Musical Fidelity M1

General Information

The M1's technical performance is, pretty well, as good as any at any price. We know this sounds like an incredible claim but it's true. Musical Fidelity's state-of-the-art circuit design and pcb layout with the use of top quality digital components gives state-of-the-art performance. There's no secret or mystery about this. We use top quality digital components in carefully designed circuit configurations which are subtly implemented on brilliant pcb layouts. Unsurprisingly the result is state-of-the-art performance. It's just that the price is competitive so many people find it hard to believe.

The M1 DAC has vanishingly low distortion, typically less than 0.005% across the band. Frequency response is ruler flat. Jitter is extremely low. The noise ratio is outstanding, one of the quietest DACs in the world regardless of price. Looking at the M1 DAC's total measurements and comparing them to any DAC up to ten times its price you will see that, on balance, the M1 DAC is equal to or better than any.

The M1 DAC has a high quality power supply. Interestingly it has choke filtration on the mains input. This, effectively, is a mains signal conditioner which increases the performance and value of the M1 to even greater heights.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great sound for the money
Cons: Only one of each type of input
This D2A delivers great music.  I use it to play back music (regular and hi-rez files) through my Juli@ card as well as Spotify streams via my mobo's toslink port.  The M1 looks nice, sounds great, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
I tried a Shunyata Venom power cable out of curiosity, fully expecting no difference to be apparent.  I was wrong. I noticed an increase in intelligibility - lyrics that I couldn't understand before now were intelligible. The noise floor, which I hadn't noticed anyway, is now lower, too.
My only complaint with this unit is there is only one of each type of digital input - my universal player has no toslink output so I can't use it with the M1.  I have to use the S/PDIF out of my Juli@ because the toslink won't pass the 192/24 files I got from HDtracks.
I guess I have two: This unit is first generation, before they upgraded the USB input to an asychronous one.


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