Unlike other headphones that can’t reproduce deep bass, Monster Turbines accurately reproduce even...

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

  • Unlike other headphones that can’t reproduce deep bass, Monster Turbines accurately reproduce even the lowest bass notes without distortion. You’ll hear thunderous low-end for incredible sound with every kind of music, from the thumping bass beats of hip hop tracks to the deepest pipe organ notes in classical compositions.

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  1. saltpot3816
    Great IEM's for bassheads
    Written by saltpot3816
    Published Aug 5, 2016
    Pros - Fun boomy bass, very durable, good clarity, good resolution in mids and highs
    Cons - Heavy, Ear tips can be finicky
    I got these things on Amazon nearly 6 years ago, and still use them on a daily basis - as such, I am insanely happy with the durability of these things. 
    They clearly have a big bass preference, as you can see on the frequency response chart, but what's most notable about the bass is the range, extending crazy far down. The bass is not particularly tight, nor particularly fast, but has a good kick to it, and can be slightly boomy. The term that comes to mind is "springy" bass. The mids and highs are actually fairly impressive for an IEM with such a strong bass focus. Mids are a little bit muted, but not terribly so. As others have said, the bass can muddy up the mids a little bit, but it isn't much. The highs to me are somewhere on the more fun side, with a little bit of sparkle, but no trace of sibilance. The sound signature is perfect for electronic dance music as well as hip hop. They're also good with rock, albeit with a bit of EQ tweak to lower the bass a bit. 
    Apart from the sound quality itself, these things also have FANTASTIC isolation. On the downsides, they are very heavy, making fitting a little bit tricky, and the included tips aren't great, but they do at least come with a lot of tip options, which helps. 
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    1. Yuri Langlois
      Hey, great review and I entirely agree with your personal preference for the quality and frequency. I really enjoy bass with a good appreciation for the quality of sound as a whole. So I have had the Monster Turbines, but then upgraded to the copper editions because they were on sale :p. So now they are kind of dead at least not getting any response in the right earbud. It is advertised as having life time warranty and I know Monster honors that. Though the issue is that to get a free replacement, I must essentially downgrade because Monster does not have it in their inventory anymore nor to they make anything that comes near it quality. 
      So i'm kind of stuck. Again, great to hear that people are still using and appreciating these earbuds. Though, for my situation if there is any suggestions, I would be grateful for them. 
      Yuri Langlois, Aug 5, 2016
    2. saltpot3816
      As much as I love these things, unfortunately one ear the casing has started to pull apart (after 6 years of use, I won't complain), and the sound has gotten ever so slightly muddier, and I just feel like it's time to replace them... after talking to the guys at Headroom and reading los of reviews, Im' going with the Shure Se215, which apparently have a similar sound signature, albeit maybe a little bit more neutral, but have better overall sound clarity... not as high end as the Coppers, but maybe an option? And the Shure SE 535 may be somewhat similar? Just an idea... :/
      saltpot3816, Aug 5, 2016
    3. Yuri Langlois
      Thanks! I do appreciate your suggestion. The Shure SE 535 is a good possibility, I actually have a friend what has a pair he says they are amazing so i can just test them out. Probably still when I get a chance, to ask monster if I can get some sort of credit from them for what ever else I can get lol. Again tho, thanks for the suggestion! :thumbsup:
      Yuri Langlois, Aug 7, 2016
  2. lin0003
    Very Nice IEM
    Written by lin0003
    Published Jul 2, 2013
    Pros - Strikes a good balance between neutral and fun, Build quality seems pretty good, L and R markings
    Cons - Very hard to find correct insertion depth, Lacks detail, "Monster" branded
    To be perfectly honest, when I first heard of the Turbines, I thought that they were just another Monster consumer product like Beats. That is, heavy, muddy, bloated bass, recessed mids and highs. When I first heard them, I was pleasantly surprised and I don't own these. To start with, it will be worth knowing that these are extremely sensitive to insertion depth and when it isn't perfect, the sound can be odd, so make sure that they fit properly before you judge them. I borrowed them off a friend so I don't know what it comes with etc and I will just get straight to the sound. Also, these have already been used for a few years so should be fully burnt in if you are one of those who care about burn in. 
    If you have read any of my other reviews, you will know that I split the sound section into 3 main parts - bass, midrange and treble, so here we go!

    The bass is certainly north of neutral, there is no doubt about that, but it is actually really pleasant and it excellent for mainstream music which are mostly bass heavy. The bass really does lack detail though and that becomes very apparent when you hear other IEMs like the Brainwavz B2s which have little bass, but very good detail. The bass however, it not as fast as I like, but boomy bass may be your type of sound and in that case, this will be an excellent choice. Also, the bass does bleed into the mids and sometimes drown them out a little, but it is quite bearable. A lot of people, including me, would call the bass a bit bloated, but it is supposed to, and Monster has done a great job at making an IEM with just the right amount of bass for basshead audiophiles while still satisfying average consumers. 
    I was expecting the midrange to be recessed like the Beats tours, but they really did remind me of the Monster Jamz which have quite a nice midrange but sounded much more natural and a bit less recessed. The vocals sound quite meaty and impressive for an IEM of it's price, but again, female vocals still sound a bit metallic and lifeless. Instruments are quite nice, but lack a bit of realism  and sounded darker than what they should sound like. As mentioned above, the bass bleeds into the mids, but it is still quite nice and I doubt that it would really affect you if you haven't heard Vocal separation is OK, but nowhere up to the level of the slightly more expensive Rockit Sounds R50. The detail level is good, but not great because of the strong bass. I actually really liked the midrange and prefer it to many more expensive IEMs I've heard. 
    I am actually most impressed by the treble. I was expecting a veiled mess for the treble, but it wasn't like that at all and improves greatly on the Monster Jamz's treble. The cymbals are not just a click, but actually have a very nice decay which, while on the short side, is still enjoyable. I has some sparkle, but doesn't go over the top like the B2s and is very smooth and non fatiguing. People who are used to a bright IEM will find these very dull and veiled, but these are actually just about neutral, but may be just that few DB off. There is no odd peak which plagues many IEMs that I have tried. Also, there is absolutely no sibilance even after I pushed it well past safe listening levels which is another plus for the treble. It really isn't like any of the other Monster IEMS. 
    Instrument Separation
    This is where the Monster turbines do not do well at all. It sounds very coherent, but it is quite hard to tell each instrument from another on congested tracks. The B2s really do do way better than these in that aspect.
    The soundstage was rather impressive for a $100 IEM. It was wide and quite deep, but not very tall. 
    If you are looking for a very nice bass heavy and fun IEM under $100, these are an excellent choice, but maybe you will want to check out the Shure SE215s as well. I did really enjoy the turbines and please don't just think that they will be terrible sounding because they are from Monster like I did. Give them a run and you might be impressed. 
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  3. mathchris
    Written by mathchris
    Published May 27, 2013
    Pros - "fun" bass
    Cons - broke
    After a six year love affair with a pair of Shure e4cs, they bit the dust & my wallet didn't allow for a similar investment. On my trip to J&R the day before an international flight, they were sold out of the Sure 215's I planned to try out. So I picked up the Turbines.
    First out of the box I was greeted with several inner boxes, on my subway ride home a gratuitous pile of cardboard & plastics formed around my feet. What's that you say Turbines? "Life is too short for bad headphones." Did your CEO write that copy? What's with audio gear & embarrassing copy? Oh look, two carry cases, both disgusting.
    So let me get this out of the way, within four months they were broke. Apparently this doesn't seem to be the norm so I'll try to hold my hatred at bay.
    1. Bass good. When listening to tracks & genres with great bass these headphones became quite "fun".
    2. Symmetrical buds means you must annoyingly use brain power & eyes to know which ear is left & right.
    3. Broken
    I replaced with Shure SE215. Similar price, I like them better, although the Turbine's have superior bass & comfort. But no "love" for either model.
  4. lukEM22
    Great pair of IEMs
    Written by lukEM22
    Published Jan 20, 2013
    Pros - Stylish, Lots of bass, not much bass bleed, good mids
    Cons - Heavy, hard to get a good fit
    I got a pair of Monster Turbines for my birthday about a week ago. After I opened the box, I noted to myself that the smell wasn't that bad. I read somewhere about somebody complaining that they smelled atrocious, not the case with my pair. I took them out and listened to some Kendrick Lamar with them... I was extremely surprised at how good they sound. My other pair of headphones are XB500's, and I prefer these to the XB's to the point that I am considering selling the XB500's.
    The bass is not as quantitative, but I just like it more. I'm a major bass head, more than others. In my car the EQ on my stereo is usually at about +5-6/7 (mostly because the mid range sounds terrible at +7, some songs I turn it all the way up though) and I find that these have the perfect amount of bass for me.
    The bad: they are heavy. Heavy to the point that they hurt my ears, but it is never bad enough to take them out. However  take that with a grain of salt, that is coming from someone who has only ever owned comfortable headphones. I don't even know what uncomfortable is, probably. ( I have owned Bose AE2, XB500, had my brothers Beats Studios for a day)
    Y splitter for the separate ear pieces is dead center when I try to fold up these things and put them in a bag, which makes it impossible to fold them up that way without potentially causing damage to the cable... Heres a picture below
    Also, I can't seem to find the perfect ear tip with these. I will probably end up with some Sony Hybrids.
    Overall, I love these headphones. They sound great out of my iPhone 4 and offer everything I could want in a pair of IEM's, but I am no audiophile so I can't say if some of you veterans out there would be pleased with them. To your average listener, I think these are of an outstanding value, even if you pay the MSRP at $100 (got them $80 at amazon)
    Here are some pictures;
    Sleeve that they come in
    Magnetic box inside the sleeve
    Contents of box (I had already taken the headphones out at this point)
    In all their glory
    2 magnetic pouches that were included
    Here was what I didn't like. Folded 3 times they are too big to get in either of the pouches. They wont fold a fourth time because this splitter is in the way... It does not slide.
    Splitter and L-jack.
    1. WesternWolf
      I like mine too.
      WesternWolf, Jan 20, 2013
    2. whendeathfails
      Thank you sooooooooo much for writing this review. My sony MDR-XB 500 were recently stolen when my house was broken into. i have been hoping and praying that i could find a review where someone would compare the 500 and the monster turbines, which i feel for sure will be my next headphone purchase now.
      whendeathfails, Nov 13, 2013
  5. ZootFitzgerald
    Great...for Electronic Music
    Written by ZootFitzgerald
    Published Nov 25, 2012
    Pros - Look, Feel, Bass, Cable
    Cons - Heavy, Dark, Fit
    Would recommend if you can get for under 100
  6. haired
    Life is too short to listen to bad headphones
    Written by haired
    Published Nov 19, 2012
    Pros - Отличный басс и звук в целом
    В прошлом году, после скоропостижной кончины Sony MDR-EX38 купил a-JAYS Four. Обзорщики расхваливали на все лады дизайн и обещали фантастическое количества баса. Дизайн оказался крайне спорным (кромка корпуса натирала ухо, провода были тяжелыми и норовили вытянуть наушник), а баса там не оказалось вовсе. Проносил я их недолго и с удовольствием сменил на Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (второго поколения) купленные на пару с iPhone в Баварии.
    Уши неплохие - лёгкие, имеют отличные верха, удобный пульт. Плюс это самые дешевые двухприводные арматурные наушники на рынке. Жаль, что недостатков много больше и они существенны. У них ярко выраженный аналитический звук, а значит тут больше верхов и бас жиденький (что крайне важно для меня - 95% времени я слушаю электронную музыку). Хлипкая конструкция - даже с учетом того, что я крайне бережно обращаюсь с техникой - через год отказал пульт и пришлось каннибализировать другие наушники на предмет полной замены кабеля. Они плохо держаться в ушах - даже просто при ходьбе они норовят выпасть. Это конечно решается заменой штатного силикона на Comply Whoomp! Foam Tips, но они носятся максимум пару недель и потом надо покупать новые (что довольно дорогое удовольствие - три пары стоят 15 долларов, плюс доставка).
    Года полтора назад мне довелось послушать Monster Turbine Pro Copper (если вы не в курсе - Monster Cable производила печально известные Beats by dr. Dre). Случилось это в не самом подходящем для прослушивания музыки месте - в шумной серверной одного банка. Но даже там я удивился тому, как они звучат. Остановила цена - всё-таки четыреста долларов за наушники это довольно много. Даже за такие.
    Время шло, появились деньги, Яблочные наушники стали раздражать и было решено закупить Монстров. Но почитав обзоры решил поубавить аппетиты и взять модель попроще - Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (название под стать - монструозное). Судя по отзывам баса в них запихали даже больше, чем в более дорогого собрата. Не прогадал.
    На моём лице играет глупая улыбка, когда я слушаю в них Landing Force - Levels of Tension. Сочный, упругий бас сжимает голову приятными тисками. Для полноты ощущений не хватает только звукового давления на диафрагму. Это изначально не bass-driven наушники, но баса сюда завезли столько, что любой basshead зажмуриться от удовольствия ощущая эту пульсацию в голове.
    Очень теплый, "полный", насыщенный звук. Не сбивающийся в кучу бас, дополняющий его центр и четко различимые на их фоне верха. Верха конечно не дотягивают до аналитических наушников, но их достаточно - они не теряются на фоне остального звука. Да, надо учитывать, что нужно эти наушники уметь вставлять и подобрать правильный силикон, благо в комплекте его идёт более чем достаточно всех возможных форм и размеров. Сейчас я использую "ёлочки" - чудовищная звукоизоляция и могучий бас. Правда по улице с такими прокладками надо ходить крайне осторожно - хоть из пушки стреляй - ничего не услышишь. Приходиться крутить башкой на 360° дабы не угодить под машину. Ну и они давят на ухо - приходится отдыхать от них периодически.
    Несколько пугал их вес - всё-таки корпус у них железный, но все беспокойства оказались напрасны - сидят они отлично, при движении не выпадают, к земле не тянут.
    Пугали тонкими проводами, но после Эппловских тут просто толстенные кабеля.
    Огорчает отсутствие гарнитуры и пульта для управления iPhone, но это легко исправляется штуками вроде iLuv iPod Remote with Third-party Headphones Adapter for VoiceOver.
    1. softrally
      Suddenly, a wild Russian appears.
      softrally, Nov 19, 2012
    2. mikiphile
      ..praising the Monster Turbines way too much for head-fi standards. Despite them being descent headphones, I wouldn't give them so much credit, and I find this review a bit biased.
      mikiphile, Nov 19, 2012
    3. GREQ
      Also when one listens to 95% electronic music, it's difficult to discern all the subtleties of any headphone/earbud that are revealed through listening to real instruments and voices - which anyone writing a review here should know what those sound like to make valid comparisons.
      GREQ, Nov 22, 2012
  7. gshadow
    Written by gshadow
    Published Oct 13, 2012
    These are one of the best IEMs I've heard hands down. It's perfect for those who are finding fun and dynamic earphones. Of course it's not audiophile grade, but it does set a good first impression. The bass is BIG, I think it's even bigger and more controlled than beats, but maybe not as tight compared to the higher end Sony headphones. The lows are clear, the mids being in the right place, not too forward, and not too recessed as well. The highs might need an improvement, as well as the treble. 

    Only complaints I have with these is the flimsy cabling. It doesn't have very good housing and thick cabling. I'm always scared of breaking the cable when it accidentally comes off. Putting on the sports clips that came with the Turbines is also difficult. Monster Supertips would be a nice addition but then again that's asking too much.
  8. yosister
    Pretty Decent IEMs
    Written by yosister
    Published May 3, 2012
    Pros - Good sound, relatively precise. Awesomely decent.
    Cons - Too heavy, horrible tips.
    The Monster Turbine in-ear headphones are very good bang-for-your-buck IEMs.  The bass seems slightly more powerful than other aspects of the sound signature to me, but some people like this type of sound and to be fair the bass is not bad.  Let me explain: some cheap earbuds have one generic bass sound.  Skullcandies have a kettle-drum BOOM.  Urban Ears have a pleasent THUMP.  Turbines have it all- they replicate many different bass sounds with relatively accurate precision (and yes, accuracy and precision are too different things).  The mids on the Turbines are also good- they lack some of the crunch that make some earbuds so fun, but they are pretty accurate and certainly not in any way disappointing.
    The highs fluxuate.  On hip hop, rap, R&B, and other high-hat heavy genres the highs sound good.  On some classic rock or classical, they sound less so.  They are never shrill or painful, though.
    The panning is not very exciting.  Sennheiser products tend (IMO) to exagerate the soundscape, whereas these seem to underperform where soundstaging is concerned.  However, they occaisionaly sound absolutely superb (like on the Bride and Prejudice soundtrack) so really, again, these earbuds seem to live up to my summary of "quite decent."
    The build is tough, but it is far too heavy as a result.  Heavy earbuds can get uncomfortable, and hanging one earbud while listening to the other doesn't work because the hanging but is so heavy it pulls the other out of your ear.
    The wire could be thicker, or even removable. Mine just broke after four months of four to five hour a day use, and I'm going to sauter it this weekend.
    So, to conclude, these earbuds are superbly moderate, fantasticaly decent, and pretty much worth exactly (no more and no less) than what you paid for them.
    Also, the buds themselves do not stay in my ears well at all.
    One last note- this earbuds have amazing noise cancelation.  They isolate more than some active noise isolating buds I've tried.
    Sorry for the typos and I hope this helped,
    I was not impressed.
    Written by AFRUITPIE
    Published Apr 8, 2012
    Pros - Small, no amp required, beyond gorgeous
    Cons - Less than stellar sound, not advertised correctly
    The Turbines are so-so IEMs with muddy sound that left me fairly disappointed.
    The build on the Turbines is stellar. I purchased these before I began taking-care of my belongings, and they survived even the heaviest abuse. They've been crammed in pockets, run through the washing machine, and dropped countless times, and they still look brand new. The metal buds are extremely durable, fairly heavy, and just feel expensive. They're also very beautiful, and fun to touch. 
    This is where the Turbine falls short. The sound is not bad, but it is beat by many cheaper IEMs. The bass is very heavy, and is almost always out-of-control. The mids are the best part of the Turbine's sound, but they are often destroyed by the overpowering bass. The highs are very disappointing, to say the least. Crash cymbals, screams, and synthesizers sound as if they're being muffled by a pillow. Even though the sound quality is nothing remarkable, the noise isolation is phenomenal. Even the noisiest buses are made nearly silent by the incredible Monster Super Tips. I often stick these in my ears while I'm drumming, because they isolate noise better than ear-plugs do. 
    The Monster Turbines look and feel expensive, but they do not sound the same way. To the average listener who is often in noisy places, the Turbine is a fairly decent pair of IEMs. Unfortunately, with so many other IEM options (most of which are much cheaper), I cannot recommend these to anyone.
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    2. Austin Morrow
      Ah, yes, the Turbines. Bass monsters, with less than adequate transient response between the attack and decay. I remember these "monsters."
      Austin Morrow, Apr 8, 2012
      I don't understand any of this audiophile lingo! The bass from the Turbine is overpowering, and annoying - it's as simple as that.
      AFRUITPIE, Apr 8, 2012
    4. Austin Morrow
      Agreed on that statement. :)
      Austin Morrow, Apr 8, 2012
  10. LazBro123
    Great IEMs
    Written by LazBro123
    Published Dec 24, 2011
    Pros - Amazing Bass, Great Highs, Do Not Fall Out Of My Ear, Very Durable
    Cons - Mids Sound Very Muffled And Recessed
    These are some great earphones! The bass and sound quality is great, and they are very durable, though the mids are very recessed and muffled. They stay in my ears very well, and are pretty comfortable and do not hurt my ears at all. The only thing that I noticed is that the mids are sort of recessed. Overall, for the price, great earphones. Definitely recommended.


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