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Musiland Digital Times 24/192 PCI card

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  1. AiZ0
    "PCI sound interface with RCA/BNC/TOSLINK outputs"
    Pros - Works as intended under Windows XP and Seven x64
    Cons - Driver support?
    So it works, under Windows XP 32bit, with Foobar2000 and ASIO plugin. Just for fun, I've tested it with XMPlay + ASIO plugin, it works too.
    Since may 2011, driver is unified and works with the Moli model too ("Device Driver for MUSILAND Monitor Series(Legacy)" in the MlVTMon.inf file). Drivers are a bit of concern for me, doesn't seem that Musiland are renowned for that. But today they are functional with my setup, so far, so good.
    With the Digital Times model, control panel looks like that :
    I don't plan to migrate to Windows Seven soon, sorry for people who want to know if it works correctly with 7.
    Update september 2011: I eventually migrate to Windows Seven x64, everything is Ok.

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