Musical Fidelity - V-LPS Mk II - MM/MC Phono Stage

General Information

High-Performance Compact Phono Stage The V-LPS MkII is a very high-performance MM/MC phono stage from Musical Fidelity. To call it technically correct doesn't begin to do justice to the superb sound quality. The V-LPS MkII has virtually perfect RIAA, extremely low distortion, wide overload margin and very low noise. By every technical measure it is top quality. Musical Fidelity achieved this level of performance by putting its acclaimed k-series phono stage circuitry into a compact package. The result is excellence in an extremely economical package. The new MkII version of the V-LPS has an improved circuit layout, refined power supply regulation, an improved RIAA circuit, and a re-designed discrete front end. Thanks to all of these enhancements, the V-LPS MkII delivers much lower distortion and noise ratio measurements than ever before. "A Steal" "The is one super unit for the price, made all the better by the optional power supply. In short, a steal," notes Neil Gader in his October 2010 review of the original model V-LPS for The Absolute Sound magazine.


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