can get most of the sonic qualities of the latter with the cost efficiency of a connected cable. Smaller more streamlined housing cutting down the cost of the EBX down to the asking price of the EB2 while keeping most of the sonic qualities of the EBX. This can only be a good thing.

Package of the EB2 is a simple Clam shell case, a plastic clip and 5 pairs of foam covers. Buds are simple in that by nature they are made to be thrown in your pocket and then your off. There is not much to complain about the build quality of the EB2, the looks or simple usage of the buds. The housing is made of aluminum and is light with a permanent one inch stem that protrudes from the bottom of the shells which help eliminate any type of cord noise. The cable is an SPC variety and looks nice to finish off the silver color motif on the buds.


You are either OK with buds or not but I find them fascinating since they use some of the more larger dynamic drivers in the industry. Somewhere between an on ear and in ear the ear bud has been an industry stable for as long as I can remember. I suppose you have to have a correct shape of ear in order for the bud to sit in your concha of your ear correct. I find them a bit small for my ears but that is easily remedied by throwing on two covers instead of single cover. So the sound works with one cover they sound better and fit tighter in my ears with two making the sound more fuller and more importantly more proper. Buds that sit loose in the ear will lose a lot of bass and sound will be thin.


The sound of the EB2 is musical and full bodied in approach. The meaty sound of these earbuds are enhanced with a good amount of mid bass and general thicker warmer smooth sound. All parts of the sound frequencies are portrayed more akin to a headphone than in ears. The sound stage is in the head but makes good use of space and has an airy quality to the sound similar to a good open back headphone. Resolution of the sounds are not as immediate or as defined as a good in ear phone but upon careful listening. Detail level is actually on a good solid level here. I don’t feel like I am missing out on any detail of familiar tracks I know well.

General warmth in tone of the earbuds tell me these are tuned with more emphasis from bass end first mids and then treble. If this same tuning was on an in ear it might be a bit too much bass but for an earbud. This type of tuning makes sense. More bass is needed in an earbud to create a more balanced sound due to the more open ambient outside factors on an earbud.

Isolation is pretty much non existent and that is really what has kept me away from using earbuds. But this does not take away the airy sonic qualities of the EB2. The phones are easy enough to drive from your phone or a dedicated dap but it was when I used them on my IFI Black Label they really showed their stuff. Amping the EB2 brings out the full capabilities of the buds. Sound is more expansive, bigger brawnier bass with greater presence in all regions of sound was a result. Similar results using my Fiio A12 amp vs straight out of my ZX300.

Buds have definitely come a long way in fidelity. My last set of earbuds was a cheapo Monk plus and those were astonishing for the little price and the EB2 follows suit with a full smooth sound that I am guilty of overlooking. If your into your earbuds. Considering these are using the same drivers as the much more expensive EBX and has the capable sound they do. I would most definitely look into a EB2 from NiceHCK.
EB2 brings a strong build, a solid smooth full bodied sound lead by a bold bass end all in a comfortable easy to use bud form factor. As always happy listening and please enjoy your buds responsibly.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Very comfortable, sturdy metal build, great sound
Cons: Slightly thin cable.
NICEHCK is a Chinese audio company that primarily focuses on selling earbuds, IEMs, DAPs and other stuff related to audio. They have been on the business for a while now and you can find them on AliExpress and Taobao.

The NICEHCK EB2 was provided to me by Jim of NICEHCK at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. You can purchase the EB2 on AliExpress here:

Some technical specs on the AliExpress page:
Sensitivity: 116dB
Resistance: 32Ω
Frequency response range: 15-25000Hz
Cable length: 1.2m
Plug: 3.5mm

The shells are made of metal with 2 small holes at the back that act as vents. The driver caps are made of plastic. The splitter and the chin slider uses the same metal, the splitter having the EB2 branding on it and no strain relief on either end. The gold plated plug is also made from the same metal, with a NICEHCK branding on it and a rubber barrel on the cable entry end that acts as a strain relief. The cable is silver plated copper that is adequately soft and, albeit being thin, feels sturdy enough for everyday use.

Now let's get to the sound.

The bass has a below average level of punch and rumble. It's extension does not reach very deep, though I think it will be a different case for people with smaller ears(The size of my ears is above average compared to other people of my age) as the EB2s have a small shell and it does not "seal" my ear very well unlike other earbuds with bigger shells. The subbass is there, it is felt but will keep you asking for more if you love bass. Midbass has an adequate punch and thickness to it. Overall the bass department is adequately done, being slightly below average but not to the point that I would call it thin.

The star of the show. Vocals are presented in a very clear and crisp manner. Though it has some slight hint of being thin especially on female vocals. Male vocals are placed slightly forward, female vocals are placed a little more forward. That being said, both are not "in your face" type of thing. It is not shouty in any way unlike some other earbuds I tried. Overall I think this is the main strength of the EB2.

The highs, same as the mids have a very clear presentation. It has a very satisfactory level of sparkle. Treble extension is above average, at the same time there is a good "airy" feeling to it. There is no sibilance heard even on my most sibilant tracks and harshness is at the very minimal. Overall the treble of the EB2 feels very natural and engaging.

The soundstage of the EB2 is one of the largest amongst other earbuds I tried under $30. Imaging is accurate, layering is good though at times there is a slight hint of congestion on busy tracks.

The EB2 is a capable earbud. It performs way above its asking price with its clear and clean sound that is engaging and energetic.


New Head-Fier
Pros: very detailed
clear and airy
great extension
Cons: insecure fit when walking
light bass
sometimes high peaks
Buy here: VS Store

The NICEHCK EB2 are the first Ear-Buds I review and therefore also a change to my personal sound requirements, as well as the handling.
Ear buds do not sit directly in the ear canal, but directly in front of it and loosely in the ear.
This is partly a higher wearing comfort certified, but they also have very special sound characteristics.

The EB2 have no detachable cable, but this is of high quality. Silver plated with soft rubber coating. In general, the EB2 make a valuable impression. In addition there are different ear pads, a nice transport case and a T-shirt clip in the scope of supply.
Putting on the ear pads is a bit fiddly and I decided on the "donuts", because the closed pads reduce the bass even more and without padding the headphones constantly fall out.

In general, the Ear-Buds can only be used while sitting, because otherwise they always slide so far away from the ear canal and the sound gets too thin.

The sound is impressive compared to closed in-ears in terms of three-dimensionality and stage. The sound is quite neutral and natural, even if the trebles are already prominent. Depending on how well the EB2 sits in the ear, there is even a pleasant low frequency range.

The sub-bass is not the most stable, but it is present. However, there is a lack of pressure at the bottom. The mid-bass provides a pleasant warmth, which can also quickly go back to the flute when the EB2 loses its hold.
If you press it into your ear, you can guess what would actually be possible with the driver, but then the stage shrinks as well.

The mids are slightly boosted in the upper part, so that voices come forward and position themselves well despite the wide stage. However, you have to be careful with the volume if you want to listen to music over a longer period of time as far as the fatigue factor is concerned. The mids can take a bit more body, but are extremely clear and detailed.

The treble is a bit of the sharper sort, but like the mids, it is very clear with a wide frequency response. They appear very airy, but may be too bright for some.
The EB2 are easy to drive, which gives them a huge maximum volume. This is painful, although the sound remains very stable and not distorted.

I have to say that the EB2 has awakened my interest for more Ear-Buds. I don't have the comparability yet, but I'm quite impressed with the stage, separation, detail and clarity, which is hard to find in in-ears. At least in the budget area.
Unfortunately, I can't really use them in everyday life, but at home or in the office, they can inspire me and are just something different.

more reviews at:


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent mids, very clear, defined and precise.
- Sharp but detailed treble.
- Design and construction.
- Good set of foams.
- Transport box.
- They have redefined my taste for earbuds.
Cons: Extension and presence of bass below my personal tastes.
- Design not suitable for playing bass music, the small depth of the capsules limits the extension of the drivers.
- QC.
Purchase link:

Store link:

Presentation and personal tastes

I have been an electronic technical engineer for 20 years. I studied that career because my great passion was Hi-Fi. But more than 15 years ago I work as a programmer of production control systems based on artificial vision.

The sound profile that I like could be represented as ¬. I like the basses present (sub bass especially), present vocals and soft treble but that bring much clarity, separation and detail. I like the natural sound, full of air and nuances, as well as enjoy a great stage and three-dimensional recreation. I prefer the warm profile to V or mid-centric profiles. And I run away from bright profiles.


· Driver Type: Dynamic Driver 14.8mm

· Frequency response: 15-25000Hz

· Sensitivity: 116dB / mW

· Impedance: 32 Ω

· Jack connector: 3.5mm

· Cable length: 1.2m

The EB2 are presented by the store itself as sub Flagship Earbud, an attempt to bring the sound of some TOTL to people without having to spend € 100.

Presentation and content


The NiceHCK come in a fairly simple white cardboard box of size 80x105x30mm. The box has on its front engraved the profile of the EB2. On the back come the specifications. Inside is a zippered case typical of the store, with the logo marked on the top. Inside the case are the EB2 protected in a transparent plastic bag type ZIP. In addition comes another ZIP bag with 3 pairs is complete foams, green, gray and black. There are also two pairs of black and blue donut foams. Finally, subject to the grid, comes the typical clip for the cable.


Finally, I would like to point out that the 3.5mm Jack connector is protected by a plastic cover.

The presentation, except for the cardboard box, is the typical one that the store has accustomed us in other models of its own. Currently, more and more emphasis is being placed on packaging and the "unboxing" experience. In this case I think the store wanted to put more effort into the product itself instead of this aspect, perhaps to offer higher quality earbuds adjusting the price as much as possible.


Construction and design

The design of the earbuds seems quite original, made of light metal; they have a capsule with a rounded conical shape. The diameter is smaller than the typical MX500 capsule. The model purchased has been the "Silver", although the capsule cover is black. A long 20mm metal cylinder protrudes from both capsules to protect the cable and stylize the design. In each cylinder there is a ring for color to distinguish each channel, red for the right, blue for the left.


The silver cable is covered with transparent plastic. The total thickness is somewhat greater than 2mm. It is quite flexible and to date it has not taken shape yet. The connector is a 3.5mm gold-plated jack, protected by a smooth, silver 18mm long cylinder, with the name of the store silkscreened in white. The cable is protected at the exit by a transparent plastic tube 6mm long. The dividing piece is metallic too and the name of the model is silk-screened on it. It also has, finally, a pin to adjust the cable to the neck. For my personal taste I find this small essential piece in all the headphones and only some wear it.


Fit and ergonomics

Its smaller diameter and its shallow depth make the lace in my ears quite deep. In this way, the back cone touches the tragus of my ear quite bluntly. At first the setting is pretty good and they don’t move compared to other earbuds. After a while using the earbuds, I begin to notice a slight discomfort in the tragus due to the pressure exerted by the conical back on it. Except for this detail, I can assure that the ergonomics is quite good and the lace that I get with them is quite good. Thanks to this lace, the greater contact, the better sealing and closeness to the ear canal, the sound I perceive of them is improved with respect to other capsules, thus achieving a greater immersion in the sound, as well as an improvement in the perception of the bass.



The sound of EB2 is dangerously related to my personal tastes, it is true that I prefer more presence of bass and sub bass, but on the other hand, both in the mids and in the high are above my requirements. We also offer a good dose of clarity, separation and recreation of the scene. Without a doubt, they are elements that give me a certain addiction to their global sound.



The profile could be defined as balanced throughout its range, although it is true that there is a certain enhancement in high media, enough to tilt its tonality towards this range. Thus they can be described as correct bass earbuds, somewhat recessed low mids, enhanced high mids and measured and well-controlled highs.



The bass are fast, hit dry and contained, are far from bommy. They have good definition throughout their range and it is easy to identify all the layers of bass, due to the good clarity and separation between the frequencies. The extension to the sub bass reaches 40Hz, below the impact is slight, although until then the energy level is quite acceptable. The mid bass is not prominent and is kept at that correct level, with a very Hi-Fi touch, quite far from bass-heads tastes. Although they are not anemic, for those who love electronics, among which I find them, they are light in this area, although for many genres the response in this section will cover the expectations.

As a conclusion and negative point, I think that these earbuds are not properly designed to play high energy bass, an over equalization in this range or the reproduction of very strong bass at high volumes generates audible distortion.



The low mids are slightly recessed, although they have certain warmth, the male voices benefit from this, which are presented complete but fine and detailed. The clarity in them stands out, far from being muddy or smudged. The proximity to the listener is good and realistic, coming to offer a sense of intimacy in them. The wheezing is practically nonexistent, not even reproducing clues that are quite susceptible to them.

The global presence of the mids is quite compact. All together the segment is presented in a fairly full, I have not seen holes or embedment in them. The range in which is a good and a fairly high detail, thanks to the enhancement of high mids. Separation and recreation is very good, with many nuances and micro details. In my opinion the mids is the strong part of these headphones.



Undeniably treble enjoy good extension and provide enough air to the set, although they are soft and never hard and hurtful. Possibly they have one of the most relaxed but at the same time most detailed treble in my collection. The resolution of them is remarkably high. The sharpness and definition is great. The most remarkable thing of the area is how it manages to contribute to the rest of the set all the clarity, detail, separation, nuances, etc., without sounding unbearable at all, allowing long and pleasant listening.

Scene, separation

One of the most striking qualities of these earbuds is the separation and recreation of the scene they possess. It is enough to hear them very little to highlight these qualities. It is easy to identify the provenance of the instruments, as well as the details and nuances, and thus reconstruct the scene in the head. The stage is wider than deep.

Although it is clear that in this aspect is not up to a TOTL, it is obvious that the qualifier of sub Flagship has it well deserved.


Qianyun Qian69

Both with full foam + donuts.

The EB2 have something more sub bass, better extension and depth but the Qian69 have more presence in the medium and high bass. In general, the punch feeling in the bass is greater in the Qian69, while in the EB2 the definition is greater and the different tones and layers are better appreciated due to their greater speed in this range. The best extension of the sub bass in the EB2 helps to give more overall quality to the range.

The Qian69 also have a greater presence of low mids, this causes a certain sensation of veil and congestion in the voices, as well as in the instruments that sound in this range. The EB2 have less gain in this area from 100Hz to 1 KHz, but greater clarity and definition. The voices sound sharper, more precise and finer, giving more sense of closeness in them, while the Qian69 reproduces them more blurred, thick and diffuse in comparison. The middle zone of the EB2 stands out from the Qian69 in clarity, naturalness and realism, because the range is more homogeneous, offering a number of details that in the Qian69 are not found, due to the fall in profit existing until almost the end of the mid-range. With some recordings the Qian69 may sound somewhat hollow in this area, while the EB2 stand out fully.

From 6 KHz, the highs in the Qian69 are more present and hard, becoming comparatively annoying, more uncontrolled.

As for profile Qian69 is somewhat more in V than EB2, while this one has a more balanced profile and greater clarity. Where Qian69 sounds more distant and veiled the EB2 sounds crisp and clear. The treble of the Qian69 sound more present and hard, while in the EB2 they are softer and better integrated with the mids. The clarity, the scene, the detail, the refinement and the separation are better in the EB2. On a general level, I like EB2 much more than Qian69.

Yincrow RW-9

Both with full foam + donuts.

The RW-9 have a warm profile that I like very much, they have bass and voices of very good clarity. But the mids are not as complete as in the EB2. When I change from the EB2 to the RW-9 it gives the feeling that I’m losing part of the music in that area, due to that certain embedding of the mid zone.

However, the bass are clearly more present in the RW-9, without reaching the accuracy of the EB2.

The treble is thinner and sharper in the RW-9, being more susceptible to wheezing than the EB2. Although they have more extension in the end than the EB2, something more normal to have a more profile in V.

Both earbuds enjoy very good clarity but the recreation of the scene is greater in the EB2.

In conclusion I could say that both earbuds have similar points and could be complementary.

NiceHCK EB200

Both with full foam + donuts.

The profile of both is quite different. The EB200 have a more profile in W while the EB2 are more balanced and mid-centric in comparison. The EB200 have a considerably higher presence of bass than the EB2, as well as low mids. The masculine voices are darker, muddier and more recessed in the EB200. The EB2 have a more linear and full mids than the EB200, enjoy greater clarity. The EB200 suffer from a balance between the mids and the highs, presenting gaps in some areas, sometimes being somewhat inconsistent. The overall look of the EB2 is brighter, with much more detail and precision than the EB200, which have a blunt sound, less balanced and in some way even unbalanced, with some pronounced peaks in low, center and treble low, with as many valleys in between.

Although the EB200 does not offer bad sound at all, the comparison with the EB2 enhances its negative side.


EB2 with full foam + donuts, RY4S with double full foams.

The RY4S have a marked V-profile with more presence of sharper bass and treble. To me the treble of the RY4S is a little excessive, hence I use double foams to smooth the upper part a little, at least try to soften them. In the EB2 this does not happen since its treble is present but soft and I can hold it without any problem. Although the mid zone of the RY4S is clear and defined, it is quite far compared to that of the EB2. There is a great difference in this range between both, the EB2 mids are rich in nuances and quantity, as well as warm. While in the RY4S they are narrower and simpler.

I can’t compare the amount of music that is lost with the RY4S or is won with the EB2, although they are worth 4 times less.

Seahf AWK-F150C

Both with full foam + donuts.

These Seahf are one of my favorite earbuds. V sound when compared to EB2, or rather in L. Very good bass quality, I love them. Recessed mids but still enjoyable. The treble is very controlled. The EB2 have significantly lower, more present mids, as well as treble.

The large presence of bass of the Seahf means that details are lost in the mids, while in the EB2 they shine in this aspect. The scene, clarity, separation, details and definition is better in the EB2.


I could compare the EB2 with so many other earbuds that I own but I think I would come to the same conclusion: somehow all my previous models have a V profile. Are they bad? No, but until I found the EB2 I have not seen the bright light of its mids, another sound that I like, although it has less bass. I had the Mrz Tomahawk, but I did not like a tenth of what I like about these EB2. Now I’m open to find another profile, this profile, without losing a bit of all the good that they offer me, but trying to gain something more in bass and a little more presence. These would be my perfect earbuds. And if the rest can be improved it would be incredible.

Actually EB2 smells like TOTL spirit.

Otto Motor

Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Superb clarity, detail, and resolution; comes with quality case and a good selection of foams.
Cons: Shows the typical physical limitations of an earbud with its somewhat small driver (relatively light bass; sound could be more dynamic).

You also find this review and much more on my blog

Executive Summary

The NiceHCK EB2 earbuds offer a slightly warm sound signature with excellent clarity, wide & tall but not so deep soundstage, very good resolution & detail and a focused but somewhat light bass with little sub-bass (owing to the physical limitations of an earbud in exchange for convenience: easy fit & comfort), a slightly recessed but realistic sounding midrange and well-extended treble. It provides a relaxed listening at low to medium volumes but the sound can get a bit thin and tinny at higher levels.

intro 1.jpg


I purchased the EB2 from Jim NiceHCK for $0.10 for this review.


I have to admit that I am presently catching up on low-priced earbuds. More than 10 years ago, I exclusively used (the first-generation) Apple buds included with my white ipod shuffle (the one that looked like pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum). I loved them and when I lost them on the bus a couple of years later, I replaced them with the $30 Sennheiser MX-560, which offered an even better sound…whereas Apple introduced a second generation of lower-quality buds prior to their earpods. These Senns have been my reference buds ever since but disappeared in the drawer when I started getting into earphones, first the V-Moda Vibe and Sennheiser CX-300B-MkII Precision until I dove in the world of Chifi starting with earlier KZ models.

  • Price (at the time of review): $32.99
  • Price for Head-Fiers (at the time of review): $26.99
  • Product Name: NICEHCK EB2 Metal Earbud
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity:116dB/mW
  • Frequency Range: 15-25000 Hz
  • THD: <1%@1KHz
  • Interface: 3.5mm
  • Cable Length: 1.2m ± 5cm
  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Mic/Remote: No
  • Plug type: Line Type
  • Drive unit: Single 14.8 mm PEK Diaphragm Dynamic Drive Unit
  • Product Link: NiceHCK Audiostore
    And that's how it (still) works:

    Using the code “Head-Fi discount” you can get it for $26.99: just add the code in the message field during checkout, select “other payment methods” place the order and then cancel payment. You will receive an e-mail confirming they manually adjusted the price, then you will be able to pay the discounted amount.

    When you look at your order at any time you’s see a note “awaiting payment”.

I will not harp too much on the next few paragraphs before “Tonality” as this has been done very well by others. None of the following will be a dealmaker or a dealbreaker.

Packaging and Accessories

The EB2 come in a small white box that acts as a shell for the sturdy case. Inside the case, there is a generous serving of foams, a shirt clip, and the buds themselves.


Physical Appearance, Haptic, and Build Quality

The black grille is allegedly made of ceramics and the silver back of the housings as well as the colour-coded strain reliefs are made of light metal. The cable appears to have just the right viscosity, it does not feel rubbery and contains a handy chin slider. Overall build is just fine.

content 3.jpg

Ergonomics, Comfort, Isolation and Fit

Well, earbuds are earbuds and these fit like all my other earbuds. Same with comfort and isolation but you don’t get earbuds because of their great isolation. The cross sectional area of the grille is the same as of my Sennheiser MX-560.


I listened to the EB2 without foams unless indicated otherwise using the iPhone 5S and the Shanling M0 player. As always, I tested the EB2 across a section of music that broadly covers the frequency spectrum, including natural sounds generated by voices and orchestral instruments…and all that for many hours.

The sound of the EB2 can be characterized in few simple words. It offers – as I perceive it – the typical earbud sound with a wide but somewhat flat soundstage (it is quite tall in this case), good clarity (in this case excellent) and a somewhat light bass with an even lighter sub-bass. Add a great resolution and layering to the EB2. Yes, the bass is a bit lean yet tight and focused. Using the donut foams adds body to the bass (and overall sound) but they also remove some control. Mids are slightly recessed yet voices are reproduced realistically but could be a bit richer and intimate in some situations. Treble is well extended and harmonizes with the overall sound. There is no pierce or sibilance and I listened to music fatigue-free for hours.

The EB2 sound best at low to medium volumes where they deliver a relaxed sonic image which greatly benefits from a good recording quality. At higher volumes the upper midrange can get a bit congested/shouty and the overall sound may become tinny and lack dynamics.

What reads like the EB2’s shortcomings appears to be typical for (?low-priced) earbuds in my experience and observed to different extents on all my other models. I attribute this to the combination of two physical constraints inherent to earbuds: lack of a perfect seal (partially depending on individual ear shape) owing to a generally suboptimal orientation within the ear and a relatively small driver. That’s where an earbud is generally inferior to a headphone with its much bigger driver or to an earphone with well sealing tips. Nevertheless, the NiceHCK EB2 is by far the best earbud I have ever listened to.

Select Comparisons

Sennheiser MX-560 (~$30, discontinued): the EB2 are simply better sounding and more musical on all fronts to my big surprise. The Senns, my previous earbud reference, sound tinnier, are harder to driver and cannot compete in terms of richness of sound, resolution, details etc. Respect, NiceHCK.

Headroom MS16 (~$10): the MS16 were hyped a while ago on Audiobudget and are miles behind the Sennheiser MX-560, which are way behind the EB2. Nothing more than yet another good value for the drawer.

Apple Earpods (~$30): tinny sounding and highly inferior to the EB2 but they are great for phone calls and have stellar ergonomics. The EB2 lacks a microphone which would add essential earbud functionality.

VE Monk Plus (~$5): Sennheiser lookalike and good enough for listening to FM radio but no competitor to the EB2. I gave one of my two pairs to a friend who failed to find another friend to give it to…

Concluding Remarks

The NiceHCK EB2 earbuds fully met my expectations and even surprised me as they outclass my discontinued/hard to get Sennheiser earbuds in their price range while completely trashing my $10 bud suite. But they still don’t offer sonic miracles: just like with their German buddies [pun intended!], the EB2’s sound is limited by physical constraints. The EB2 imo cover special listening niches, be it for people who cannot stand rubber or foam tips drilled deep into their ear canals or for others who need to be aware of their surroundings during listening. I will use these earbuds with pleasure for watching moving pictures on my ipad or for classical music before switching the light off at night hoping that my wife is not ripping my head off if they bleed too much.

You can get the NiceHCK EB2 only HERE at a discounted price of $26.99 for Head-Fiers.
And that's how it (still) works:

Using the code “Head-Fi discount” you can get it for $26.99: just add the code in the message field during checkout, select “other payment methods” place the order and then cancel payment. You will receive an e-mail confirming they manually adjusted the price, then you will be able to pay the discounted amount.

When you look at your order at any time you’s see a note “awaiting payment”.

Outro 5.jpg


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Excellent clarity and detail, brings warmth to mids and a bright upper range without being overly fatiguing.
Cons: may require some tinkering with foams to fit properly, lightweight cable may be prone to breakage.

Disclaimer: I purchased the NiceHCK EB2 during a lucky box sale on Aliexpress. I received no discounts beyond the sale price or other incentives for this review. I also purchased the EBX (big brother) from NiceHCK and did receive a discounted rate on it. Thoughts here are my own and not coerced in anyway.

Earbuds had all but faded from memory when awhile back a flurry of new designs reintroduced me to the possibilities of what can be done with an earbud. Models like the FiiO EM3, the VE Monk, and the Edifier H185 all brought new life to the earbud segment and proved that earbuds still had a lot to offer the listening public. Best of all, these were all models that were priced low enough that for the price a lunch you could take them home. The drawback to that is that we cannot expect high end sound with a low end budget. (Hope for sure, but expect?) This reawakening was enough to make me wonder if you put a bit more budget into an earbud, what can you expect. For that reason, I have been listening to several recently released earbuds ranging up to $150.

Today’s subject is the NiceHCK Eb2 which dispenses with some of the high-end features of its bigger siblings and brings the price down into the $35 range (Sometimes less if you catch a good sale as I did).

Unboxing / Packaging:

The EBX ships in a small white cardboard box with a line drawing of the earbuds and the company logo and model name on the front. The reverse of the box has all the pertinent details in english and Chinese. The left side of the box has the indicator for color (silver or black). Opening the box reveals a small black rubberized soft case bearing the NiceHCK logo. All other items are tucked neatly inside the case. Unzipping the case finds the earbuds themselves and a bag of solid and donut foams.



The earpieces are cone shaped with vents on either side of the rear of the cone. The grate is black ceramic with two large slots on the rear face to allow air flow (similar to its larger brother). The first inch of cable is housed inside a metal stem that attaches near the rear of the cone and has a color coded ring to identify right and left. The cable itself is a very thin stranded silver plated wire with chrome plated fixtures to match the earbuds themselves. The coating on the cable is well done as it is neither sticky or tangle prone as some others are. A chin slider is provided above the rectangular splitter block and could be missed at first glance as it blends nearly perfectly with it. at the far end is the standard 3.5 TRS connector also in a matching polished chrome finish with a short but robust strain relief. Personal preference would be for a 90 degree jack here. The EB2 uses a the same single 14.8mm PET dynamic driver rated at 32Ω with a sensitivity listed as either 116 or 106 dB/mW depending on which source is correct.



The EB2, unlike its larger brother, is designed with only tip down wear in mind. The extended metal stems around the cable all but preclude wearing them tip up. For me, the fit is more natural than what I get with the EBX as it sit a bit lower in the ear than the EBX when worn tip down. This is due to the difference in positioning of the cable. On the EB2 it exists near the rear of the housing and drops out of the body of the bud. On it larger sibling the Connector is offset to the front and forces a more shallow fit in my ear. I was able to do a 30 minute jog on the treadmill without jarring these out of my ear without foams installed. I was concerned about this as they are extremely lightweight.


All of my listening notes are done without any foams installed. If you use the EB2 with foams, except some differences between my notes and your listening experience. If you have already read my EBX review, you’ll recognize a few of the comments as they are very similar but not quite exact duplicates.


Bass is very well controlled and proportioned. Sub-bass is light, but present with mid-bass providing 90% of the low end. I think the combination of housing shape, depth of fit, and lack of seal all conspire to minimize sub-bass. Mid-bass is slightly forward of the lower mids and a small amount of bleed into the mids provides some warmth without obscuring too much.


As previously mentioned, the lower mids are slightly recessed and there is perceptible bleed that provides a bit of extra warmth and body to the overall presentation. As we move into the upper-mids the detail level is exceptional and as a result the upper-mids and lower treble sound extremely clear. The combination of really well done upper mids and lower treble make vocals stand out without detracting from the other instruments in the mix.


Lower treble is again well in sync with the mids and gives a nice unified feel to vocals without a lot of differentiation between lower and upper register vocals. As we move up, the upper treble steps back just a bit and while still providing plenty of air and sparkle avoids sounding metallic or strident. Cymbals have a nice crisp sound without coming off as digital in their reproduction which is a tough thing to do. I found no tendency toward sibilance even when intentionally trying to EQ it into the mix.

Soundstage / Imaging:

Soundstage is very good with a bit more width than depth while a sense of height is present as well. Instrument separation is very good and the EB2 had no trouble keeping up with tracks like Blues hand me down that can get muddy if not up to the task. Layering is also equally good when compared to the flagship EBX. the EB2 and its larger brother both show no signs of congestion even with orchestral pieces and imaging is accurate.


vs MrZ. Tomahawk

bass is more controlled on EB2 with less bleed than Tomahawk.

Tomahawk is more forward treble and may be harsh at times.

Layering and imaging are better on EB2 (by a good margin)

vs NiceHCK EBX

build quality and cable are far better on EBX

Eb2 has 95% of the sound quality of the EBX for less than 1/2 the price


Thoughts / Conclusion:

NiceHCK set out to make a flagship earbud in the EBX and then to make the same sound signature affordable to a broader range of people with the EB2. I think they succeeded on both counts. The EBX is certainly on par with other flagship earbuds and the EB2 loses very little of that sound signature to the changes made to lower the price. While I have some concerns about the durability of the EB2 with its non-removable and extremely lightweight cable, I love the fit in my ear and the fact that I can forget I have them in and just listen to the music. I dare say I like the EB2 a bit better than the EBX as it just fits me better. If you have had a desire to try a flagship earbud, the EB2 is an excellent way to try out the breed without spending flagship money to do so. The problem for NiceHCK well may be the toughest competition for their EBX is their EB2, I guess that’s a good problem to have as either way, they sell a great earbud.