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SPECLFICATIONS 1.BT V4.1&Rechargeable Li-Battery...

Moxpad X90 Hifi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Dual Driver In Ear Earphone for Sport Running With Studio Music Blue

  • SPECLFICATIONS 1.BT V4.1&Rechargeable Li-Battery 2.SupportBluetoothSelfieRemoteShutterEnglish&MandarinVoicePromptDimensions:¦Õ9.2mm & ¦Õ7mmBluetooth version:V4.1Frequency:20Hz~20KHzSensitivity:95dBImpedance:16¦¸Cable length:55cmMax.power input:10mWOperating Range:within 15m

Recent Reviews

  1. AzimAkbar
    Budget audiophile grade sport bluetooth headset
    Written by AzimAkbar
    Published Apr 7, 2016
    Pros - Excellent sound quality out of box, big and fairly tight bass, comfortable and small for dual driver earphone, English voice prompt,
    Cons - Can't charge using power bank, short battery life
    Bought this Moxpad X90 on 24th February, arrived on 5th April so just 10 days from AliExpress China. Initially I wanted to wait for 29th February sale, but somehow on 24th one seller has this X90 for just 17USD (normal price now 22USD). This was my first ever bluetooth headset from AliExpress. The only other sport bluetooth headset I currently own is Avantree Jogger Pro which I bought many years ago, but didn't like it. Simply because of lacklustre sound quality and difficulty to pair it with smartphone.
    Small blue box about 10cm height. Only come with micro usb charger cable and 3 pair silicone tip.
    Preferred way to wear, cable and remote under chin, neck. You can put the cable behind the neck too.
    Size comparison with Jogger Pro
    Avantree Jogger Pro, above ear behind neck wear only
    Blue transparent housing showing off dual 9mm and 7mm driver, with yellow tip from LZ-Z03A. Remote on right side of cable. Centre multifunction button; on-off, start-pause music, receive-end call. + button, short press forward music play, long press volume up. - button function the other way round. Microphone hole is on the other side. It work well for call. The other side of calller can hear me clearly.
    Cable attached to the housing are actually memory wire with transparent plastic cover. Functional and comfortable at the same time.

    Battery ;
    Proper wall charging only. All 4 power bank that I own with multiple cable failed to charge it. Full charge about 2 hours. With continuous Bluetooth music play from smartphone it lasted roughly about 2.5 - 3 hours. None of the Moxpax own commercial or manual stated the true battery capacity but I guess it may have 60-100mA battery. Expected since the battery is on the remote which is slightly larger than remote without built in battery. Anyone expected bigger battery please look elsewhere. The battery capacity is not the selling point fot this X90.

    Sound quality ;
    Big bad bass. Tight and thumping only slightly slower in bass response when compared to excellent earphone like Rock Zircon. Vocal is clear, however treble is not as bright as I like but still acceptable. With fairly short battery life there is no way that I can properly burn in the dual driver to their intended optimal performance. But luckily out of the box the sound is already excellent so further burn in is not really necessary.

    Comparison with Avantree Jogger Pro ;
    No bass, tinny metallic sound, low volume. The sound quality is just lacking. But it is very secure and has amazing 12 hours battery life. Just charged once. Dig it out in few months and it still has few hours of battery life. Waterproof too. With X90 you keep on wondering just when it will run out of juice.

    When you minus the terrible battery life, you still has one hell of an audiophile grade Bluetooth headset at a budget price. No wonder it selling very fast over Aliexpress. Just one wish, double the battery capacity on Mark II version.
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    2. AzimAkbar
      I tried foam tip too initially. It was difficult to insert into ear since x90 has over ear design and as you experienced it, it did muffled the sound. The problem might lie on the improperly angled nozzle which prevent good seal. I don't have so many sport bluetooth set to compare. Other Bluetooth headset that I own is Morul U2 which has lower sound quality but longer battery life. I stll recommend you to get the best silicone tip around. Maybe can try spinfit. I put spinfit on my Audio-technica Ckx9 and Audio-technica IM50. They are not the most comfortable but they do really open up the treble.
      AzimAkbar, Oct 27, 2016
    3. Jacob McCauley
      Yeah I did try silicone tips to compare and it does improve it a little bit, but I think the point is that you shouldn't have to use a silicone tip as that only speaks to the fact that the earphone is generally just muffled. Silicone tips always improve treble but just don't feel comfortable for many folks including myself. The Morul U2's are okay, the Morul U5's are much better in terms of sound quality, although battery life is a little less than the U2. 
      Jacob McCauley, Oct 27, 2016
    4. AzimAkbar
      Good luck on your new x90. I don't like the sound from Morul U2 for music listening. If your X90 sound worst than U2 then better get a new one. If a budget is not a problem, I recommend you to try Bluetooth version of JBL Synchros reflect and reflect mini. I own both wired version of Synchros reflect and reflect mini. They shared same design and same driver, so they have same excellent sound, Bluetooth or not.
      AzimAkbar, Nov 13, 2016


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