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oon Audio, Handmade headphone cable brand in America, make this Silver Dragon. Medium- high tone...

Moon Audio Silver Dragon v3 1.5m USB replacement upgrade audio USB cable A type to B type

  • oon Audio, Handmade headphone cable brand in America, make this Silver Dragon. Medium- high tone will keep you sparked the exhilarating sound like a deep blue sky. Exit without habit, sound quality is sharp sound . The sound keep the resolution, mid guitar, keyboard, vocal are kept independent and you can listen to the high tone of It will be distinguished affinity to those played by acoustic and classical jazz , of healing such as a genre . It is also one of the best acoustic guitar recital and rock, you can listen to the guitar and singing clearly.

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Recent Reviews

  1. CalvinW
    Noticeable upgrade, offset by lousy build quality
    Written by CalvinW
    Published Dec 20, 2015
    Pros - Adds clarity without the harshness that usually comes with silver cables
    Cons - Dreadful durability, atrocious build quality, undesirable packaging, unpleasant customer service, fairly expensive, unreasonable within-warranty charges

    It offers the benefits of using silver cables for a slightly better price compared to competitors. And the sonic benefits it offers are clearly present. After burning them in for around 50 hours, and then comparing it to my stock cable, it seems to remove a veil. There is an increase in clarity and focus, without adding harshness to the treble with usually happens with silver cables. Even though I see this as an upgrade to the stock cables, this would usually be my last investment to my system, as upgrading the headphones, DAC, or source would offer a much greater difference in sound quality. This USB cable only served to complete my system and squeeze the last ounces of sonic potential out of my system.

    The build quality upon arrival was mediocre to say the least, it looked worse than the stock cable that came with my DAC. There were some residual leaking out of the heat shrinks, which was probably glue. I overlooked this despite the high cost, hoping that it would offer the sonic benefits it promised. It definitely didn't disappoint in the sound department, but it only worked for around a year before breaking. At first, it would randomly disconnect my DAC from my computer, then soon afterwards, it wouldn't even recognize my DAC. So I tried to use the stock cable again and it worked flawlessly. Probably due to the glue not being applied properly, the sheaf covering the USB A end was also coming off. I have a dedicated computer connected to my DAC, so I rarely unplugged the Silver Dragon, which doesn't make sense for it to break so quickly.

    I tried contacting customer service, and they said they can fix it for free since it was a simple fix. When I sent them a picture, they assumed the sheath coming off was the only problem and they can simply glue it back together. If that was the case, I could have fixed it myself and wouldn't even bother emailing them... Also, they expected me to pay for the shipping cost to and back from them. This issue only came up because of their incompetency to make a cable properly. I already paid for shipping when I bought the cable and I expected it to last as long as the other cables I bought. You have have to understand that international shipping isn't cheap, and now I am forced to pay for their mistakes. To make it worse, they only said that fixing the sheath was free, when I tried to explain how there may have been a cold soldier in the cable as well, which might have explained why it wouldn't recognize my DAC, they never replied to my email.

    I expected much more from an American made product, but the quality is no doubt not up to par as the stock cable that came with my DAC. Disappointed would be an understatement. Until they fix their customer support, stay as far away as possible. I have been in this hobby for a very long time, and dealing with them was my worst experience to date.
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