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Mytek Manhattan

  • Beautiful contemporary high-end eclosure design High Current 1.6 Amp, High Transient, Dual Mono state of the art Headphone Amp easily drives most demanding headphones. 32 bit conversion DSD256 PCM384 Oversized dual separate digital/analog power supplies Femto clock technology USB & Firewire Preamp Function with multiple digital and analog inputs 2 year warranty The best ever sounding Mytek DAC

    - Conversion: 32bit PCM up to 384k, DXD, DSD-DS-DSD256 (11.2 MHz)

    - Dynamic Range: 130dB (ESS Sabre chipset in 8 mono to 2 stereo config.)

    - Femtoclock Internal Clock Generator (lps jitter.) Wordclock In and Out, or sync to incoming digital audio input with JET (tm) PLL. Time Domain Jitter Eliminator

    - Headphone Amp: High Current, High Slew Rate ultra low distortion 1600mA Hi-Fi dual mono design, 0.25 Ohm impedance with gain selector switch

    - Computer Audio Inputs and Outputs: Firewire 400/800 up to PCM 192k/DSD async, USB2.0 up to 384k/DSD256, USB 1.1 up to PCM 96k, driver-less. DSD DOP256 SDIF DSD input, optional SACD optical input ***

    - Digital Audio Inputs: SPDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink all up to 192k single wire. DSD-DSD256 SDIF DSD input, optional SACD optical input ***

    - Internal Hardware Upsampling to DSD256: Any digital signal can be upsampled to DSD256 for superior DAC chipset performance*

    - Internal PCM Hardware Upsampling: 16bit 44.1k etc. can
    be optionally upsampled prior to conversion to 192k/24bit.

    - Analog Attenuator: Transparent, 1dB stepped programmable, separate for main out and headphones. Or 32 bit digital attenuator or relay bypass of the attenuator can be chosen by user

    - Analog Inputs: 2 Unbalanced RCA, 1 Balanced XLR

    - Linear Power Supplies, Separate: Oversized 50VA analog, 50VA digital,
    Worldwide **

    - Firmware updates: online, user downloadable, periodic feature upgrades

    - Ability of converting standard digital audio inputs into
    computer FW/Thunderbolt input

    - Apple aluminum remote (included) and universal remote capable

    Special hardware options:

    - EMM Labs, Playback Design compatible optical SACD digital input board ***

    - Ultra high preformance MM, MC phono preamplifier board ****

    * DSD256 upsampling available in Q4/2014 via firmware update
    ** 115/230V 50/60 worlwide model, or 100V/230V japanese model (available only in Japan)
    *** Available Q4/2014
    **** Available Q1/2015


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