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MOSHI Clarus

  1. BloodyPenguin
    A Premium Looking and Built Ear Hook IEM
    Written by BloodyPenguin
    Published Jan 7, 2016
    Pros - Gripping Fit, Tough Build Quality, Display Case Included, Great Protective Carrying Case, Nice Controlled Lows
    Cons - Recessed/Veiled Mids, Braided Cable Frays/Kinks

    This is the Moshi Clarus, which is the current flagship. It is designed to be a workout, or on the go IEM. The Clarus is also a dual driver earphone.
                                     ~All Photos Taken By Me~

    **Disclaimer - Moshi provided a sample of the Clarus for a my unbiased review**


    *Tech Specs*

    - Product Weight 1.23 oz (35 g)
    - Transducer Unit XR715 two way DynaDuo™ driver (15mm woofer + 7mm tweeter)
    - Cavity/housing steel alloy
    - Sensitivity 100 +/- 3dB @ 1kHz
    - Frequency Response 10 - 25,000Hz (-10dB @ 1kHz)
    - Impedance 24 Ω
    - Ear-coupling Type loose-fit silicone
    - Noise isolation (passive) N/A
    - In-line control 3-button controls with mic


    Form. Wonderful form is seen right away from the box, as inside you see the Clarus sitting snugly in its display case.


    - Moshi Clarus Dual Driver Earphone
    - Display Case
    - Two Extra Sets of Silicon Ear Tips
    - Hard Carrying Case
    - User Manual

    The display case is a feature not often found in many earphones. A place to store your IEMS for all to see. They are quite nice looking, so it is warranted. There is also a slot below that the braided cable gets wrapped around that completely hides and protects it.

    The extra sets of Silicon tips are great and all, but for this price point it would also be nice if they threw in some foam tips as well.

    The Hard Small Carrying Case is very nice. It is really tough, I mean super tough. The soft touch of the outside is quickly backed up by a solid build. There are also nice laser cut slots for the Clarus to fit in, while the braided cable gets wrapped and hidden inside


    Like the Moshi Keramo and Vortex Pro, the Clarus is build to a higher standard. Both premium in its looks and tough with its steel alloy construction. There wonderful softness and flexibility to the ear hook.

    My only gripe, is the same with the other Moshi models, the braided cable. While it does look very nice, it is fast to start fraying and can become kinked quite easy. I also wish there was an Android version available as the I am unable to use most of the controls with my Samsung S4.


    Designed to be an around the ear earphone. The loops are quite flexible and soft. Placement around the ear is easily accomplished and very comfortable once set. These were made to put as little pressure around the ear cusp and ear canal, and Moshi succeeded with both these goals. The Clarus can be worn for lengthy periods with minimal discomfort. Those that have issues with Silicon tips will be happy to know that a set of Comply T-400 tips fit the Clarus perfectly.


    The Clarus comes standard with an in-line control and microphone.  I found all aspects of this control to be well laid out and function well.  Callers were able to hear me loud and clear with minimal distortion, even when I was outside with some wind noise.  Unfortunately, being an Android user, I was unable to use the control functions.  Luckily my wife and daughter both have Apple products (an iPhone and an iPad), so I was able to test the Clarus with both those devices and it worked wonderfully.   Moshi clearly states on their website that the Clarus controls were designed for Apple products.
    Moshi provides is a Burning Tool App (AndroidApple).  Inside the App you will find a specialized burn in sequence for all of the Moshi Products.  Just select your model and hit burn in.  It should be noted that you are responsible for the volume of the burn in, so make sure that you have it set a reasonable level before you start.


    Lows - Bass is deep and controlled. Never wild or overwhelming. Moshi did a wonderful job with the tuning down low. These are not basshead IEMs by any means, but just a nice sub-bass that gives the Clarus a bit of a fun sound.

    Mids - One of the very few cons of the Clarus can be found in the mids. A decent recession can be heard, that causes a slight laid back feel on the vocals. While far from forward, the mids still do provide enough detail to not be considered muddy.

    Highs - The upper range is quick to roll off, making these very easy listening earphones. Fatigue is never going to be an issue with these. Clarity for the highs that are remaining are represented well.

    Soundstage - While there is decent separation of instrumentals, width is on the smaller size.

    Isolation - Due to the way the Clarus fits, isolation is not too strong. Though, with the for mentioned Comply T-400 tips, I was able to block out a bit more outside noise.

    vs the Puro IEM500

    While on paper these two have some things in common: Both have dual drivers, a microphone, comfortable fit and a premium build, but that is about all they share. In every other aspect they are both quite different.

    Sound wise, Moshi when for a more laid back approach with bigger bass presence, while Puro went for a more neutral sound, with a bit more detail.

    The Clarus has a wonderful portable hard case, while this is something very much missing from the IEM500.

    Overall two very different earphones, both with their own set of goals.

    *Overall Thoughts*

    The Moshi Clarus it a high end IEM that is built to a purpose. It has a sound that easy on the ears, so not to offend. It is designed to be very comfortable and great for extended listening. The ear hooks provide a firm grip that makes these great for working out or on the go. Bass extension is a highlight for those looking for controlled lows while mids and highs take a slight back seat.

    Build quality is at a high level, except for the braided cable which is prone to fraying. The alloy housing is both beautiful and made to take a beating.

    All and all the Clarus is a good IEM that has a lot to offer.

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