NiceHCK Blocc IEM Cable

General Information


1. Product Name: NICEHCK 5N UPOCC copper cable
2. Brand and Model: NICEHCK Blocc
3. Material: 5N UPOCC copper
4. Purity: 99.999%
5. Internal core structure: Litz structure
6.Outer skin material: Nylon
7.Color: Black
8.Plug type: 3.5 /2.5 /4.4mm straight plug
9.Connector: MMCX/0.78mm 2Pin/QDC 2Pin connector

10.Conductor core: 26AWG
11.Number of cores: 98*2 {(98*0.06mm)*2}
12.Outer diameter of internal single core: 0.06mm
13.Single outer skin diameter:2.7mm

Latest reviews

Pros: Follow up to the Oalloy UPOCC copper cables, Strong well made cable, 2 cores of a thick 98 interweaved copper per core. Copper enhancing properties including full bodied mids to an outstanding bass enhancing ability. Smooths out them treble peaks. Nice upgrade to your stock cables.
Cons: Minor cord noise, Stiff thicker ear guide. No frills packaging.
NiceHCK Blocc
New from the creators of all things earphones comes a new cable on the heels of one of their most successful cables the UPOCC Oalloy cables I did a review for here. Comes a new version of the 5N UPOCC cable now called the Blocc. The new look copper cable from NiceHCK now looks similar to the finish of their C4-1 cables incorporating a nylon covering in all black. The difference in core structure goes from 4 cores in the Oalloy to only 2 in the Blocc. However, each cores of the Blocc has more interweaved cable threads 98 per core vs 44 per core for the Oalloy. Each core is thick and is twisted to form the bulk of the cable. If you’re looking for a strong cable to use, the Bloccs are well made and will withstand the years of use. They can be purchased with all the most popular terminations and connectors on the sales page. Here.

I would like to thank Jim and NiceHCK for the review sample of the Bloccs. These are my thoughts about their newest cables for your earphones.
UPOCC stands for Ultra Purity Ohno Continuous Casting. Just know that this particular copper design was done to make a more pure copper cable to use for your favorite earphones. It is the stuff that people will charge more for. Claims aside it really comes down to the sonic ability of such a cable and so what does the Blocc offer for sonic scalability?
The Bloccs come in a standard no frills NiceHCK zip up pouch that comes with a lot of their in ears. Upon open inspection while the cable design is a twisted dual core design. Each core has some substance. The overall thickness of the cables is similar to the thickness of a lot of 4 cores or even 8 cored equivalents. I am sure the nylon covering adds a bit of bulk here but for the most part the cable looks to be sturdy and well built. The review sample I got has a straight 2.5mm plug and standard 2 pin connectors and Y slitter with chin slider all in chrome accents. Which matches well with the black nylon. The cable is soft but the ear guides are stiff. At one point I will have to perform a minor surgery to take off the ear guides.
The issue with nylon coverings is that it does emit some cable noise even worn over the ears. The Blocc also incorporates a thicker stiff ear guide. Due to the thickness the cable sits firmly over the ear with no give or discomfort. I will admit that I am more of a fan of not using ear guides as these types of cables actually sit around the ears more snug and with added comfort vs having ear guides.
Some don’t believe in sonic enhancements using cables attached to your in ears but I also know that some folks don’t have the hearing sensitivity to really hear any differences so I don’t blame them. Just don’t tell me cables don’t make a difference for my own earphones. For me anyways it absolutely does. I listen to music and my earphones every single day and when a new parameter like a cable change is introduced it is easy for me to hear the differences but that particular ability to pick off differences may vary depending on how you hear and perceive sound.
A cable like the Blocc is not like the cheaper grade of cables sold on even NiceHCKs own website. These cables give the enthusiast a good taste of what higher end cables do but at a much more affordable price. I say affordable because such cables from a boutique shop and you will be spending 2X more. As with all of NiceHCK cables. The Blocc will have solid connectors and terminations. I do not perceive any weak spots on the cable itself.
Higher quality of copper makes your sound more pristine. The Blocc cable is a copper based cable adding fullness and warmth to otherwise dry and flat sonic production of your earphones. Copper based cables do well for mid band and bass production and the Blocc cable is exceptional in these two fronts. Treble is not affected as much as the silver varieties but that can be a good thing. I don’t perceive a lessening of treble detail and sparkle but the Bloccs won’t enhance that part of the treble either. Your earphones will sound more musical, more spacious with an outstanding deep reaching bass ability UPOCC copper cables can reproduce.
Brothers from the same mother. Oalloy next to the Blocc

In general UPOCC copper cables gives a better sense of space and deepness to your music. Bass is the best I have ever heard from any cable and I can tell the material here is of similar quality to the Bloccs brother the Oalloy. These share similarities in how they project sound so it will come down how you want to have your cables look on your earphones. All black nylon covered cable or the traditional clear copper look of the Oalloy.
Having reviewed my share of sub $200 cables I now have a greater appreciation of what these type of cables offer. They are most definitely a step above your average budget aftermarket cable and my best advice for such a cable. If the sound characteristics seems to be what your looking for than catch one on sale. Aliexpress and NiceHCK hold a lot of sales events so not just regarding this particular cable but any cable you see on the sites. Wait for a sale and grab em when you can. The cables are worth the money for certain but even better when you get a better deal on them.
Party on your Blocc w/NF audio NM2.

Blocc cables do well for analytical tuned detailed earphones that need some meat injected to the sonics. It is all about getting the right mix of smoothing fullness and bass connected to that detailed highly resolving earphone. BAs do particularly well with the Blocc cable since it seems to have a direct effect on the tone of the BAs. Good copper cables like the Bloccs takes a bit of the edge off and reduces treble glare on highly technical type sound signatures. If its bright use copper is my motto. Fan of bass? Bloccs will give the best deep reaching bass to the ability of your earphone.

This segment will be different pairings with the Blocc
First up is the NF audio’s NA1. A highly resolving single dynamic earphone has great detail and clarity. Blocc injection makes them much more musical. More fuller body in note and has the best bass production possible for the NA1. This match was a perfect one as the Bloccs smoothed out the upper treble a touch and gives a more even tone to the sonics of the NA1. Fantastic pairing for analytical tuned monitors and it shows here with the NA1. Bass ability is the best I have heard on the NA1 using the Bloccs. Mids have better presence here vs the stock cable.
Next up is the Tansio Miral TSMR-4 pro. This all BA earphone from Tansio Mirai also exhibits a well balanced detailed tuning and the match up here is fantastic. Very dimensional the sound gets to be using this cable. The treble has a slight smoothening effect using the Bloccs and this makes the TSMR-4 pro sound even more refined than it already is. Bass again here gets a nice uplift in quality due to the cable. Mids gets more spacious sounding. Stage gets a natural sound expansion using the Bloccs. This was an excellent pairing with the TSMR-4 pros. I can’t say which pairing I like better here between the TSMR-4 pro or the NA1 shown previously.
Last pairing shown is NiceHCKs own NX7 Pro. As expected this pairing was substantial. Fuller more dimensional stage. One of the minor complaints I had about the NX7 pro was that it has a limited stage perception due to all them drivers crammed inside that smaller shell. It still retains that piezo treble but now the mids and bass has come up a level on the NX7 pro giving it a more balanced sound. The Blocc is most definitely an upgrade from the excellent pack in C-16 copper cable. A better dimensional wider deeper and fuller stage as a result. Musicality is at an all time high on the NX7 pros. Very great pairing here. Pairings on highly detailed earphones match up extremely well with the Bloccs smooth fullness and that ability to portray the best bass possible for any earphone. Never heard a better version of the NX7.

In conclusion. NiceHCK has done it once again with the introduction of an excellent sound enhancing cable in the Bloccs. Next time you see these on sale. Go for it. It will match up with just about any earphone that needs a bit of musicality thrown in the mix. For the asking price these are definitely worth getting a set for your favorite earphones. They are versatile and has outstanding higher copper properties that will add some thickness, fullness, stage enhancing dimensional mids, one of the best at bass enhancement, treble smoothing ability to just about any earphone. As always thanks for reading.
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Black/red combos with NX7 and TSMR are too attractive in this case, and NA1 looks like a next-gen stealth bomber. Really good.
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