Moondrop Blessing 2 (non-Crinacle)

General Information

  • Impedance: 16Ω±15%@1khz
  • Frequency Response: 20-40kHz
  • Effective Frequency Response: 20-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms
  • Cable: Litz 6N OCC 1/8 inch jack
  • Channel Mismatch: <±1dB
  • Drivers: Dual High, Quad Mid, Dual Low
  • Socket: 0.78 2pin flat (legacy Westone)
  • Housing: Medical UV Acrylic

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New Head-Fier
Moondrop Blessing 2 - A wonderful daily driver
Pros: Very balanced and pleasing sound signature, comfort
Cons: Could use a better selection of tips in the package
Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM review


I would like to thank Dave from Moondrop for reaching out to me regarding the review tour, and trusting me with not just one, but two IEMs, the latter of which shall be covered in a different review. I had both IEMs for one week, so I spent 3 days with the Blessing 2, and 4 days with the other IEM, the Moondrop S8.

I did all my listening with the Blessing 2’s powered by the Chord Mojo DAC, fed Tidal Hifi quality lossless tracks from my iPhone X using a quality USB cable and the Apple USB Adapter. I put my phone in airplane mode during listening to eliminate any possible noise from cell/wifi/Bluetooth signals.

I listened to a wide variety of songs, from various metal subgenres, EDM, classical, pop, rap, R&B, and some various acoustic genres. Notable tracks include “Crystal Eyes” – Arixis, “BFG Division” – Mick Gordon, “As The Seasons Turn” – The Luna Sequence, “Dangerous Woman” – Ariana Grande, “The Lonely Road” – CR Smith, “Canon in D” – Pachbel.


The treble response of the Blessing 2’s is very well extended but shies just away from being “bright.” There are no unusual or fatiguing peaks or valleys in the response, even on tracks I know to be very harsh and sibilant. The treble of the B2’s is almost smooth to a fault but will deliver bite and precision when properly amped and called for.


The midrange is rich, detailed, and accurate. Male and female vocals are equivalent in their placing, electric guitars have appropriate crunch and detail within that crunch, vocals and higher octave instruments (think brass and woodwinds) never sound harsh or distorted.


Like a medium-rare steak with all the trimmings. It’s seriously that good and is a shining example of what mid-bass in an IEM should sound like. It’s natural, with power when called for in a song, but otherwise does not intrude into the lower midrange or echo needlessly.


Arguably neutral-sounding despite the Harman-esque tuning, the sub bass experience is well articulated without being boomy or creating too much pressure on the eardrums. There’s ample rumble for EDM genres and enough detail to satisfy the purists.


When I first hit play, the tonality of the B2’s shocked me. It was like listening to my home stereo, which is no slouch at an MSRP of roughly $3,000 USD, and features JM Lab Chorus 715 floor-standing speakers as the mains. The 715’s are neutral and detailed speakers with natural, realistic tonality, and I’m very happy to report the tonality of the Blessing 2’s is equally organic and realistic. Piano sounds like piano. Violin like violin. Synthesizer like synth. Ad infinitum.

Soundstage and Imaging:

HUGE. WAY deep, in front of your face kind of presentation. There’s still some Left/Right direct imaging, but it’s never irritating, and the entire presentation is cohesive and solid. The imaging is very precise and never bounces around weirdly.


With the right size tips (small for me) the Blessing 2’s fit like a glove. The insertion is rather deep, hence the need for smaller tips, but once in place properly, they are wonderfully comfortable, and your ears adjust to the fit in 15-30 minutes (your experience may vary).


Top notch, rock solid build quality all around, on both the IEMs themselves, the stock cable, and the zippered, soft-touch leather carry case. My only gripe with the cable is that it’s kind of microphonic, and for a $350 USD IEM this shouldn’t be an issue.


This could easily be my daily driver, if I can stop spending my free money on stereo stuff…the pairing with the Chord Mojo was a match made in heaven (especially since you can get a Mojo on the used market for around $300 USD or less sometimes). They’re never fatiguing in fit or in sound character, pleasing across multiple genres, and well enough made to withstand many years of use.
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Headphones and Coffee
Headphones and Coffee
I'm waiting for my blessing 2, I hope it is here soon. Thanks for the review.


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