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Punchy Bass, HD Sound, and Crystal-Clear Calls. Mpow Flame Solo sport headphones feature powerful sound for you. Both earphones are equipped with highly sensitive microphones which can effectively inhibit background noises with high technology, so you can enjoy crystal-clear calls.
Control Your Phone Easily and Two Use Mode. No tangled wires bother you, so you will enjoy the convenience of these truly wireless earbuds. Either earbud can be used independently as a mono mode. 3 multifunctional physical buttons allow you to easily control the music and calls, mute, activate voice assistant, etc, and either bud can take calls or activate your Siri or voice assistant.
28H Non-stop Music and Fast Charging. 10 minutes of fast charging support 1 hour of listening time. Up to 28 hours of battery life in total with the portable USB-C charging case. Each Earbud can be used for 7 hours on a single full charge.(Note: Please fully charge it for the first use.)
Comfortable & Stable. Unique design of the sports wireless earbuds with moldable ear hooks provide a comfortable and unshakable fit and ensure the earbuds won't fall during a workout. The completely in-ear and ergonomic design will not hurt your ears when you wear it for a long time and lets you hear more surroundings.
IPX7 Waterproof for Sports and More Pairing Choice. Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cellphones, tablets, computers, TV. With the IPX7 sweatproof and water-resistant nano-coating design, Mpow Flame Solo makes a great choice for sports: running, jogging, biking, etc.

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Wretched Stare

A good quality budget TWS for the gym
Pros: Secure and comfortable fit, look good, deep bass with a fun signature great for motivation. Easy pairing and physical buttons
Cons: This style offers a one size fits all, isolation is typical, case size

The box is simple and the units inside come with tips and a charging cable.
The earbuds themselves are made well, better in fact than my $150 Beats of a similar style. Pairing was simple and fast. They are very simple to use and I love the real buttons it was refreshing since many time touch controls are a little unresponsive on lower priced models. The case was a little big but not to the point of being hard to carry and its very light weight.

Sound: Given that this is a TSW with support for only AAC we won't get too deep into details of the sound due to Bluetooth limitations.
Bass is deep and impactful with a wonderful Sub-Bass kick, Mid-Bass is punchy and has a decent speed.
Mids are typical for a Vshaped signature with a mild recession and the vocals pushed forward for more clarity, they are warm and engaging.
Highs are sparkly but not harsh some details are veiled giving the highs a relaxed sound.
Soundstage is better than average as is imaging.

The Flame Solo is a good choice for active people comes in around $30 on Amazon , ETC and is well built , comfortable and has a fun energetic signature.
Call quality, range and features are all very good for the price.

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