Monster Lil' Jamz Headphones with ControlTalk - Reviews
Pros: Design, clarity+ tautness, not too overemphasized bass, comfort
Cons: Expense, Uneven highs, durability
These broke on me within half a year. ohwell at least i enjoyed them while they lasted. they looked cool, were relatively comfortable, and surprisingly, unlike my other Monster headphone (Beats by dre) didn't slop my ears with bass- and nothing else. they actually sounded pretty decent. the bass was tight and slightly overemphasized (expect from Monster), though not really what you call warm. the mids were a bit recessed, but clear, as were the highs. however, the treble just didn't seem to really mesh with the mids/bass. for half a year's worth, these also cost a pretty penny. moreover, the remote control stopped working two months in, whether it was plugged to my iPhone 4S, or my iPod touch.
conclusion: if you're willing to get replacements every once in a while, sure. but be aware that better options are available at this price point.