Nationite Nanite N2

General Information

The Nationite NaNite N2 is the second in the NaNite MP3 player line, it incorporates the MAX9722 headphone amplifier chip, which helps to drive even the most demanding of headphones, but without sacrificing audio quality.

The N2 is small, sleek and is capable of lasting a good 20hrs on a full charge (playing 128kbps MP3 files), it also charges quickly, a 2hr charge will give you almost another full 20hrs of playback!

The NaNite N2 is perfect for those that have been looking for something small, capable of good audio quality, but still powerful enough to drive their earphones to their full potential. To top it off the the NaNite N2 also comes with BBE audio enhancement, this includes preset eq's as well as 3 user definable BBE eq's.


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