NiceHCK 4 core pure silver cables

General Information


①Product Name: NICEHCK 4N Litz Pure Silver Cable
②Brand and Model: NICEHCK LitzPS
③Cable Material: 4N Pure Silver
④Cable Core: 0.08*10, 4 Strands 40 Cores; 1.2m±3cm, Internal Core 0.092mm with Litz
⑤Cable Diameter: 28AWG(Inside Diameter 0.33mm,Cross Sectional Area 0.0553mm²)
⑥Skin Material: American PVC
⑦Insulation Material: Litz
⑧Length: 1.2m ± 3cm
⑨Impedance: < 0.3ohm
⑩Inductance: 0.4uF/ft
⑪Solder: WTB Solder Silver Solder
⑫Plug: 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm
⑬Connector: MMCX/0.78mm 2Pin/QDC 2Pin/NX7 2Pin
⑭Plug Material: Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel
⑮Splitter Material: Carbon Fiber & Stainless Steel

Latest reviews

$20 pure silver cables to replace your $400 cables.
Pros: Well made, soft supple with no cord noise, actual pure silver, you can order every type of connector for just about any type of earphone, So cheap your gonna wish you bought an extra set when you ordered your first set. So good sounding your gonna wish you bought an extra set when you ordered your first set. So good of a value your gonna wish you bought an extra set when you ordered your first set.
Cons: Thin cores but you have to expect that for the price. Comes in a bag. None really.
NiceHCK 4 core pure silver IEM cables.
New cable item on their website. NiceHCK has come out with a new pure 4n silver cable for IEMs for the very easy price of $20ish. No real name associated with this model but I was given a review sample for purpose of review. So how does this budget cable do? Let's find out.

These cables can be purchased on NiceHCK site here. They are already very popular among enthusiasts but I figure I would add to the praise on these. I would like to thank Jim at NiceHCK for the review sample of these cables. This is my honest take on them.
Silver has always been a luxury among enthusiasts and for good reason. It is the best conductor for sound among all materials. The allure of shopping on the express is the idea of getting a lot for not much money and I think NiceHCK has done just this with these cables. Considering how much boutique vendors sell their pure silver cables. I was in disbelief that a good pure silver cable can be purchased at the $20 price point. I mean these can’t be any good right? Build must be terrible right?
Nope and more nope. What you're getting in these cables is sheer value. My tester for silver cables happens to be an earphone that excels with silver based cables. It has a particular sound by only using silver The Penon Orbs. It will let me know if fake is involved. Because silver based cables make them shine and bring detail the stock cable just does not.. So when I got this cable from NiceHCK. I had a hard time understanding how it is that they can offer a pure silver cable of this quality for this little. More disbelief was that not only did this cable shine with my Orbs but it clearly was showing me it has the resolution of a pure silver cable for any earphone I was going to use it on.
There is no faking pure silver folks. You can tell the difference in sound characteristics. Sound resolution is by far the best with pure silver cables. And this $20 cable has replaced a $200 silver cable I was using before it. Too good to be true you say?

Silver cables have its use for earphones. You have a warm smooth full bodied sounding earphone that can use a bit more treble energy and overall detail sound? Try a pure silver cable. Earphones with ample bass but not enough treble energy? Try a pure silver cable. Need your mids to be less warm with a cleaner presentation? Try silver.
Not any silver. These silver cables. Because they are identical to silver cables that cost 5X as much. I do cable reviews here on Headfi and own my share of silver cables. This is based on extensive tests using my warmest earphones I own and against many other silver cables head to head. My advice. Silver cables for earphones is like having a set of your favorite ear tips on hand. Cable rolling is essential to getting the best out of your earphones and who don’t want that? These are cheap enough to get one in every type of connection of earphones you own and will still be cheaper than the cheapest silver cable from a boutique vendor.
The only real negative I have is that the 4 cores are thin covered in a clear soft shielding. The Shielding seems as thick or thicker than the cables. You can’t expect a thick portion of silver for the money here. These do look a bit frail but as long as you're not handling these like they are made of a kevlar coating. You will be fine. It is the sound they help produce that make them a valuable tool in getting that sound just right for your earphones.
In the end it is items like these for the enthusiasts that end up making it worthwhile to take a gamble on shipping from Aliexpress. To be fair it is the sign of the times. You should eventually get your items but as a disclaimer.. There are no real guarantees you will get them in a timely manner nowadays. Well there is the 90 days or so you gotta wait till you can claim you never got your item. That is another problem altogether. In any case, these cables are worth owning a few sets for your earphones especially if you're a collector of earphones like many of you guys and gals are. Thanks for reading and always happy listening.
Let us know how it is when you get em.
Definitely will. Gotta say though; everything I've ever purchased from Nicehck has been great value for the money. From the original NX7 to all the aftermarket cables I've bought from them...I've never been disappointed. People can say what they want about Chifi; but for me, Nicehck is definitely one of the better ones.
It's a bit sad, but when I say cables make a difference in sound on the IEM threads I get 'stones' thrown. Although people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I think this silver cable surely would convince sceptics. This silver NiceHCKcable set against my copper ISN Audio C16 is so different how could anybody not notice it?


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