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Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: The outward-facing microphones detect external noise, with the inward-facing microphones monitoring noise inside the ear canal. Furthermore, the wireless earbuds counter it with equal anti-noise, eliminating both inside and outside noise. This technology can achieve 28db noise cancellation, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality and immersive music.
Transparency Mode: Hear the sound of the surrounding environment without removing the wireless ANC earbuds, allowing you to interact with the world as you wish. You can talk with people anytime and anywhere, whilst additionally been able to hear outside traffic, ensuring personal safety.
Low-latency mode: The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology is adopted enhancing device connection accuracy and signal transmission stability, further featuring a low-latency mode. Additionally, use this mode to watch movies or play games, overall improving synchronization.
In-ear Wearing Detection: The Hybrid ANC Earphones automatically detects if the earphone is still inside the human ear. If it is, the earbuds will automatically play and when removing the earphones, they will pause, reducing overall power consumption. Additionally, this headset features mono or twin mode where you are able to choose any headset as you wish.
Quick Wireless Charging: The USB Type-C cable is used to generate quick wired charging, and you can also simply lay the case on a wireless charger (sold separately) for convenient wireless charging. Another way to charge it is to simply place the case on a smartphone where reverse wireless charging function can be used.
Opened & Connected: The wireless earbuds allow you to achieve truly unlimited freedom - simply open the charging case and they'll automatically connect to your paired device. With the gentlest of finger touches, you’ll be able to control music, volume, calls, and voice assistant settings
IPX6 & Intimate Earbud Design: With Nano coating, Mpow waterproof earbuds are the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor activities with typical and super soft eartips provided,designed with 3 sizes of fitted silicone eartips.

Latest reviews

Wretched Stare

A good value
Pros: Good overall true wireless, very comfortable, premium looks
Cons: Volume on some android devices lower than others but this is normal with many Bluetooth products.

Build is good, I'd say on the same level as some other more expensive names and
The fit and comfort was excellent too.

ANC: was decent honestly for the price I was expecting far less isolation, the transparency mode is very useful and well implemented. In ANC mode it should be noted Bass ,mids and treble are boosted a little bit changing the signature slightly.
Sound: As these have AAC we will simplify the sound description. Bass was full and had more Sub than Mid presence , Mids were forward and warm with enough details to be enjoyed, some recordings were recessed but that was expected from a fun Vshaped TWS. Treble had sparkle and a good extension without being too annoying for long term listening.
Soundstage was a little wider than average good placement made it feel well suited for mobile gaming.
The X6 is another improvement from Mpow ever refining their products, this proves they are just get better and better for a fair price, I enjoyed these and the great features the give you.


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