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Moonbuds Phoenix

  1. Shotgunsingh
    Moonbuds Phoenix
    Written by Shotgunsingh
    Published Mar 6, 2019
    Pros - Very good sound
    Brilliant imaging
    Fun sound with good vocals
    Cons - Wires could be longer
    At this price point unboxing is slight letdown
    Moonbuds - Phoenix (TOTL)

    This is top of the line moonbuds.
    Premium quality wires, connectors and drivers used according to the maker.

    Top quality sound and imaging is my take from the point i took this in my hands.

    Box and technical specs of the product


    Driver : 14.8mm,
    Impedance: 32 ohm
    Wire: Hand braided Silver plated copper green and brown cables (only one choice)
    Splitter and slider are of top quality
    Cable Length: 1.2m
    Plug: 3.5mm Gold plated silver Kevlar texture.

    Box contents

    Earbuds yunin shell
    Lots of foam tips,
    Leather cable organizer,
    One faux leather durable Carry pouch.
    One cotton pouch

    Overall premium package and good material used no complains here.


    Lower frequency.

    Bass and sub bass are balanced. Slight bump in sub bass but only when needed.
    Overall bass texture refinement is top quality and never overlaps lower mids.

    Middle range.

    Slightly forward. Specially upper mids. Giving female vocals very nice sweetness. Lower mids less forward than upper mids but in good presentation.
    All instrumental songs are full bodied crystal clear.

    Sound stage and imaging.

    Sound stage is wide but not as wide as Moonbuds Thunderbird. Good amount of air specially in instrumental songs. Rock and heavy sounding tracks are not as wide as instrumental songs but that's a good thing as won't be enjoyable if too wide.

    Imaging is very very good quality
    Crystal clear instruments and vocals. Maybe because of high quality driver.

    Much cleaner then most buds.

    Higher frequency.

    Slightly forward and very good presentation. Making everything sound clean and fun. Cymbals and snares are so clean when electric guitar and bass guitar are very very clean due to the slight forward of higher frequency.


    1) Bhare naina - from Ra.One

    Female vocals feel forward and on point sweetness, very accurate.
    Distortion has good amount of bass, never overlaps mids clear vocals even in heavy electric guitar set.
    Tabla and bass guitar are very clean. Fast bass and good decay.

    2) Everything in its right place by Radiohead.

    This is an experimental song. Bass notes on keyboard with synthesizer is beautiful clear and never seems fuzzy. Very good imaging quality.
    Male vocals don't seem forward but on point. Good body to vocals.

    3) You by Radiohead

    This is a proper hard rock song.
    Very good electric guitar and drum sets. Distortion is crystal clear and the guitar solo in middle of heavy distortion is clear as a day. Vocals are forward. Good body to them. Imaging is top quality.

    4) Protovision by Kavinsky.

    This one is French pop
    Old sound of synth keyboard is signature in French pop. Which is very clean has good amount of body to them.
    Vocals have good body and forward.
    Beats are not bass heavy but still good amount of sub bass giving a good body.


    At 300$ this is a very good quality open sound that you can only experience on wide expensive iems.

    Might be too much for some people but lookout for discount that moon maker keep on introducing on festivals and holidays. Any lower than 300$ and its a steal for the sound quality.


    Contact directly on Facebook Messenger.

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