Munitio Call of Duty COD MW3 Special Edition 9mm Earphones With In-Line-Mic MW3 B-MW3-002 Billets

  1. sonomics
    Good value for money
    Written by sonomics
    Published Dec 28, 2013
    Pros - good noise isolation, earhooks for running/workout, decent sound, price, in-line microphone
    Cons - no volume control, ear hurts after a bit
    This is my first review on headfi. I recently joined and although I love headphones and music, I don't have much technical knowledge. I was looking for a good pair of earbuds to use with my cellphone, as well as during workouts etc. This one fit my needs perfectly, had great reviews on amazon and wasn't very expensive. The package includes a carrying pouch, earpieces (S, M, L), earhooks and a user manual(!)
    It required a few uses to burn it in, and then the sound improved. The bass improved and so did the highs. I'm not a very good judge of mids so I'll leave that out. I also use a Sony MDR-7506 and the sound of the Munitio earbuds are nothing compared to that, but as earbuds I feel they are decent. I haven't listened to the more expensive earbuds so cannot compare. Earhooks are great during workouts and even otherwise (most earphones fall off coz my ears are weird). The only thing that bothers me is the lack of volume control. There is a button which can play/pause music and receive calls but that's it. Overall, for the price ($35-40), it's a very good pair of earbuds and serves it purpose without compromising on sound quality. I would recommend this product among others at this price range.
  2. Tyrahtee
    Munitio Billets Buy or Pass
    Written by Tyrahtee
    Published Nov 24, 2012
    Pros - Lots of Earpiece sizes, Thick Cables, Nice visual design
    Cons - Muddy bass, Non existent Mids, Tinny highs
    I found this pair of headphones on amazon and was in desperate need of a new pair so i opted to buy one that was cheap and looked nice however this was not a great pair of headphones.
    this pair of headphones looked so nice in its packaging and the accessories were so high quality i expected the headphones to match but it certainly did not the bass was way overpowering i compared it to a pair of beats in ear and those had less of a bass boost this was definitely not a good thing the mids were almost non existent and the highs become more and more distorted and tinny sounding. although the noise isolation on these headphones were great as soon as they go in the sound becomes blocked out and with the multiple sizes of ear pieces the seal was great. as for the sound unless you are literally only listening to low frequencies this pair will not properly supply good sound in order to listen to any genre of music Dubstep will sound like your ear inside of a subwoofer and any vocal music will just sound like bass drums being played and rap is not even an exception considering there usually are drums and vocals. this set costing a hefty 70$ (USD) unless this is found for any less than 10 dollars i would recommend buying a pair of pioneer, jvc,or phillips in ear headphones. 
    VERDICT: Horrid sound but great accessories and built quality. DO NOT BUY RETAIL
    1. XxDobermanxX
      LOL the game fails now their earphone fails :))
      XxDobermanxX, Nov 25, 2012