Neco Soundlab V2 Portable Amp

General Information

Neco Soundlab is a ‘boutique’ manufacturer (selling only through eBay), of a neat little battery‑powered headphone amplifier that suits the pockets of those with budget restrictions, while still being able to please their ears! The Portable V2 Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier is intended to accept the signal from a computer soundcard or other modest source, and amplify it using a pair of high-precision AD8610 JFET op‑amps. It’s intended for use with headphones between 32Ω and 300Ω impedance. Our review model is housed in an extruded anodised-aluminium case measuring 63 x 30 x 105mm (WxHxD, including the knobs and sockets), and although the review model had no panel labelling, retail versions are very clearly and neatly labelled.
The front panel carries an on‑off toggle switch, a pair of 3.5mm jack sockets (for input and output) and a volume knob. There’s a blue LED that illuminates when the unit is powered. The rear panel carries a coaxial charging socket and associated red LED, and a suitable 12V DC wall‑wart power unit is included for recharging the battery.


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