Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

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Turbine pros are designed by audio fanatics for audio fanatics. Professional audio engineers and demanding audiophiles know attaining perfect sound reproduction doesn't matter a little - it's all that matters. That's why Monster brings you a higher level music listening experience with Turbine Pro professional in-ear speakers. You'll get the clarity, detail and dynamic range of the finest studio monitors or audiophile reference loudspeakers. You'll rediscover your favorite music as you hear things that you didn't even know were there.Monster Turbine Pros deliver a level of crispness and definition of sound that can only be achieved when every detail is taken into account. The ultra-wide range driver is housed in a high-density metal casing that absorbs unwanted vibration, providing an inert, non-resonant acoustic chamber. The result is flawless bass and absolute audio precision.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: SQ overall; Build; Packaging; Warranty
Cons: Bit heavy on the base; Fatigue to wear after couple o' ten minutes; easy to get tired of
SO, lets get on to it. The MTPC's are a pair of IEM's that are in a very akward position. It is quite pricy and rejected by the "purist audiophiles" that dislike the brand of Monster, due to the Beats Phenomenon; it is not picked up that well by non-audiophiles due to the muddy SQ a bad amping process can give it. But these are actually a hell of a pair of headphones, and Monster is a company that has earned my respect.
So these were my first "Audiophile" grade headphones. I had been fine with my Beats Tours prior to this purchase, and I never realized on what I was missing out. Once I purchased these, there was no turning back. I was blown away by how good headphones could sound. Now I own the HD600's and the W40's (Update: Now the K3003). I enjoy both greatly, and I am parting with my Turbine Pros because I am selling them to a friend.
Starting by using the IPT, I was not aware of what the MTPC could achieve. True, They weren't THAT BAD without amplifying as some of you say, but they certainly could not compete with the experience that the Fiio X3 offered me.
I used these headphones carefully, and I was very happy that it lasted me a long time. I like the warranty (lifelong) and the free once-in-a-lifetime exchange for a total new one. A TOTAL NEW ONE. Thats how confident they were in their build quality. (or unconfident? lol :p)
I am not to judge the SQ too heavy here, though I like it. I fee like dancing every-time this headphone is being worn, which can be a bad thing (because some of the music I feel like dancing to is actually soft and sad songs). That being said, this is definitely a fun headphone, with heavy coloring but very good sound quality.
Highs: Highs are fine. They are THERE, but thats it. Its good highs, but not where the strength of the MTPC are at.
Mids: I enjoyed the Mids the most. I feel the MTPC's have really done a good job to bring the sound into your ears.
Bass: GREAT BASS. Nuff said.
Bottom Line: If you want a headphone that is often underlooked and misjudged because of it's brand, and like hipp-pop music with heavy bass and good mids, go for the MTPC. I loved these headphones!


Pros: Solid Build quality, nice cable
Cons: Constant faults, sound quality for the price.
After reading many positive reviews of these headphones I was ready to purchase these in a heartbeat. When they arrived at my door I was very impressed by the packaging; high quality, professional and neat. When I first hooked these up to my iPod i was pretty impressed by the sound quality of these IEM's.
However, after about a week ago I found that these headphones had severely diminished in sound quality and sounded like they were underwater. I then realised that it must be a loose connection. 
I then took advantage of the warranty available with the shop I purchased these from, and I sent them back feeling a little down that these didn't last very long. 
I week after sending them back I received a brand new pair and hoped that this time I would be as impressed with these IEM's as other reviewers have been.
Sadly, this was not the case. When putting these in the ears they clicked and popped which didn't feel good in the first place. Then when I played music into these they continued popping!
I decided that that was to be the end of my turbine escapade and returned them for a full refund.
I then went to Richer sounds (a UK Hifi store) and purchased a pair of grado sr80i's for half the price of the turbine pro copper's and they sounded miles better than my old pair of turbines. 
A year on and I have had no regrets in returning these IEM's and have never thought about trying them again, I'll stick with my grado's.
Curious where you purchased these.  The Monster Turbines as well the Sennheisers are notorious for fakes and will sound like what you described. 
Makiah S
Makiah S


New Head-Fier
Pros: Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.
Cons: Price, a little bit delicate.
Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.. however they seems a little bit delicate and the price is too high, but considering the build and the sound quality, the price can be really good for these in-ear headphones.
I've buy them 1 year ago, and they remeins my absolute favourite, especially with a good amplifier.
Yeah.  The MTPC do need a amp to shine.  I've owned all the revisions and the latest one with the plum colored box sleeve seems to address past build issues.  Love the balanced sound with a tight low end.  
 I use the DragonFly to drive them.


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