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MusicMaker MrZ Tomahawk HiFi Earbud

  • HiFi Earbud


    - Impedance: 32Ω
    - Sensitivity: 113dB/mW
    - Frequency range: 15-28000Hz
    - Housing: Iron Metal Alloy (Aluminum?)
    - Cable Length: 1.2m
    - Plug: Straight 3.5mm
    - Weight: 25g


    - Tomahawk Earbud (Silver Version)
    - Small Triangle Portable Hard Case
    - Shirt Clip
    - 8 Pairs of Foam Covers (2 Red/2 Red w/Hole - 2 Black/2 Black w/Hole)

Recent Reviews

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Excellent earbuds with a precious look and wide airy soundstage.
    Written by NymPHONOmaniac
    Published Jun 3, 2016
    Pros - Superb airy soundstage, excellent instruments separation, very detailed highs, foward sirupous vocals, fancy looking, good construction
    Cons - Kind-of-Bright Soundsignature is a love or hate affair, can be uncomfortable or unwearable for some, need good amping to get the best out of them
    MRZ TOMAHAWK Musicmakers Earbuds review :


    I'm not really a earbuds fan and have very fews of them in my life.
    Lately my curiosity about their open sound potential begin to grow and I want to try some promising ones. Because of the good reviews and praising about the Mrz Tomahwak here on Headfi, I decide to try them and have big attempt when I receive it. My attempt wasn't deceive but I wasn't blown away too by the sound these earbuds produce, in fact, to got the best out of them you need a quite powerfull DAP, these earbuds are capricious like my grados SR325 and need lot of goodwill from their user to be enjoy, once you give them what they want they will sound sincerly superb.

    P6030068.jpg P6030071.jpg P6030077.jpg

    These earbuds look like a silver jewel : they shine, are big and have a fancy metal brushed look and modern kind-of-sci-fi-looking design (look like they came from the David Cronnenberg movie Existenz). This is heavy construction and I just discover that the metal part were the cable go in the earshell is unscrewable so...dont play too much with this possibility if you don't want to have unwanted result. The cable is of high quality and look very sturdy. What is the more important to know about the Tomahawk is the fact that they are BIG and HEAVY earbuds, not appropriate for people with small ears. I have big ears and find them difficult to were properly because they inconditionnaly want to pop up my ears. When I ask my small eared girlfriend to try them, I know it would be impossible and quite ridiculous and it was : it was like trying to pass an elephant trough a pin hole. So, small ears people, pass on these earbuds, even masochist will not find them pleasant to wear if they can't keep still in their ears. For big-eared audiophile mamals, yes, their hope to wear and enjoy them properly so don't run away from what they can reward you off.



    The Mrz benefit from amping source, for example it sound better from the Line out of my Ibasso Dx80 to the Fiio E7 amp and avoid hissing problem that can occur while playing directly out of the Dx80. I make a test with some Beth Gibbons problematic song that was sounding a little too bright and making some hiss with Gibbons particular voice when playing it on too revalating DAP (Ibasso Dx80-90) and it appear that the peaky voice problem did not occur out of Fiio E7 warmish OP-Amp. It loose a little bit of details but the musicality is more natural and the bass and voice are little more fowards too, really a good duo that solve a minimal but sometime anoying micro-harshness problem.

    Comparing with the cheaper Tuna CM6 or VJJB C1 earbuds, Mrz are way more airy and wide in soundstage, have more texture and bass, more details and overall musicality. Not that Tuna CM6 sound bad (when goodly amped) but they aren't from the same league at all and wasn't meant to. As for VJJB C1 I don't like them and find them not musical at all, they sound like distant elevator speakers and aren't a competitor at all against the TOMAHAWK.

    LOWS :
    The bass isn't enormous with the MrZ but is there in it's own way and I think we can say the low frequencies are quite well rendered for an earbud. The bass performance remind me of Grado soundsignature that do not have sub bass but a very punchy and energic sound. Compared to the other earbuds I have it is the one that have more bass and make it sound more natural and easily discernable. I do not suggest to use these earbuds for bass heavy or electronic music because it will not sound right. As it can render sub woofer like lows, the MrZ are more appropriate for acoustic music, classical, jazz, folk or live albums. If you play BIG bass music at high volume, it is possible to heard little distortion, perhaps it is a defect of mine but one earbud make rattle noise with some type of bass at high volume, anyway, it happen with all my Grado headphones too.
    With Xduoo X3 : Bass is smooth and laid back, using and external amp help to improve his weight.
    With Ibasso Dx80:With his warm sound and round bass, the Mrz sound natural and render full spacious bass performance that is ideal for jazz and classical as it give thickness to cello playing.
    With Ibasso Dx90 : Bass is brighter and less airy but very textured, clear and punchy.

    MIDS :
    This is where the Tomahawk show his real talent, the vocals on these are fowards and clear, a little bright but in a musical and airy way. It's a real pleasure to listen to jazz signer with these and there a sense of intimacy in the presentation of vocal, resolution is really high so you hear the voice in full details wich will be a drawback with bad recording. Even if I find a lack of warmest to smooth a little vocals peaks, the airy presentation compensate it from being harsh or fatiguing. Mids are extremely clear and well balanced in sound spectrum, as instruments separation is very good you can easily locate the signers in the sound imaging. Bass do not bloat mids and the treble is sparkly.
    With Xduoo X3 : Mids are a little less fowards but sound smoother and more relax.
    With Ibasso DX80 : Mids are in front and have more weight, the presentation is vast and airy, another time it's the best combination.
    With Ibasso DX90 : Very detailed vocal, precise piano and textured violin and electic guitar, very good for instrumental music with lot of instruments less so with harshy voice.

    HIGHS :
    These earbuds are VERY detailed and on the bright side, treble is very extended to the point it can be problematic wtih some recording that have background noise or bad mastering. This mean that you have a very revealing and detailed sound too, that texture is very present and instruments separation have a high resolution to it. The problem with the highs is that it can be harsh sounding with some audio source, I encounter this especially with the Ibasso Dx90 but have issue with this particular soundsignature with all my players when I play more dry sounding music. Excellent recording will sound excellent and very energic, right now I listen to a song with violin picking, guitar, violin solo, drum, bass and a female signer and it is very impressive that I can clearly hear all of this instruments and have no congestion in the whole. The Mrz are very agile earbuds that have a serious audiophile sound to it.
    With Xduoo X3: Highs are smoother and more liquid, the sound is more laid back and perfect for relax musicality.
    With Ibasso Dx80: High are more energic and spacious, treble is warmer than with the Dx90. Excellent!
    With Ibasso Dx90: Too analytical and bright, never congested, but can be fatiguing with long listening. Lack musicality.


    Due to the plenty of positive review of this earbuds, my attempt was Enormous and I can't say I was neither deceive or blown away. I paid 36$ for them at Shenzhen HCkexin Electronic Technology on Aliexpress and my review will have been different if I pay the MSRP 50$ price. At this price they are a real deal, the construction is excellent and the soundsignature is unique and incredibly airy. I can't experience this type of listening with any other earphones or earbuds as it is like having portable speakers on your 2 shoulders. Still, I find that the sound can be improve and hope for a less bright version of this earbuds so they can be more of an all-arounder. Anyway, they are the best earbuds I heard until now so take my review with a grain of salt, i'm quite a severe headfier (5 star is for Miracle). If I do not have encounter the little rattle-distortion noise with some bassy songs (2 songs out of 1000) I would have give it a half star more. All in all, this is a MUST for any earbuds lover (with big ears holes).
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  2. ryanjsoo
    Mrz Music Maker Tomahawk Review – Fullmetal Overachiever
    Written by ryanjsoo
    Published Apr 19, 2016
    Pros - Balanced sound, Clarity and detail, Agile/tactile bass response, Metal Design looks and feels brilliant, Well relieved cabled
    Cons - Cable is tacky and springy, Might be too bright for some, Not the most comfortable earbud, Sound on the thinner side

    Introduction – 

    The Mrz Tomahawk`s are an earbud from Chinese audio company Music Maker. They have received quite a bit of attention lately and represent the next step up from the likes of the Baldoor E100, Fiio EM3 and VE Monk, all budget champs with their own unique tonalities. The Tomahawk deviates from these buds through it`s bespoke metal build and a sound promising “Dual BA” like quality, though it is a dynamic driver earbud. Music Maker present the Tomahawk as a neutral, audiophile orientated earbud, claims worthy of the attention it`s garnered of late, but does the Tomahawk impress? Let`s find out.


    *I ordered the Tomahawks from Easyearphones, a popular seller on Aliexpress. They arrived in Australia a month after my order, pretty typical for a parcel from China. The suspense was immense.


    he plated, low profile y-split and plug, the Tomahawks are a thing of beauty. They combine impeccable materials with a retro inspired design that really strikes the eye. Pictures don`t do the Tomahawks justice, they look even better in person. I have the silver version but the black model looks just as nice, they remind me of an earbud Grado in a way.




    The Tomahawks are actually very shallow fitting, even for an earbud and I had some discomfort from the ribbed strain reliefs rubbing on my ear. It takes some adjusting, but once you find the right position, they are can be work for hours, they`re just a little more finicky than plastic buds. The housings are smooth with rounded edges, the face is plastic and a little less imposing on the ear. The housings are also quite small for an earbud, much smaller than the Baldoor E100 and even smaller than the Fiio EM3`s, an earbud considered compact itself.


    The metal feels great, you get that cool sensation when you first insert them but after a while they warm up to your skin temperature and you barely feel them, I`m a big fan. The sound changes a bit with the angle in your ear, but not nearly as much as the Bladoor E100`s, they are generally quite stable and consistent.


    When looking online, I initially thought that they had a sandblasted matte finish, but the Tomahawks are glossy. For better or for worse, they are definitely more catching than I thought they would be and they still have a slight texture to them for grip/comfort. On account of their light weight, I assume they are aluminum and they are impeccably well machined. They have just enough weight to feel premium but not enough to be even remotely cumbersome in the ear. The housings are very smooth and comfortable, more so with foams, whilst the stems have a concentric machined texture like the Klipsch x10`s, providing some added grip when inserting and removing the earphones.



    The cable is interesting, I`m not so sure about Music Maker`s choice here. The texture is terrible, it`s very tacky and springy, more than the E100 for sure. The cables don`t coil well and transmit a lot of noise, their only virtue is that the light seal prevents microphonics. At least the springiness negates the tacky texture and as a result, they don`t tangle easily. The cable is too thin above the y-split however, but it is very thick beneath it, Music Maker should`ve had full width all the way, but it seems to be a re-purposed generic Aliexpress cable. All ends are well relieved. Part of the reason why I chose the silver model over the black one was because the cable on the silver model is better relieved. The jack is gold plated for no crackling, the plug has a metal housing with a nice molded texture that is easy to use. There is a flexible strain relief that works well. The Y-split is similarly well relieved with a smooth metal housing and neck slider.  The neck slider is barely functional on account of the grippy cable, it`s a big disappointment.


    The earpieces have large metal strain-reliefs, they have no give at all so I`m not sure how effective they are at absorbing stress. They unscrew from the housings for easy cable replacements however (the cable is non-removeable). I did find them a little hard on the ear, producing a bit of a hot spot after about half an hour of listening. Unscrewing them produces a deeper, more comfortable fit, but the sound is drastically altered, sounding very veiled and losing a lot of top end clarity, not great. I might replace the cable with the Cygnus cable down the road (KINDEN silver plated cable from Aliexpress). There is no remote option for the Tomahawk.


    Light markings run the perimeter of the rear faces, portraying the branding, Music Maker and the Model Tomahawk, though I`m not sure what the Z signifies. The housings are identical with only very minute L and R markings on the bottom of the rear faces denoting orientation. Using the multi-coloured foams that come in the box alleviates this issue, but the red makes them look a bit more juvenile than I would have liked. Still, the Music Maker Tomahawks truly belong in your ears where you can`t see them and this is where they excel to an even greater degree.


    Sound –

    These are perhaps the only earbud where I felt the need to use full foams. I usually use donuts or none at all. For the sound segment of this review, I`ll be judging them in reference to the sound with full foams.

    The Tomahawks are very lean and balanced on a whole, with only a mild boost to the upper mids. The sound is thinner than my Oppo PM3`s and I would like a hair more lower mids, but they do have an extremely clean and clear sound similar to the Sennheiser ie800`s (tonality wise). They are far more balanced than the majority of earbuds. For example they have more midrange presence than the Baldoor E100 but less treble and far less upper bass/lower mids than the EM3. They are more appealing tonality wise than both. The Tomahawks to my ears were slightly mid forward even, but I prefer a more v-shaped sound.

    There is amazing separation to the sound, helped by the broad soundstage that has great width but excels especially in depth. The sound is very 3D and reverb effects sound thoroughly immersive. Instruments are very well separated and imaging is solid. The soundstage is better than the E100`s and similar to the EM3`s, there is more depth than either, but the EM3 has more width.

    They are quite sensitive, not as sensitive as the Baldoor E100`s, but a good deal more so than the Apple Earpods and Fiio EM3`s. They work well from a smartphone and even my iPod Nano. They don`t require amping but are resolving enough to benefit from a good DAC.

    Bass –

    The bass is just about neutral or perhaps slightly less. With full foams, there is plenty of quantity however and luckily, the bass is extremely textured, fast and resolving. The Tomahawk has good extension for an earbud, about the same as the EM3 if not more. There is a solid amount deep bass and some sub-bass. It is less boosted than the EM3 and E100 so it can come off as less impressive, but listen a little longer and you`ll realize it is far more so. The bass has that quality where it`s there and also not, depending on the source song, it can take a back seat to the superb midrange but also impose with authority, the Tomahawks never even encroach upon boominess or congestion however.

    The entire bass response is of fantastic quality and sounds full enough for almost any type of music, though I would call them more audiophile orientated. Quantity wise, the mid-bass is similar to the EM3, sounding nice and full but still very punchy whilst upper bass is a far more neutral. As such, the Tomahawk has no spill into the mids and the bass is much more defined, less thick and boomy. Lower mids are much cleaner too. The bass quality is brilliant and extremely tight but the quantity can be too anemic. For instsance, even my Oppo PM3s sound richer and they`re pretty much reference flat apart from some extra midrange body. I find it pretty spot on with foams but I wouldn`t listen to the Tomahawks without them, and they did take a day of adjustment, sounding a bit mid-forward and harsh at first. The Tomahawk`s sound is more textured than the E100 which was my previous earbud bass champ, I prefer the more linear sound of the Tomahawks, but for those looking for more slam, you can do no wrong with the E100`s.

    Mids –

    Great vocal performance combined with an abundance of details produces a very enjoyable listen. The mids are almost spot on, very smooth but a little bright at times. That being said, they are reasonably flat overall and definitely not peaky. They are amazingly refined for an earbud and quite spacious. The mids have the most clarity of any earbud I`ve tested so far, even more than the Baldoor E100`s, all the while managing to retrieve more detail and sound much more refined. They retrieve more detail than the EM3 despite being more recessed but some will miss the body and warmth that the EM3 provide. The E100`s are similarly bright but more recessed by comparison and no where near as smooth.

    The midrange performance is a big step up from $10-20 budget earbuds including the Monk+ (review coming soon). They are very transparent and synergize spectacularly with the slight warmth of my Fiio gear. Piano comes though clean, acoustic sound brilliant without excessive brightness and vocals sound superlatively smooth. Vocals can sound a bit metallic but foams increase midrange body to slightly above neutral levels, they are just about neutral with donut foams.

    Vocals and effects are very impressive through the Tomahawks, I enjoy them a lot. The lack of bass spill creates such a clean sound rarely heard at this price. They don`t have that hollowness that most earbuds have and neither do they over correct like the EM3`s, they sit happily in the Goldilocks zone.

    Highs –

    Treble has a roll off at the very top, but still sounds airy. It is missing that last bit of sparkle but has great body and texture. Like the mids, the treble response of the Tomahawks is the most detailed and refined of all the earbuds I have tested but not the most extended. The treble response prevents the bright mids from becoming overbearing and fatiguing, the Tomahawks aren`t hard to listen to. The treble is crisp in general and not overdone, it is neutral to my ears but rolls off quickly after that, the sound cuts off right at the top compared to my ie800`s and high hats can get lost in the mix. Overall it is more textured than even the EM3, but both the EM3 and E100 extend more, the Tomahawks have a lot more  treble body though, which prevents fatigue in rock songs and the like.


    Verdict –

    The Tomahawks are superior to the best budget earbuds you can buy, both in sound and build. They look amazing and provide a very refined and balanced sound with an emphasis on clarity. The unique metal housings are far more inspired than the usual generic designs employed by Chinese manufacturers and it`s genuinely charming.


    Music Maker have produced a strong offering for under $35 shipped, in fact they are one of the best earbuds money can buy and I personally prefer them to the Yuin PK1`s. The Tomahawks could have a remote model and they could also have nicer packaging, but the focus on pristine build and sound produces a great experience and I commend Music Maker for their achievement.

    Design – 9/10, I love the housings and abundant strain-relief, but the cable is rubbish. The metal strain-reliefs also dig into my ears after some time, producing a hot spot, it`s a shame that this design affects the sound so much  otherwise I would gladly remove them and re-cable. I wish Music Maker had employed a smoother cable and perhaps one that is less springy. Ironically the EM3 had a much better cable at a much cheaper price. Apart from that, the earphones are very ergonomic, the fit is very reliable for an earbud due to the thick strain reliefs and the sound is consistent with angle of fit, unlike the E100`s. That`s a big accolade for a piece of audio gear utilizing a form factor almost universally detested for poor fit.

    Bass – 7/10, Very tight and extremely textured, the bass has good extension but could do with a little more sub-bass to combat the loose seal. The bass is punchy and agile, and with regular foams there is plenty of quantity. They work well even for pop.

    Mids – 7.75/10, The mids are smooth with copious clarity and detail. They have are an evolution over the Monk+, E100 and EM3 in terms of refinement, they sound great. Bright signature might not be for everyone and they can sound metallic or artificial without the appropriate foam cover.
    Highs – 6.5/10, Treble performance is good, but overshadowed by the dreamy mids. The highs have only decent extension with some roll-off. The treble has very good detail retrieval and texture however, I would still call it superior to my previous favourite the Fiio EM3.
    Soundstage, Imaging and Separation – 10/10, Not as wide as the Fiio EM3 which also received a 10, but there is more depth. It is more rounded than the EM3 and instrument separation is better on account of the less mid forward signature. The Tomahawks have a superb soundstage.
    Value - 9.5/10, The Tomahawk is that much better than the earbuds in the price class below and well worth the premium. Not only is the build far superior, the sound is much improved too, even purely based upon tonality. A great buy if you`re looking for a audiophile earbud under $50.

    Verdict – 8.5/10, The Tomahawks are brilliant, they are very well balanced between build, sound and ergonomics, there`s no denying that the Tomahawks have something for everyone. Music Maker is a relative new comer in the audio game, but give them a chance and you`ll find perhaps the best sounding piece of audio equipment under $35 shipped, I`ll look forward to the Ting and other higher models in the future.

    This review was taken from my blog, please have a look for more reviews like this and some guides, thanks for looking:


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    1. Danneq
      Great review!
      Danneq, Apr 19, 2016
    2. ryanjsoo
      Thanks! Just got a new camera lens, trying to avoid the wall of text.
      ryanjsoo, Apr 19, 2016
  3. cusa291
    Best Earbud I've tried so far
    Written by cusa291
    Published Mar 15, 2016
    Pros - Neutral clean sound, incredible soundstage, and solid lightweight metal housing.
    Cons - Quite unforgiving to bad quality music files.
    [Disclaimer] I bought this on Aliexpress from Shenzhen HCkexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1825606). I have contacted them for a while and I am fully sure that they are reliable seller and sells original products. I have been longing for this earbuds ever since I see it at taobao, but I have a bad experience at Taobao. Big Thanks to Teresa at the store for facilitating the matrimony of this earbud and me at aliexpress. However, I am not, in any way, affiliated with Shenzhen HCkexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. This is a total unbiased and honest review.
    A Little Story About Me
    I am just a lurker that decided that I must do a review of this incredible earbuds. I have been a headphone and iem guy ever since. I thought there is no hifi earbuds since the invention of IEMs, and man have I been so wrong. I have like a dozen of IEMs, some to mention: ATH CKR10, CKR9LTD, JVC FXT90L2, Sennheiser Momentum in-ear, Shure SE215, SE535, etc. My first decent earbuds is Ve Monk, and my first impression was like damn this earbuds sounds incredible and totally incomparable to all my IEMs. And then the poison kicks in, I’m hunting hifi earbuds since that time.
    I listen to quite wide range type of music. Music genres I listen to: Jazz, jazz bands, orchestra, and its derivatives (30%), EDM (30%), Acapella and vocal focused musics (20%), 80-90s pop (10%) and lastly kpops, jpops, heavy metal, J-metal, Rock, oldies pop, and billboards pop (10%)
    There is practically no packaging or box. What you got is just a carrying case with the earbuds, foam, and shirt clip inside. They’re pretty generous with the foam, 3 pairs of normal foam and 3 pairs of donut foam.
    Build quality
    The first time I receive it, I’m actually quite disappointed. It feels like it is made from cheap plastic. Then I tried it on and read some basic info about the earbud. After I read that it is made from metal, I couldn’t believe that I actually have to clank the earbuds. It IS made from metal and very solid yet very lightweight. Very comfortable to wear and It feels like you wear nothing! (FYI my ears do feel uncomfortable and hurt after several minutes using Ve Monk because of its big housing) The cable feels premium and quite thick yet very flexible, non-tangle-magnet slippery cable.
    As an preface, this earbuds have a really neutral clean soundsig. It’s a good and bad thing at the same time. The good thing that it sounds really clean, allrounder neutral, non-fatuiging, robust separation, and really wide soundstage. The bad thing is it is very source-dependent. The earbud will sounds most likely like your source, so the better the source the better it will sound. For me, to do this review I am using Ibasso D14 DAC/AMP and Topping NX1 AMP, since those two are the most neutral source I’ve known.
    Lows – Very well controlled. It kicks when the song calls for it, yet also silent when the song calls for it too. In EDM songs, the bass is very present and kicks. Yet in jazz bands songs, the bass goes really deep and doesn’t override other sections (I know it sounds cliché, but I really mean it).
    Mids – This is the golden part of this earbuds. The vocals sounds like liquid gold. Both man dan woman vocal sounds really smooth. I actually have goosebumps (something that rarely happens to me when I’m listening to music) when I listen to my old acapela songs. The mids is very very smooth and powerful when it calls for it.
    Treble – Really crisp yet very polite. By polite I mean it doesn’t pierce your ears and makes you fatique but it is definitely crisp and present. No sibilance whatsoever. Clarity is superb. When I use this earbuds, I didn’t realize that I closed my eyes because I am just immersed with the clarity. Oh my..
    Soundstage and separation – Do we have to really talk about this? This is the largest soundstage I’ve ever experienced in earbuds and IEMs. It feels really wide and depth is really good. I feel like I’m using an open-back headphones. However, just like I explain earlier, the soundstage is also source dependent. If you listen to studio albums, don’t expect wide soundstage. But the nevertheless, separation and 3D imaging is superb. I listen to a lot of jazz bands and acapellas (which seldom recorded live or at stage performance) and I could really tell that the soundstage is really awesome. However, a strange thing about this earbuds is EDMs feels really wide.I fell like I'm standing at Coachella or Tomorrowland for some reason. 
    All in all
    This is by far the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever tested. It’s like I’ve found the one that I’m looking for. I think I will stick to this earbuds for a loooong time, my allrounder favourite. But, However I DO have a regret. Because of this earbud, I realize that half of my music collection sounds really bad in term of quality and recordings. They sound so good and clean that they reveal the flaws of bad recordings or bad quality music files. So I have to replace my mp3 collection to mostly flacs (I'm happy and sad at the same time haha). If you still hesitate to try this earbud, don’t. Just do it, you will not regret it. Best purchase in 2016 so far.
    1. Danneq
      Great review and welcome to the Tomahawk club!
      Danneq, Mar 16, 2016
  4. BloodyPenguin
    MrZ's Exotic Tomahawk HiFi Metal Earbud
    Written by BloodyPenguin
    Published Mar 1, 2016
    Pros - Fantastic Build Quality & Design, Multiple Foam Covers, Wonderful Clean Sound Signature, Big Soundstage
    Cons - No Product/ Presentation Box, Rubbery Sticky Cable
    Meet the MrZ MusicMaker Tomahawk HiFi Metal Earbud, both High End in Sound and Build.
                                      (All Photos Taken By Me)
    **Disclaimer - I would like to thank "Shenzhen HCkexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." from AliExpress for providing a sample in return for a unbiased review**

    MusicMaker Official Taobao Page: https://musicmaker.world.taobao.com/


    I love earbuds and I have had the pleasure of listening to a great many of them. Though there are still a lot of models I have yet to try. One of those, was the MrZ Music Maker Earbud.

    I've been lusting after the Tomahawk for a year now. I had started a thread back in Feb of 2015 asking if anyone had anymore info on them: http://www.head-fi.org/t/753577/mrz-tomahawk-music-maker-earbuds Note: The design has slight changed in that time and I never got my hands on the orginal version.

    Fast forward to February/March of 2016 and I finally have a pair. I must say it was like Christmas morning when they arrived. I could not wait to take them for a spin. After spending some time, here is my official review of them:


    - Impedance: 32Ω 
    - Sensitivity: 113dB/mW
    - Frequency range: 15-28000Hz
    - Housing: Iron Metal Alloy (Aluminum?)
    - Cable Length: 1.2m
    - Plug: Straight 3.5mm 
    - Weight: 25g


    - Tomahawk Earbud (Silver Version)
    - Small Triangle Portable Hard Case
    - Shirt Clip
    - 8 Pairs of Foam Covers (2 Red/2 Red w/Hole - 2 Black/2 Black w/Hole)

    While fancy packaging can be nice, there is also nothing wrong with just a simple small case in a small box, as is the case with the MrZ Music Maker Tomahawk. This extreme minimal packaging seems to be very common with many other earbud brands of this type as well. Though, for around $50 some buyers might expect there to be some sort of packaging.

    The little hard case is triangle in shape. Inside the case you will just find a tiny Ziploc bag with 16 foam covers and a shirt clip. The hard case is built of very nice quality and looks good with the raised triangles on the outside.

    I am impressed that they come with the standard and hole foam covers. I am also a big fan of the Red/Black look and functionality. It is easy to see red for right quickly and makes the Tomahawk look cool as well.

    *Build Design*

    The design of the Tomahawk sets itself apart from the normal [Sennheiser MX400/MX500] housings that most brands earbud use. The MrZ Music Maker is most definitely an in-house creation. Reading the description, the housings are machined out of an "Iron Metal Alloy. I'm not quit sure if that means aluminum? Whatever the material, they sure are high quality and look fantastic.

    There seems to be three versions of the Tomahawk. Black, Black w/Swarovski Crystal and the version I have, Silver. The housing is wonderfully shiny and smooth. I worried that they would be fingerprint magnets, but I was wrong. They do not seem to pick up any blemishes, staying looking like new, even with heavy use. Think I need to get my wife the Swarovski Crystal version.
    The Default Wire is:

    I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it seem to be a quality cable to my sight and touch. Both the black & silver versions have transparent covers that show their matching color cables inside (thanks @Danneq for the info). There is a bit of microphonics to speak of, the cable is unfortunately not perfectly quiet. Relief support seem more than sufficient at both ends. Another small issue with the cable is it is quite rubbery and just a bit sticky.


    As mentioned with in the design/build category, the Tomahawk has a very different design not found in any other earbud (though similar to its big brother the MrZ Ting).

    This unique housing is ever so slightly larger than the standard MX400/MX500. I wish I had exact measurements. Though the Tomahawk is not much bigger. The metal material is light, so it is not much heavier than plastic.

    I found the body to be well sculpted for the ear. Fit and comfort are both very good. There is no fatigue to speak of once the Tomahawk is inserted.


    Lows - Controlled, I mean very controlled lows. The Tomahawk has proper amount of sub-bass and mid-bass, with neither one being too prominent or wild. There is absolutely not leakages of the lows to the mids.

    Mids - Ever so slightly forward, you will find the middle frequencies to be a focus of the MusicMaker Earbud. Vocals are displayed in the highest quality with wonderful presentation.

    Highs - You will never find the Tomahawk to be fatiguing or sibilant. Instead this earbud does very well find as much detail and clarity as possible without being harsh or sibilant. There is a great tameness to the highs.

    Isolation - Not sure why I even put this on earbud reviews. They do not create enough seal, nor with the large amount of ventilation, are they really meant to isolate. Though I will say, the MrZ Tomahawk has just the slightest bit more sound blocking than a typical earbud, but not by much. It is an open design and is not designed to keep sound leakage from happening.

    Soundstage - BIG soundstage. I like. Wonderful distance and feel of depth. Instrument separation is top notch and well controlled. Soundstage is a highlight of the Tomahawk.


    // MrZ Tomahawk vs the VE Asura 1.0 and Earbud Thailand BOE. \\
    Lows - The edge goes here to the Tomahawk, with a bit more sub-bass than the BOE, with the Asura being a distant third. Quality is good for every earbud as all maintain excellent control. Some just display more amount of bass response than others. The Asura is the most neutral, with the BOE being the most fun. The Tomahawk has a little bit of both worlds, with good bass and just a bit above neutral.

    Mids - TOMAHAWK, TOMAHAWK, TOMAHAWK. Way behind is the BOE followed closely by the Asura. Now for me, I enjoy a big more in the mids. Again the Asura stays the most neutral, with the BOE having found a good middle ground. All take great care of vocals, but the Tomahawk takes it to a 10, quite impressive.

    Highs - One thing all the earbuds have in common is none of them have harsh or sibilant highs, which is awesome. All present a good overall clarity. I did notice that the Tomahawk extends just a bit higher than the other two, with the BOE then Asura following suit.

    Soundstage - Again, the Tomahawk takes the lead with the BOE very close behind, the Asura being a distant third. All show good instrument separation and width.

    *Overall Thoughts*

    If I had a wall of fame, the MrZ MusicMaker Tomahawk would most definitely be on it. At a current price of $50ish, it is a great value. Better looks than anything else that can be found in its class and a fantastic clear sound signature to back it up.

    Longing to own these for a year was well justified as these are truly a quality built and sounding earbud. I HIGHLY recommend the the Tomahawk.
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    2. Toom
      Anyone able to point me in right direction to buy these? Am in UK so guess will need to import?
      Toom, Jun 9, 2016
    3. Lurk650
      @toom you can find them on Aliexpress 2015 Go Pro MrZ Tomahawk MusicMaker Z In Ear Earbuds In Ear Earphone Alloy Tune Earbuds Such as Armature Earphone MX985
      (from AliExpress Android)
      Lurk650, Jun 9, 2016
    4. Akmola Lola
      Tomahawk all the way now.... initially i cant take too much of the bass, its booming and booming, but somehow i got used to it now.. loving it
      Akmola Lola, Jun 12, 2016


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